Sacred Rebels Oracle 7/22/2022

INSPIRATION: An idea has captured your attention – or it will do so very soon. It may be a grand vision or the vague sense of something that could be. You are being encouraged to accept the vision, the idea or inspiration as it is important to your creative and spiritual growth.

Also, it IS possible. The bee is bringing you healing medicine-wisdom from nature to aid the message of the oracle of Inspiration. The bee is a powerful spirit totem. Bees are able to fly with wings that are significantly small in proportion to their heavier bodies. They can do so because of the sheer speed with which their wings move. Your idea, even if it seems like a big, substantial plan that might be difficult to ‘get off the ground’ and up and running, can succeed. You will attract great helpers to you and the Earth will support the success of this project, idea or vision, because it is about helping the greater good, as well as your own growth and development. When the Earth Mother lends you nature-wisdom to support your healing and growth, you know you have an exceptionally powerful ally to your cause. Let this bring you confidence.

Allow inspiration to fill you with enthusiasm, an expectation of magic and marvelous synchronicity, as people, situations and opportunities fall into place to help bring your inspiration into reality. This idea has the potential to flower into so much more than you realize. It has great potential. It can become something that feeds and nourishes others on their creative and personal healing paths too. It has the quality of a mission and is so much more than one singular idea.

When an inspiration comes from the greater creative intelligence of the universe – even when it makes itself known as an idea coming through a human source – all that is needed to bring it into being will be available at the right time. For the human channel of the idea, it is just a matter of being open, receptive, trusting and enthusiastic about what has come through. Everything required for each step will be naturally attracted to support the success of the project according to divine timing.

This oracle also comes with the message that you are a vehicle for inspiration. You are meant to think and do things differently. You are capable of receiving fresh ideas that are not so ‘out there’ or different that they stop being practical, helpful and wonderful. You are being asked to avoid the trap of doubting your ideas are special or interesting enough. Your inspiration comes direct from the universal creative source and you are being asked to believe and recognize the signature of great intelligence within your inspirational ideas and creative urges – and to act accordingly. To sum it up, this card indicates that sweet success, like abundant honey, is coming you way through your commitment to and development of an idea that you have already had or will soon receive. See it through to the end. Bee-lieve!

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FOCUS ON THE LIGHT: A tremendous force of light is gathering around you. It is attracted to the purity of your intention to create from your heart. As your intention grows, so does the light. As the light grows, so does your intention. Magic wants to happen for you now! The synchronicity, perfect timing, opportunities and information that are needed will seem to be drawn right to your door. You may start to feel as if you cannot walk outside without stumbling into something helpful, wonderful and inspiring.

You might be startled as this interplay of light with your heart evokes many new successes and attracts an abundance of opportunities your way. You may need to adjust as the field of light grows stronger and its effect becomes more palpable. It may bring rather dramatic improvements into your world. You may be uncomfortable or feel out of your depth with these changes. This would be understandable, but it would be a shame for you to hold on to that resistance for anything more than a brief moment. Any resistance or fear will inhibit the continuing free flow of the light so that it can manifest its beauty through you, in the physical world, where it is needed.

It is best to stay focused on your pure heart and intentions. Just allow all else to happen of its own accord, without making it mean anything too personal. Simply let it be the workings of the great light of love, flowing through a pure heart and touching the world. Even if the light that is drawn to you and flows through you has some dazzling effects, you don’t have to get caught up in it. Doing so might start you worrying that you are unworthy or that you are unable to keep up. This worry will constrict possibilities rather than allowing the free flow of the light and to enjoy it as you continue to focus on what really matters – the pure intention of your heart and your desire to create.

If you are not sure what this means, or how it would look on a practical level, consider this example. A service-oriented business becomes very successful financially and gains considerable commercial power which can be used to help promote its message or assist other organizations in gaining exposure to the public. Of course, that power could be used in less pure ways such as boosting personal ego rather than promoting the agenda of the heart. Power games and politics might start erupting, as the people grab for their share and suddenly the purity of the project begins to crumble.

Sometimes success can be like a powerful mirror and a shining searchlight as it shows up what was already within someone or a group of people. Under the spotlight of success, it is more intense, amplified and obvious. This can give us an opportunity to sow the seeds of our own destruction, or to work on what arises from a heart-centered perspective to create a firmer foundation that supports even greater attainment.

This oracle brings an assurance of success of the highest order not just commercially, but from the heart. It will manifest as a highly valuable offering to the world. This applies to a project, endeavor or organization in which you are involved. Your heart will help you realize which group or project if applies to. It may be more than one. However, you must stay focused. Enjoy the glittering lights of success but don’t be distracted by them. Stay on point with what you want to create and why. Stay true to yourself.

This oracle also brings another message. Don’t be distracted by other paths around you at this time as you are too close to succeeding on the one you are on now! Diluting your energies, in the pursuit of too much will slow down your success and the world needs your light to shine sooner rather than later! In time you may diversify and explore other ways to express yourself but for now, build what you are working on and know that success is coming swiftly.

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BE THE HUNTER, NOT THE HUNTED: Do you feel you are at the beck and call of circumstances, situations and relationships that are outside of your control? Is your attention being called away from what you love – from your passionate focus on your own journey and creative self-expression? Are you feeling roped into becoming a support, tonic, savior and heal-all for others? There is a big difference between healthy supportiveness in a relationship – which includes healthy self-support – and ignoring your own journey out of misplaced guilt, shame, unworthiness or the belief that the needs of others are more important than your own. That is not compromise. That is unhealthy and neglectful of yourself.

You are being asked to see through the assumptions, expectations, tantrums or manipulations that may be put upon you by yourself or others. See through them to the truth! you can only sidestep, change your response to or choose to release that which you can recognize.

This oracle brings you some important news. You are capable of seeing the truth, out-smarting old patterns and responding more creatively to craft new and improved relationships. You don’t have to be drawn into the dramas of others or the suffering of repetitive struggles. You can become still and intent, with a willingness to see the truth. In doing so, you will be open to being shown another way through the inner wisdom of your heart or a flash of insight from the great universal mind that penetrates your own awareness.

This oracle also brings you particular guidance that there is a message coming your way. This message will be important to you and you are not to paint it as anything more or less than what it is. Sit with your heart. Take your time. Even if there is a deadline for your answer. You will be able to bend and stretch time so that in your relaxation, you can feel for what your truth is, in the situation at hand, and respond appropriately. The more honest your response, without the need to be aggressive or apologetic, the more energy you will be unleashing from unhealthy patterns and into the fresh new course your life now wants to take. This is a powerful time for you. No matter how seemingly small or how apparently dramatic events around you appear to be, know that you are stepping into a new phase of empowerment. From that place, a new freedom and self-love will emerge.

Mother Nature offers you the wisdom medicine of the owl – the ability to hear what is not spoken and see what is hidden in darkness. Trust what you feel beyond appearances. The power and magic of the owl is working with you and Mother Nature is by your side, assisting you in navigating the current life transition into a new way of being.

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