Isis Oracle 7/6/2022

FLOWER OF LIFE: Divine Creativity and Manifestation: You are entering a fertile period of your life. Focus on your innate creativity and how potent this is becoming, and watch it rapidly grow! You are guided to think of yourself as a creative being and to surrender your control over how things will manifest and instead allow them to do so. Don’t resist change, instead flow and let it happen. Now is the time for your blossoming.

Your Soul is hungering for creativity and manifestation of the beauty in your inner world, to witness it and live in your physical world too. Much of your spiritual energy is directed into creative process and your creative powers are growing fast now. As you are gaining more potency in your creative flow, it is important that you use this growing ability wisely. Become aware of how easy and quick your thoughts and feelings are manifesting into conversations, situations and responses from the Universe. Notice how quickly your prayers are confirmed through signs and dreams, intuitions and opportunities opening up for you. You are becoming more and more swiftly that which you choose to think, feel, speak and believe.

This Oracle suggests that the time is ripe for you to choose to align yourself with love each morning so that your thoughts will serve you well and the manifestations you set in motion will be ones that enhance your life experience, rather than more of what you do not want to experience!

It can require time, habit and consistency to change patterns of thoughts and behavior but it can be done. You are guided now to allow yourself absolute and radical permission to detach from past thoughts and behaviors, to bear the challenge of not knowing who you are or how you will be on the ‘other side’ of the transformation, in order to let it happen.

The Flower of Life holds the secrets to allowing creative change and transform- ation of circumstances, manifestation and healing in the easiest and most enjoyable ways possible. The Flower of Life contains repetitive patterns, each interlacing and inter-relating to the other, like the holograph that contains the whole within each part. In this way, all that is required is to tap into one part, one element, one thought or one behavior that relates to your desired creative outcome – and integrate it into your life. All the rest will follow through natural connection. It is a powerful skill within you that is growing and what you put out will return to you multiplied, so make sure that it is what you truly want!

The Oracle of the Flower of Life also brings guidance that you are in the midst of a changing pattern and although it might be uncomfortable at first, it holds the seeds of what you desire and to allow it to happen is wise and loving to the Self. Be brave, beloved Initiate. The Flower of Life is nurturing you into a more whole expression of your Divine self. Yes, there will be moments of questioning or doubt, but they are such a small part of the beauty unfolding for you now. Enjoy the flowering of your Soul light into form on this planet, in all its diverse beauty.

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TALISMANS OF POTENCY: Charging Sacred Objects of Power: Sacred Tools and Objects can become an extension of your energy field, focusing your power and intention, helping you heal the split between spirit and matter, and learning to bring physical matter more deeply into light and life. You are encouraged to work with sacred materials in a conscious way to help your own healing and enjoyment of the material world as a part of your spiritual practice. Your love for the physical world is a gift to the hearth too.

You are guided to cleanse and charge sacred objects to empower your energy field and accomplish your spiritual mission now. These objects might be a wand, a chalice or sword, a bowl or even a special tile with an image that you love, a statue, cloth with a beautiful design, a natural crystal or a black mirror, or a rock, shell or feather you found ‘waiting for you’ whilst out in nature one day. If finding a gift in nature, it is wise to ask the spirit of the Earth if the item in question is intended for you healing work and if you feel it is, then of course, receive it with gratitude. If not, bless it and move on.

This Oracle is seeking to draw your awareness to your special ability to work with material objects to awaken spiritual light within them. The material world is filled with light and our loving attention can help awaken that light within form. In the same way that someone seeing the best in you, knowing what you are truly capable of, can help you reach your dreams and become that Self more fully, so too can holding an awareness that just like our bodies, the material world holds its own light and benefits from love, attention and care. This is the loving art of integrating spirit into matter and it is part of your spiritual potency and healing gift, to be able to love the physical world as an element of your spiritual journey.

