Sacred Rebels Oracle 7/9/2022

THE PERFECTION OF YOUR LIFE: Have you ever seen a storm pictured from above? If an appear to be so beautiful and elegant. This is certainly different to the ground view which can be quite a violent experience. So too, there is great beauty in your life now. However, at this point in the natural process, you may be experiencing it as anxiety-inducing rather than beautiful. You may sense it as internal chaos. You may feel it as something that is waiting to erupt from within, as a restlessness or an anxiety that you cannot quite articulate but sense vaguely, nonetheless. Perhaps the chaos is fully fledged and a person or situation in your life is causing all kinds of havoc, upheaval or change and uncertainty in your world.

Whether the chaos seems subtle, strong, internal or external, this oracle brings the same message for you. All is unfolding according to a perfect higher order. You are currently enduring a cosmic, spiritual storm which is having an impact on you. It is clearing things out, ruffling feathers and preparing you for that lovely, super-fresh, uplifting feeling that one experiences after the storm has finally passed.

If you cannot believe there is anything happening – even at a subtle level – because you feel stuck, denied, bored, thwarted or stale, this oracle brings you a message also. No matter what appears to be true, in truth there is only the unfolding, creative genius of the universe. You are not forgotten. You have not been looked over. You have not been denied, found wanting or rejected as unworthy. The storm that needs to erupt is in your own heart. Do your liberating rain dance! Rage, weep, pray, dance, paint or sing. Express whatever is needed, however is needed, to exorcise the blocked energy in your heart. Then you will call on the powerful perfection of your life path, as it aligns for the next creative turn of the spiral of life. Once again you will trust and directly experience the flower of life unfolding within you and around you.

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INNER TRUST: Though it may be cloaked and hidden, within you lies natural magnificence, vibrancy and true uniqueness. The harder this is for you to believe, the more growth this oracle is offering you now. Your opportunity for growth lies in letting go of the need to hide yourself from the world and to let go of any doubt about the wonder of what lies within you. This oracle brings you the message that it is time for you to trust yourself and let the real, inner you out from behind the veil.

Sometimes what you sense will be more challenging that this and will ask something different of you. It might be that you sense fear and sabotage lurking within someone’s intentions or in the situations around you. This oracle asks you to trust yourself to find the most authentic and self-loving way to deal with that. Perhaps you have drawn this card because you are unnecessarily holding yourself back out of fear, or a lack of belief in your ability to support and care for yourself or in the importance of your need for self-expression in your relationships.

The oracle of Inner Trust comes to you with this guidance: “You know what you are doing!” You have enough wisdom and intuition to be able to place yourself more fully in the world, to take steps to unhide yourself! Even if you feel you have no clue about what is happening at a broader level in your life, even if you can’t quite see the whole picture of what is taking place within or around you, you still have all the wisdom and intuitive ability you need to take one step at a time and navigate your way through absolutely anything that life brings to your door.

If you have been thinking of taking a leap of faith and doing things differently – whether in your personal life or your creative work – then this oracle brings a particular message to trust your instincts and go for it. This oracle comes at a time when the patterns of your life are shifting. You can take advantage of this shift and leap into an entirely new level of consciousness and experience. This is not a time for self-doubt or playing small. It is a time to get in touch with the courage, boldness and daredevil within, and take that step, big or small, into the future that is beckoning you forward. You have the wings to fly. Sometimes we don’t realize it until we leap over the edge of what we have known and begin to soar into a new life.

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VISIONS OF LIFE BEYOND DEATH: Sacred vision is awakening within you. You are becoming blessed with the ability to truly see. To see what is real rather than what appears to be. This is true insight.

What was once considered consequential may soon be found to hold little consequence after all. What was once dismissed as an irritation or irrelevance may be seen to have great spiritual significance. As mundane as something once appeared it could now be worthy of absolute attention. The gift of genuine vision takes you into the being of the universal creator. This is sacred terrain, beyond logic, convention and that which is limited in any way. The more open you are to receiving true vision, the more love you will feel and recognize within and around you. Something may appear to change form, to be shed, to be lost or to die but there is love within it always. This realization doesn’t remove the pain of the loss. It does provide a way through which it can be healed and eventually transformed into peace.

The vision of love, the truth of all that is, can move us more than anything else possible can. If you have been wondering about your life path or whether you should take action on a project or you need inspiration to really move you out of a slump you have fallen into, then this oracle brings you a message of hope. You will receive your vision. You will be graced with a way out of the stagnancy. You will be able to see things differently and more accurately. Any confusion or uncertainty you have felt is going to pass and you will be left with clear insight. The stories you have been feeling, feeding yourself or telling yourself may end up looking different to how they appear now. This may surprise you, but the vision that is coming to you will be more truthful and therefore freeing. It will be worth the shock, surprise or the moment of embarrassment when you realize you have been operating under a false assurance or deluding yourself about the truth of the situation. Those moments will pass and they are not something to feel bad about. They signify that you are leaving behind a smaller view for a more expansive one. They are a sign that you have outgrown your old vision in order to live in a bigger one. This is good! There might be a moment when your ego feels a bit dented, but sure enough that too will pass.

This oracle is asking you to shift your perspective and look at an issue of concern a little differently. If you don’t know how to do this, use this statement: “I call upon the Universal Eye to show me the most helpful way to see this situation of concern now.” In shifting how you look at things, the energy in what is beheld changes. You can see this with people. When you shame and judge someone they react differently to when they are loved and encouraged. They may succeed nonetheless, but the journey to that success will be different. Looking at something through the eyes of love rather than fear, can help us find our way more quickly, easily and enjoyably.

This oracle comes with the additional message that your ability to perceive is expanding into truth. Your ability to be inspired and see the light in all things is unfolding. It must be nourished in your heart with loving acceptance because you are going to help others through your vision, your art and how you choose to be in the world.

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“I work for the Divine as a transformational writer. I take dictation from Spirit, providing information and knowledge for those who seek it. I enjoy this service immensely! It provides a sense of purpose to all that I have experienced in my life as well as beyond that within past lives. It is sacred, holy work and I am appreciative of all the wisdom that comes through from Spirit for the benefit of all beings.” Blessings to each of you!

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