Lightworker Oracle 7/21/2022

POWER OF THE DIVINE MASCULINE: An empowering energy seeks expression from within. It wishes to free you from confusion, paralysis and stagnancy. It seeks to stir you into consciously chosen action, greater discipline and focus. It’s time to end the frustration of repeating old patterns. You are ready to break through into a new way of life! Feel inspired, be energized and focus on your dreams and desires. Take steps to manifest them on the physical plane. Believe your success is inevitable.

The Divine Masculine in you knows when to accept and when to say no to a belief, fear, habit, person or situation. This divine masculine energy exists within all men and women. It rallies the spirit and responds in time when you may feel drained, taken advantage of, or overwhelmed by too many choices and demands. It cuts through the confusion that comes with choice and priority setting. It refuses to be distracted and keeps you from being dissuaded from your life purpose.

The Divine Masculine is growing within you, now. It is the spiritual light that reveals the truth without filters or veils. Let this energy clear distractions, demands and drama from your life. Let it help you discern what is best for you and give you the courage to act on it. Let it help you sort out what is true from what is illusion. Let it help you dedicate your time and energy to what has most meaning for you. It will empower you to claim success in what matters most to you.

The Divine Masculine overcomes procrastination. It acts again and again, in accordance with the heart. Divine masculine energy empowers each leading light to lovingly assert him or herself in the world. It supports us in standing up for what has meaning to the heart, whilst lovingly but firmly saying no when we need to do so.

Do not minimize your inner Divine Masculine, whether you be man or woman. Nourish it. However, if your masculine energy has been trapped in the wounds of your ancestors, he may demand absolute perfection before you believe you are worthy of love. He may even be violent towards you, perhaps keeping you from saying no to violent relationships or self-harming (through over-exercising, denying your body good nutrition or rest – or by ignoring your feelings, vulnerabilities and intuitive wisdom). He may need healing from your inner Divine Feminine to feel loved, valuable, worthy, needed and respected.

Then the inner misogynist will fall away, as a new empowered Divine Masculine asserts itself within you. Learn to trust this part of yourself. Let him become strong in you – he can be your guide, protector, defender. Trust when he says no to something or someone. Trust when he says, “You are ready for this!” and encourages you to act. As you trust in him, you will trust yourself to be visible. Your inner Divine Masculine will help you shine your light without fear, so others can also find their way through darkness into love.

Invocation: I call upon the unconditionally loving Divine Masculine within me. I respect, honor and need you. I release past pain in how we related to each other. We are blessed with divine love and healing, now. Help me to have to the courage and self-belief to live my truths and be open about who I am. I honor your strength and power within me. I know that for every dream the Divine has placed in my heart, so too has equal measure of confidence, intelligence, strength and capacity been placed in my soul. I choose to have the courage of my convictions and to journey within to find whatever I need to bring my light fully to the world. May all beings be supported in overcoming pain relating to the masculine principle. May all beings restore, heal, love and respect him and his divine purpose in the spiritual evolution of humanity. Through my own free will, I invite unconditional love to assist with this process for all beings. So be it!

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

INITIATION BY FIRE: Initiation by fire is a life-changing spiritual cleansing. Your life will never be the same again. Allow the power of divine fire to clear and purify you inside and out. This is not a time to hold on to anything, no matter how much you once believed you needed it. In letting go, you will gain so much more than you even imagined, opening to fresh blessings and new life. You are, like the phoenix, ready to emerge from the holy flames, reborn.

You have the spirit of the phoenix in you. You are able to rise again and again, even if at times, all seems lost. You are guided to remember this, as you are now being spiritually cleansed through initiation by fire. During such times, you will feel that you are being asked to let go of relationships, situations, sometimes even jobs, attitudes and belief systems that you have relied upon until this point. You might have unintentionally placed more faith in that person, place, belief system or identity than you placed in the Divine to guide you. This can happen easily on the earth plane. Sometime these attachments become confining rather than supportive. In such cases you will need to free yourself to continue your life journey. During the initiation by fire, all such attachments are burned away.

A new life is a blessing, but that doesn’t mean it is easily won. Sometimes the process can be challenging to the mind, even whilst the heart trusts in what is taking place.

Whatever has been your stronghold in life, such as family, a marriage, job security, a talent or something that you have used to define your sense of self, will be where the fire burns brightest. Those areas will be transformed. Letting go and allowing that to happen – to the very parts of your life that you are most protective of – can require deep faith. You have to remember that love is real so that you can hold on to your courage whilst you let go and allow the Divine to have its way. Remember that the power of fire is destructive only in part. It also stimulates rapid new growth. Healing will arise in whatever area is being transformed. It is not only an ending, but also a beginning.

