Lightworker Oracle 7/31/2022

SIXTH RAY OF DEVOTION: The Sixth Ray of Devotion bestows the qualities of persistence, unwavering focus and intensity of feeling. It is a gift of the strength to move mountains with your will for what you love. When the Sixth Ray of Devotion appears, you are being given guidance that even if you do not seem to have much worldly power right now, the power of your beliefs can conquer obstacles. The Archangel Uriel helps you receive the blessings of the Sixth Ray, now.

You are receiving a blessing of the Sixth Ray of Devotion. it is serving your soul growth and will help you develop faith in your principles and trust in the power of your beliefs. You will be able to recognize and appreciate the extraordinary strength within you and realize that you have enough willpower to keep working towards your dream, overcoming any obstacle, until you are divinely successful.

The Sixth Ray reminds you of the power of love – which can conquer anything and everything! Love is an empowering, motivating force far stronger than fear. Love is the foundation of authentic spiritual devotion. Devotion to the Divine empowers us to bear burdens, overcome obstacles and manifest all manner of beautiful visions in a world that may at first assure us that our dream is not possible. The Sixth Ray blesses you with spiritual stubbornness and sacred rebellion against any odds.

The challenge with the Sixth Ray is not become so anchored in your beliefs that you become fanatical, judging others because their beliefs are different. You can be unwavering in your adherence to your belief system and yet honor the fact that there are as many paths to divine union as there are people – that the ways of the Univers calls you home to love are unlimited.

If you do not honor this, you may try to pull people from their own path, which can create unnecessary struggle for them and unnecessary karma for you. The best way to honor the blessing and minimize the challenge of this ray is to share your truth with an open heart and an open mind. Share without agenda.

For those working with this energy, the power of mind and emotions will come into focus. You may need to channel your emotional and mental power into worthy projects or practice balancing your intensity with lightness of heart and playfulness so you don’t become harsh or despairing if things appear not to be working out the way you believe they should. Then your faith an remind you love always finds a way.

When Archangel Uriel connects with you, a tremendous power – the power of earth – is brought to your aid. Uriel brings healing energy and an ability to cause real effect in the physical world with your mental and emotional power. Remember, you are here to shine your light. Others can choose to use your light to see by until they are ready to discover their own inner light – or not. it is not anything you need to worry about. Simply live your truth, trust in your heartfelt beliefs and devote yourself to love.

Finally, as the Sixth Ray has a special connection to religion and love, you are asked to hold the healing power of love in your heart for all those who are evolving through a life experience involving religious practice. This can help counterbalance the judgement and fear that exists in the hearts of many towards religions that are not their own or that have been the vehicle through which abuse has taken place. Religion, on this planet at this time, needs love, support and encouragement to evolve, heal and grow in whatever ultimately serves divine love.

Invocation: I now accept, of my own free will, the blessing and grace of the Sixth Ray of Devotion and its blessings of will, strength, purpose and the miraculous power of loving belief. I invite the genuine, unconditionally loving masters and archangels, including Uriel, Christ, Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary, to assist me and all beings on this earth in integrating the blessings of the Sixth Ray of Devotion. I choose to keep my mind open and my heart soft, my will powerful and my actions true. May kindness prevail and passionate idealism be tempered by mercy, for the greatest good. So be it.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL: You are ready for a more real and radiant relationship with the Divine. Your preconceived ideas and safe, limiting beliefs may be sacrificed in order for this to happen. To the Divine, these are only the clothing of your spirit; they are impediments to the absolute intimacy the Divine seeks with you. You might feel vulnerable or uncertain as the Divine goes about stripping away these barriers. This is when you enter the dark night of the soul. You understand there is nothing to rely upon but the Divine, and you will find it difficult to trust at times. This night will end, however, and the sweetness of the Divine dawning in your heart shall render all worthwhile. But for now, you are meant to feel exactly as you feel. You are not doing something wrong. You are moving closer to the Divine.

Even though you are already on a spiritual path this lifetime, you can go deeper. Sometimes people know this and yet are afraid. Familiar with emotional drama, they are hesitant to let go of what they know – even if that is emotional suffering and mental anguish. That fear prevents them from being willing to trust in the loving hand reaching out to them. It might seem silly yet letting go of fear to take hold of the hand of love can be extraordinarily difficult.

If you don’t trust that love will hold you, letting go can seem like allowing yourself to fall into an abyss. A feeling of madness may plague you are you wonder if you are sane to leave a known world behind you and enter into the darkness of your own doubt and fear. You sense that the old self and the familiar ways will not survive this dark night. Even if you know in your heart that this sort of spiritual death is an opening to new life, it can still be profoundly confronting.

