Magic of Unicorns Oracle 7/30/2022

LISTEN TO YOUR HEART: Awaken psychic abilities. Tune in to the infinite. (With this card, your guidance is to develop and fine-tune your senses.)

Every chakra sends out antennae to feel psychically into the energies around you. If you are clairsentient, your sacral chakra may pick up the feelings and emotions of others, then absorb them as your own. If this is the case, ask your unicorn to raise the frequency of your sacral chakra so that you are able to empathize spiritually and soothe the pain of others without taking it on. Invite your unicorn to pour light into your solar plexus chakra until it becomes golden. Then it will send out feelers to seek wisdom in situations and the higher solutions to deal with them.

The greatest psychic center of all is the heart, for when this is illuminated with love, compassion and empathy, you have a true connection with people, animals and the angelic realm. You become One with All, so you are psychically attuned to others at every level.

Your third eye is a vast chakra for clairvoyance and enlightenment. Your unicorn particularly links to your heart and third eye, so your guidance is to breathe pure white light into these centers and sense them becoming brighter and more sensitive.

When this card appears in a reading, your crown chakra is being triggered to send out connections to the universe. Be open to clairvoyance, clear knowing, so that keys and codes of true wisdom and light can be downloaded into you.

Develop your psychic abilities: Ask your unicorn to place a ring of light round you; then ask it to touch the following chakras – your sacral to attune to others with detached compassion; your solar plexus to explore the solutions; your heart to look for Oneness; your throat to develop clairaudience, your third eye to develop clairvoyance; your crown to tune in to universal wisdom.

Affirmation: “My unicorn attunes my psychic senses.”

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ENLIGHTENMENT: Look from the highest perspective. See the divine in everyone.

Receiving this card draws your attention to the eagle. It prompts you to soar high like an eagle, see everything from the highest perspective and be ready to take action in a moment. It also reminds you to be a master and take full responsibility for your life and everything you attract into it.

Your unicorn guidance is to rise above any challenges or difficult situations. So, rise high. Move beyond the mental and emotional into the spiritual. Respond to everything according to the spiritual laws of the universe.

The card of enlightenment also calls on you to use discernment and discrim-ination in all things. Enlightenment is a function of the third eye chakra, which holds 96 lessons in a spiral of chambers. Unicorns are fully enlightened beings and pure light radiates from their third eye. They use this light to awaken you. Call on your unicorn to touch your third eye with its horn of light and illuminate it.

We all go through the Veil of Amnesia when we incarnate. Your unicorn will help you to dissolve any of the seven Veils of Illusion that are still in place. Ask it to do so.

Remove the Veils of Amnesia: Ask your unicorn to stand in front of you and illuminate your third eye. It touches your third eye with its horn of light. It dissolves the red Seventh Veil so that you see things from a higher perspective. It dissolves the yellow Sixth Veil so you believe in and trust the unicorns and spiritual realms. It dissolves the pink fifth Veil so that you open your heart. it dissolves the blue-green Fourth Veil so that you truly understand the natural world. It dissolves the deep blue Third Veil so that you live in oneness. It dissolves the violet Second Veil so that you achieve enlightenment. It dissolves the crystal-clear First Veil so that you experience mastery.

Affirmation: “I act as an enlightened master.”

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UNCORD RELATIONSHIPS: Let go now. Forgiveness is freedom.

Your unicorn loves you with a high, pure love. These perfect beings cannot comprehend the attachments we make on Earth, but have enormous compassion for us and will help us to let go of any that are holding us back.

Any lower emotions you are harboring against someone may be perfectly justified when examined from the limitations and ego beliefs of this lifetime. However, your guidance is to release them all now. Consider how you could have attracted that person’s behavior. What might have occurred in other lifetimes? Are they teaching you something important in this one?

A desire for a particular outcome or a lack of forgiveness binds your soul to someone else’s. How many more years or even lifetimes are you prepared to be chained to this person?

When you can happily bless a person who has wronged you and visualize them receiving whatever they want or need, you are free. Then your unicorn can joyfully replace all you have lost and more. They can return money and possessions multiplied and restore and enhance your reputation. They can bring you greater love, success, health and happiness.

Unconditional love does not form binding cords, so you can never lose true love. Your guidance is to scan back through the years for anyone, dead or alive, who may still be influencing you. Then ask your unicorn to set you both free.

Uncord relationships to set yourself free: Call in your unicorn. It lovingly enfolds you in pure love. Imagine one or more people you are attached to. Tell them you want to release any lower energies between you. What are the attachments like? They may present themselves to you as chains or ropes or daggers or something else. Mentally say to the other people, “I set us free.” Ask your unicorn to dissolve any cords with light from its horn. Know that the unicorns will bless the other people with whatever their heart desires. Unicorn blessings are now showering over you too.

Affirmation: “I am free to be myself.”

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