Mother Mary Oracle 7/11/2022

OUR LADY OF PROMISE: I promise you new life. Whatever you release shall become sacred fertilizer for your new life. I promise that as you trust in me, I will guide you to the fulfilment of your heart’s destiny. Do not shy away from what I ask of you. As you trust in me, I will lead you through fear and doubt; from fatigue and struggle into boundless energy of compassion and passionate purpose. I promise you new life. Let me ignite the passionate fire of your sacred heart so that you can burn with love, and bring light to the world.

Mother Mary knows us and knows how to help us. She invites us to receive her wisdom. She knows another way, knows that the fulfilment of the heart brings us into untold abundance, into rapture and divine connection, but also into great sadness and even righteous anger at times. She knows that these feelings, even if they appear on the surface to be negative or dark, can be essential fuel to keep us going when we need extra energy. There will be times when we need that energy, so as to not give up in despair about the state the world , and instead choose to stay true and committed to our personal growth. In this way we can bring more of our light to the world and help others find their way to do the same.

She promises that our trust in her will never be misplaced. At times when your life is pushing you beyond your limits, when you feel that you are breaking, your trust in her must become stronger. It will help you find her soothing presence, like the light from a lighthouse, cast across a dark thrashing ocean, caught up in a violent storm during the darkest night.

Her promise to you is what makes the suffering of growth bearable, whilst you let go of that which no longer supports you, though you may love it dearly still. As you await the peaceful resolution of the heart and become ready, willing and capable of stepping into the freedom of the new life cycle that awaits you, her light is there, her promise. This oracle reminds you that no matter what is happening in your life right now, her promise of new life is what is really happening, and everything else is just a symptom of that. Trust her. And believe.

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OUR LADY OF THE ROSE CROWN: You are my child and a royal divine being. I protect your spiritual deepening now, as you descend further into the living divine heart, and know all to be love. I shall keep you grounded and authentic, productive in the world that needs your light, even as I guide you into ecstatic communion with your holy nature.

No matter where we think we are on our spiritual path, there is always some-where, and something, deeper to experience. Our Lady of the Rose Crown appears when you are about to enter into another level of spiritual experience. This new level will be appropriate and healing for you – taking you naturally along in your spiritual progress. What might be suitable for another is unlikely to be exactly right for you. Our Lady watches over you with all-knowing tenderness and fierce protection. Ony what you need, will come to you.

Our Lady of the Rose Crown comes to tell you that you have been in preparation, and now the time is fast approaching, or is already upon you, whereby you are opening to more divine realization. This is a sacred and precious gift, and is happening in perfect accordance with your own spiritual growth. She asks that you drop preconceived expectations of how this will manifest, and simply be present to what is happening within you and your life now. No matter what you may initially think, what you are being shown right now is more of the Divine in its mysterious, creative, funny and unfathomable genius. Whether you can make sense of it or not, your heart and soul will be fed by it, strengthened and empowered to more fully live your divine light and discover who you truly are; a magnificent royal child of the Divine Father and the Divine Mother

If you have been wondering about your spiritual growth, or noticing that you judge others less and are able to hold compassion more easily, this oracle comes as a confirmation that, yes, you have gone through a spiritual growth spurt, and also, more is to come. If you have been feeling as though you have been ‘tested’ spiritually with a recurring issue, this oracle comes with the guarantee of divine success and congratulations, as you are passing your spiritual test and the Mother is in celebration with you – soon you shall feel that, and join her delight.

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OUR LADY OF THE SACRED HEARTH: You are my child. I am your mother. Your home, through my grace, is always secure. You are never to fear being lost and abandoned. Your home is provided through my grace. You always have a home to return to, through my grace. Surrender attachment and fear now, my cherished one. There is no need for it. Do you think that I would forget what you truly need? That I would deny you this? You who have belonged to me through all time and are my child, under my care and protection! Let go of all such worries now and pray to me. I will assist you.

There are times on our path when we have outgrown our old safety nets. Like a hermit crab that outgrows the little shell and needs to search for a larger home, we must endure a transition that can feel frightening, giving rise to many insecurities. We may feel that our life becomes chaotic, unpredictable, and that makes having trust quite difficult. Perhaps we have fears arising for our survival. Or perhaps we feel uncertainty and doubt about how things are going to unfold, even though we do mostly believe that everything will work out – somehow! Perhaps we fear that we will fall back into old patterns, becoming smaller, rather than trusting that we have grown enough internally to support ourselves, as we rise to the challenge of stepping into the next cycle, energetically larger and more empowered than before.

Whether the change in your life relates to your home in the literal sense, to where you live or where you should move to, or whether it relates to that which once felt like your home; perhaps a relationship, financial arrangement that supported you, or a group or community which you once considered to be as family to you, this message comes to you with love. You have outgrown what has been and the manifestation of the new is only a matter of time.

Either way, whether through trust or doubt, or a mixture of both, there are times when growth simply must happen. You are at one of those times in your life, or fast approaching it. Growth has been set in motion now and must happen in order for life to continue. Although there can be a feeling of subtle restlessness, or even of terrible upheaval with much anxiety and fear for the future, it is not a dying that is happening beloved, but an emerging of new life that is occurring now. It is spiritual growth that is making its presence felt in your material world, or soon will be. Remember that you are not only being guided away from what has been, but towards a new dawn. You are being granted a gift, a new sense of greater belonging, which is necessary for you to now fulfil the spiritual purpose of your life.

No matter how this is unfolding for you, the Holy Mother is telling you now that she is watching over you, guiding you through it to safety. No matter what appears to be now, one can never be truly without a home when they accept the benevolent support of her holy grace. She loves you without condition and will guide you through even the most challenging emotional and physical conditions into the manifestation of your beautiful life path. She says to you, “Pray to me and have faith my child. I am your mother and will never turn away from you.”

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“I work for the Divine as a transformational writer. I take dictation from Spirit, providing information and knowledge for those who seek it. I enjoy this service immensely! It provides a sense of purpose to all that I have experienced in my life as well as beyond that within past lives. It is sacred, holy work and I am appreciative of all the wisdom that comes through from Spirit for the benefit of all beings.” Blessings to each of you!

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