The only way to end the dark night is to go through it. To endure it and know that, although you will not understand how it could be possible, it will transform itself into the sweetest grace. In time, you shall be on your knees, not in despairing prayer, dearest child of love, but in gratitude, peace and devotion.

Though it begins as a challenge, the dark night of the soul will become a saving grace. Love knows you are ready. No matter what you may think at this moment of struggle, you are ready to take this spiritual test and emerge more in love with the Divine than ever. Remember, this is an advanced initiation and therefore challenging at a profound spiritual level. Therefore, get some support. Even though you walk the path alone, another can help bear witness to your process and remind you that you are on a noble path of empowerment, love and truth. Also, although you may feel your guidance has abandoned you, in truth they are with you ever more closely, whispering words of encouragement, hope and love. Look for the love within and let it guide you through the dark night. It will lead you faithfully, and in perfect divine timing, into the light of your sweetest morning.

Invocation: The dark night of the soul is love calling me into light, calling me to let go of fear, to release my every doubt and say, instead, ‘I know that love is more real, more powerful, than anything else. Always.’ So I accept love’s power and grace, and I invite the healing presence of unconditional divine love into my heart, now. Bring me the peace and spiritual blessing that I need to be freed from darkness and open to the sweet light of love’s truth. May all beings caught in darkness and opened to the sweet light of love’s truth. May all beings caught in darkness be assisted by unconditional love, to see, feel and know that the path of love is theirs forever. Through my own free will, so be it.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

DARK ANGEL: The Dark Angel comes to you with a radical truth: Divine love is always there for you, without exception. Love will never forget you. It will never stop caring for you. Even when it seems most unlikely – in fact, especially then – the Divine is reaching for you and nurturing you. Even our wounds are ways that we can discover love and divine grace through the healing process. The Divine is always helping you remember who you are and find your true joy. When the Dark Angel appears, you are being given a gift of light, even if it may seem to be a hidden blessing.

A dark mystery is one that helps us learn that even if things don’t seem to be working out according to the timing or the methods that we believe necessary, the light and love of Spirit are unfailing. If a door is closed in your face, it is the wrong door for you! Divine love will ensure that the right door opens at the right time.

When you encounter darkness, how you respond can make either the dark or the light victorious. You can choose doubt and fear – or you can force the darkness to serve the light, by choosing trust and faith. You are spiritually advanced enough to trust unconditionally. That is the trust that burns bright not only when things appear good, but even when your mind thinks things seem to be heading in the wrong direction.

Does unconditional trust mean that you give up if things get tough, assuming it is ‘not meant to be’? Of course not! Relying on unconditional trust, under-standing the dark mystery, you are willing to go through periods of not knowing. You are willing to continue on your path, even when you are not seeing immediate results, because in your heart you know it’s right. This type of trust is powerful enough to release any separation between you and the Universe. You know that, even when the Universe guides you into challenging territory, you shall benefit, grow in divine power and become the amazing being you are destined to be.

Praying to the beautiful Dark Angel – and writing, drawing, dancing your feelings or dialoging with your dream images – you can work through the pain of a challenging time and grow in wisdom. What matters is that you honestly express the depth of your suffering. Then, when you are ready, acknowledge that the experience has helped you grow.

As we realize how we have grown through the experience, turning what was once a source of pain into spiritual light, we masterfully transform our deepest pain into our greatest growth and spiritual accomplishment. We become true spiritual alchemists, releasing light from darkness.

As you learn to put more faith in love than in fear, your trust becomes increasingly unconditional, and you find the light even through the dark. In this way, you become initiated in the mystery of the Dark Angel. Then, you can show others that this is possible. You can help heal others from victim consciousness and show them that inner peace is possible, even when they are facing the unpredictable twists and turns of life.

If you have been going through a difficult time or struggling to heal an issue, the Dark Angel promises that even through the depths of despair you shall find the light. In your own time you will rise again into trust, restored faith and hope. All will be well.

Invocation: I call upon the wisdom of unconditional love, that I may be empowered to see the true light within everything and everyone, including that which holds the outward appearance of darkness. I honor the truth that darkness serves a purpose, and I treat it always as an opportunity to strengthen the light. I call upon the light of divine love to ignite the light of my own heart, strengthening it each day. Through divine grace, I am always held in the light. May divine grace shine through me and into the hearts and minds of all beings upon the earth. So be it.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

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