Dragon Oracle 7/25/2022

AIR AND WATER DRAGON: Helps you to connect to higher frequencies. Trust your intuition. Develop your psychic abilities. Be open to enlightenment. Express your inner song.

Fourth-dimensional blue and green air and water dragons pour light into our third eye to assist our psychic and spiritual development. They help to dissolve our veils of illusion and enable us to see from a higher perspective. At the same time, they bring us inspiration and higher aspirations. They remind us to trust our intuition even when logic demands another course of action.

Add air to water and you create bubbles and sparkling waters. Air and water dragons bring lightness and something special to our life. When they soar and shimmer round us, a sense of happiness and hope lights up within us. They enable us to connect with our inner song and start to express it.

Guidance: Call on your blue and green air and water dragon to enter your third eye to awaken and activate your higher fifth-dimensional abilities. This will bring you crystal-clear clarity and new vision and awareness of life. Your third eye is a very sensitive psychic center and when it is fifth-dimensional, the air and water dragons clarify and protect it and enhance your ability to connect with Neptune, the planet of higher spirituality, to open to new enlightened understanding.

This card calls on you to use your intuition as well as your spiritual knowledge and wisdom to see everything from an illumed perspective. Air and water dragons will then surround you and enable your life to flow. They will attune to you so that your voice expresses the true notes of your soul.

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DARK BLUE GALACTIC DRAGON: Helps you listen to the voice of the universe. Ignite the codes of your master blueprint. Access cosmic wisdom and enter higher service.

These dragons shimmer with golden sparkles of cosmic wisdom, for they harness the light of the stars, planets and constellations. When we are ready, they touch us with this light, enabling us to embody the illumed energy and wisdom they contain.

While many of us are now able to attune to the ninth dimension, it is still an awesome light, filled with joy, love and wisdom beyond our current comprehension. Dark blue galactic dragons can send bursts of this cosmic searchlight through us to ignite the hidden codes of our master blueprint, the seventh-dimensional light of our soul, so that we can listen to the voice of the universe. (Remember our soul must be at least seventh-dimensional for us to receive permission to incarnate on Earth.)

Guidance: Your soul journey has taken you to the stars and beyond. The dark blue galactic dragons now invite you to communicate with the masters of the universe, the Intergalactic Council, where you can contribute your energy for the smooth ascension of the planet. It is time to listen and serve.

Ask the wondrous dragon who has come to you to tune you in to the Intergalactic Council, where you will be offered the honor of petitioning the council. Decide whether your petition is for the welfare of animals or humanity, or to assist the ascension of the planet. Then ask the dragon to take you to the council to present your petition.

Dark blue galactic dragons will also instruct you during meditation or sleep. This will enable you to serve in a galactic capacity and will hugely expand your energy fields.

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AIR DRAGON: Helps you rise above earthly matters. Communicate honestly. Brings inspiration and hope. See life from a higher perspective.

Fourth-dimensional air dragons are blue, the color of the sky, and fly lightly around us. Air is the element of communication and these dragons help us to speak our truth. They also encourage us to breathe properly so that we inhale as much Source energy as possible. When air dragons puff their energy over a person or situation, they bring new hope and opportunity. We can call on them to exhale over situations to enable resolutions to be taken for the highest good. In their energy fields, they carry the light of higher possibilities for the planet.

Guidance: Air dragons suggest you take things lightly, so this card indicates you should relax and look at part of your life from a higher perspective. Air dragons also inspire you to communicate honestly but lovingly in a way that calms and soothes everyone around you and promotes good outcomes. Honest communication will bring pure white light into your aura, and when this happens, everybody will trust and respect you.

Blue air dragons are supporting you as you rise above your challenges. They will help you to say the most tactful or inspirational words and assist you to stand in your power with integrity. Breathe blue and white light into your heart center, and as an air dragon appears in front of you, breath in the light over it. In this way, you are energizing and motivating it so that it will always be connected to you.

It is time to decide on your next step, so be clear about what you really want. Your air dragon will accompany you as you fly towards your chosen destiny.

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“I work for the Divine as a transformational writer. I take dictation from Spirit, providing information and knowledge for those who seek it. I enjoy this service immensely! It provides a sense of purpose to all that I have experienced in my life as well as beyond that within past lives. It is sacred, holy work and I am appreciative of all the wisdom that comes through from Spirit for the benefit of all beings.” Blessings to each of you!

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