Objects become talismans when they are cleansed, dedicated and charged with sacred intent. This is consecration, or the rendering of something into sacredness. Talismans are a way to enjoy a spiritual relationship with the material world. It is not a matter of not being able to work without them, but more of enjoyment and beauty of working with the material world in a spiritual way. This is also a way to heal any difficult relationship that you may have had with your mother, your body, eating and food, or with financial or physical security. It can also include difficulties in bringing your ideas into physical form, living your path in a practical and material way and any other issues that stem from a wounded relationship to matter, somehow seeing it as less than spirit. What wonderful and varied healing effects talismans can bring to us all! It all starts with the honoring of light in matter, the sacredness of the material world.

If you have been considering working with crystals for healing, or tarot cards or physical tools for spiritual growth, you are encouraged to do so by the Oracle of Talismans of Potency. They will help you grow and empower you. If you have an object in your space that you have been thinking of cleansing, perhaps a crystal or a piece of jewelry, this Oracle encourages you to do so using breath, salt, moonlight or sound, as you so choose. Cleansing with love and intention to dissipate negative energy is a way to care for the material world, helping awaken the light within it.

If you have been considering building sacred jewelry or purchasing a crystal or other healing tool, you are encouraged to do so and to learn to work with it. The Oracle of Talismans of Potency supports you in honoring the physical world and its beauty in your life in this way.

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TRUTHS UNVEILED: The Revelation of Isis: There are times when appearances of people, place and things are truly deceptive. You will sense this when something feels uncomfortable within you, when you notice feelings of anxiety or doubt within you. You may think there is something wrong with you but actually you are intuitively sensing that all is not as it appears to be. It is wise to trust your inner feeling rather than being convinced by outward appearance. There is a situation in your life, especially involving relationships, where something is not as it is being made out to be. To avoid undue suffering later on, Isis guides you to truth and revelation now.

The Revelation of Isis is needed when something or someone is not as it outwardly appears to be. No matter how sacred it may seem – a spiritual person, a family relationship, a shared history – there are times when although it is more painful to admit the truth in the short term, in the long term it will save you much suffering and feelings of being duped, misled, manipulated, used or abused. It will also make it more likely that the situation or relationship can grow into a healthier expression if possible. You cannot heal what is not revealed. Isis is with you now to help you realize the truths, to admit that you probable already sensed it anyway, and to make wise use of these revelations now.

The Oracle of Truths Unveiled speaks of a time soon to come when you will realize true perception. What you thought was trustworthy, legitimate or reliable may turn to sand, crumbling before your eyes. This may be a friendship, a job, an offer of some kind, or even the behavior of a loved one, causing you to question the real commitment or respect in a family or romantic relationship.

What is important here is to realize that when you see the truth you can act appropriately. You will not proceed with inappropriate expectations and you can reassess your boundaries and priorities to get the most out of a situation and not suffer undue disappointment later on.

There are creative impulses and new life within you that need to be protected until they are strong enough to withstand negativity or undermining by another out of jealousy or fear. Even a close friend whom you love and who loves you may struggle with your creative side, perhaps because they are yet to tap into their own creativity. It is best to be honest with yourself and know that sometimes, out of sense and kindness, the fragile creative beginning of a project or new habit or interest need to be protected. You must protect that which needs it by recognizing where something or someone could harm rather than nourish new life.

You are being guided with this Oracle to trust your judgement about someone’s motivations or intentions. If you feel something is not quite right, then give your discernment a change to more fully form so that you can see the truth. The more emotionally detached you allow yourself to be, the clearer your assessment of a person, situation or offer is likely to be.

If you have been thinking that you already see the truth in a situation, this Oracle is confirmation that you are seeing something accurately will soon be given, if requested. Ask for revelation and be patient. Clear perception is imminent and will help you make wise choices.

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  1. Thank you! The Flower of Life is such a pure and beautiful message. Thank You for this light and sharing. Love, prayers and beautiful flowers from my heart to yours

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