This experience of initiation by fire is the Divine making its presence felt in your life. It will be one of the most freeing and empowering experiences you’ll have whilst in the physical body. It may ask you to confront fears and insecurities as you learn to trust the Divine unconditionally. Know that the Universe will always provide for you, and always in the way that is best for you – even if you don’t understand why it needs to happen the way it does at the time. Keep your eye on the inner transformations that are occurring, rather than fearing the outer changes. The Universe loves you and holds you in high regard. Remember this and trust. Initiation is an advanced spiritual lesson. You are being honored by what is happening in your life now. You are strong enough to get through it and thrive into a new life, like a radiant phoenix triumphantly emerging from the sacred fire.

Invocation: Through my own free will I choose to trust in the sacred fire to cleanse my soul, my mind and my body. I have the spirit and power of the phoenix in me. My spirit will be triumphant, rising up out of the sacred divine fire. So I surrender my life into the holy fire of love. That which no longer serves me may be cleansed from my being, and rapid growth of new life can flow through me. May I be held in tenderness, mercy and grace, as I successfully pass through the initiation by fire into the loving, fearless power of my own divine nature. May all beings, through divine mercy, be free to love. So be it.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

KEY OF LIGHT: Archangel Michael loves you unconditionally and serves your soul journey. He brings you a spiritual gift now, the Key of Light. This key allows you to open any door, clear away any obstruction and free yourself from any prison or enslavement – physical, emotional or psychological. There is no need for you to feel trapped or locked out of a situation you want to get into. You now hold within your hands a divine key that will assist you in may ways.

Archangel Michael has a message for you: You have the power of the Divine in you. You have the ability to free yourself, no matter whether it seems that another person, a set of circumstances, or the entire world holds more power than you. Your power of freedom is unconditional. It doesn’t require that outer circumstances change in order for you to be free – though as you choose freedom, outer circumstances often change radically.

For now, to be free, use the Key of Light. This means staying true to what you know for yourself. Gently and lovingly assert your truth now. Do not cave in to naysayers and fear generators, most especially do not collapse under your own old fears or doubts. Gently and persistently cleaving to the light within will bring you through any apparent obstacle, free you from any apparent prison and ensure your divine destiny is fulfilled. All doors shall be opened to you. You are being given a gift of unconditional grace.

Step back and radiate love from your center. This is your way. You do not have to betray your spirituality to fight. You can fight with love and trust and that can be your way as a spiritual warrior. In each moment you choose love and trust, you are fighting the good fight. You are learning that love is expressed in no as much as in yes – for when you fight against those who want you to deny the truth, you are standing clear and strong in loving truth. Michael helps you realize the strength that you already have within you to do this.

This oracle is a message for you to trust in your own ability to triumph, right now. You are the key to success! You must believe in yourself. You don’t have to force a door to open. In perfect time, according to divine grace, all doors will open for you.

Your dreams and actions will prove themselves in time. No person, place or thing has any power to hold you back. The Key of Light is spiritual permission from the Universe to succeed in your life mission. You shall not be kept back from your divine destiny. You shall be empowered to succeed.

Refuse to give up on your dreams. This may mean freeing yourself from situations or relationships that have enslaved or controlled you. When you are ready, this can be done with great gentleness, compassion and strength. Free yourself with love, not fear. You may need to lock doors to the past behind you. With divine empowerment, you can completely and utterly allow the past to be over. You will find that new doors can then be unlocked for you.

Invocation: I call upon Archangel Michael and the Key of Light. I give thanks for the divine gift of liberation from any restraining circumstance. I give thanks for the opportunity to completely close any door I choose and open any door I choose. I am grateful to the loving encouragement of the Universe reminding me that I will be successful in fulfilling my divine life purpose. May I be assisted by unconditional love to use my power of freedom with wisdom. May all beings be blessed by the grace of the Divine, so that the past ceases to hold them in pain and new opportunities of love can be accepted. May humanity open the door to light and love within. Through my own free will, and the unconditionally loving guides that serve human evolution, so be it.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

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“I work for the Divine as a transformational writer. I take dictation from Spirit, providing information and knowledge for those who seek it. I enjoy this service immensely! It provides a sense of purpose to all that I have experienced in my life as well as beyond that within past lives. It is sacred, holy work and I am appreciative of all the wisdom that comes through from Spirit for the benefit of all beings.” Blessings to each of you!

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