Crystal Angels Oracle 8/12/2022

WELLNESS: The recovery of health and wellness is here.

This card announces improved health and wellness, with focus on recovery. An increased commitment to healing yields positive results. A multi-modal approach to health, including especially prayer, faith and optimism, is indicated and appropriate right now.

This is also a sign that your own work to help others is flourishing. God and the guardian angels are working through your intentions to bring healing energy to your loved ones and clients.

Your commitment to being a healing Earth Angel is opening up physical and energetic avenues in your therapeutic practice or acts of service. This is a good time to do research, skill building, and marketing to expand the scope of your healing work. Follow your intuition closely.

About Jade: This beautiful stone is prominently featured in carved Asian statues and jewelry. Usually deep green, jade has been used as a healing crystal since ancient times.

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RHODOCHROSITE: Be Gentle with Yourself. You’ve been through a lot and need time to heal and recover.

This card comes up because you have been through a lot and you’ve been pushing yourself. Now it is time to rest and recover. However, you must take charge in order for the rest and recovery to occur.

You may have gone through a very upsetting situation, and your heart needs to mend from old traumas, triggered and compounded by recent experiences. If you have suffered a loss, please take the time to heal. Honor yourself by getting extra sleep and avoiding anything or anyone with harsh energy.

Bathe yourself in gentle energy, perhaps by receiving soothing self-care treatments, listening to relaxing music, and eating healthful comfort foods. This may be a time when you need to retreat – as long as you don’t isolate yourself from the support that would be healing and helpful to you right now.

About Rhodochrosite: This beautiful rose-colored manganese mineral has a soothing, soft and gentle energy. Rhodochrosite helps heal the heart of old emotional wounds and prepares you to love again romantically and spiritually.

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MALACHITE: Prosperity. There’s a positive shift in your flow of Divine support.

This card indicates a positive shift in your flow of Divine support. This could refer to meeting your needs financially, emotionally, or in some other way. Previous blocks are lifted, because you’ve released old anger or fears, and are now focused upon faith and taking guided action.

As long as you continue on this path of positive thinking and following your Divine guidance, you can expect to see a greater number of opportunities arise and experience deeper fulfillment.

About Malachite: This rich green crystal, part of the copper family, is an abundance stone, which helps with manifesting material support. Its deep color also assists with opening the heart to healing Divine love.

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