Pegasus Oracle 7/1/2022

PEGASUS OF THE SUN: Our beloved soul guardian Pegasus brings the portent of higher consciousness, golden with solar radiance, that bestows the clarity and healing of divine golden light wherever it is needed. This is the gift of power of the positive – the capacity to transform suffering, struggle and victimization into enlightenment, success and victory. All that you feel within your heart – including your dreams, desires and deepest yearnings – are seeds of your soul’s sacred purpose and divine destiny. Do not give up. Believe in your inevitable fruition. Make commitments that serve your soul purpose.

This solar blessing may give rise to resistance in the form of doubt, fear, uncertainty, insecurity, comparison or distrust. Such thoughts and feelings offer opportunities to heal. Bear them with compassionate witnessing, and then allow them to be absorbed and dissolved into the golden light. Pegasus reminds us that the light is more powerful than any doubt and is more creative and resourceful than our limited human perspective may recognize. This is why we have faith. It is the heart’s wise capacity to trust in the trustworthy, even when logic may dictate otherwise. You have navigated a significant turning point and attained spiritual graduation through a difficult karmic cycle. You are being reinstated to you full radiance. Any errors that led you away from your true path and purpose have been corrected. Place your faith in the light. A positive change of heart and status is imminent.

Pegasus of Golden Light, Chariot of the Solar Heart, I invite your enlightened wisdom and flawless compassion to bless and protect my heart with divine love, faith and empowerment, for joyous blessed fruition in service to the spiritual benefit of all beings.

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STORM RIDER OF THE LIGHTNING MOON: Deep within the subtle realms of your being, a gathering of powerful energies is taking place. Bringing startling clarity, these are the robust and incisive energies needed for courageous change. You may be experiencing a profoundly challenging time. Perhaps you feel confusion, doubt, distress or even despair. If so, Pegasus comes to you with this divinely guided message: You shall be released from suffering through a sudden breakthrough of clarity and the inner wherewithal to know the right action to take at the right time.

Although you cannot predict how or when it will occur, your unexpected liberation shall take place at the best moment. As if from out of the blue, a crystal-clear insight and a jolt of spiritual energy will shatter the chains of suffering that have held you captive for far too long. Thought the storm may seem fierce, and you may feel afraid or be on the brink of losing hope, our beloved guardian Pegasus bestows the spiritual grace and power necessary to protect you and help you realize that the capacity to free yourself rests within you. This suffering will pass. you shall rise again, refreshed and ready.

Pegasus, who rides the storms, bestows insight like startling bolts of lightning and provides spiritual protection through all transitions and upheavals, I invoke the unconditional love, enlightened wisdom and divine grace necessary to overcome all confusion in my life and gain spiritual benefit for myself and all beings. I place my trust in the inner divine presence that ensures my freedom and bestows pure, unfettered grace.

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DESCENDING PEGASUS OF THE VIOLET LIGHT: Bringer of blessings and protection, soul guardian Pegasus conveys a clearing, blessing and sealing of your crown chakra. This process protects you from any attempt by others to control you or derail your life path in this or any lifetime. This healing helps release any cords of attachment that have blocked your freedom to pursue your life journey so you may follow your spiritual path without interference. It also clears feelings of betrayal, distrust or confusion in your relationship with your higher self and the Universe, opening your crown chakra to your unique spiritual journey – that which best suits your soul and only your heart can truly know.

The gifts of this spiritual intervention include complete protection from people or paths that do not benefit your soul development. This may involve removing opportunities or connections that would otherwise distract or disturb you, as well as increasing your deep awareness of how loved, blessed and safe you truly are. You can now heal from experiences of painful disconnection and open up to feeling held, inspired and guided by Spirit. Allow the pure light of love to swirl around the top of your head and radiate out in all directions. As this takes place, a spiritual blessing of grace is bestowed to heal and support you in all ways. You are asked to offer any troubles of body, mind or heart into this light. You may trust that the worst is behind you and that you shall find your way, free from your concerns. Place your trust in the Univers. A heartfelt prayer is being answered.

Through unconditional love, divine grace and enlightened wisdom, I open to healing and embrace the gifts of spiritual connection, blessing and protection that cleanses, heals and infuses every aspect of my being, in service to spiritual benefit for all beings.

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Published by divinewarrioress

“I work for the Divine as a transformational writer. I take dictation from Spirit, providing information and knowledge for those who seek it. I enjoy this service immensely! It provides a sense of purpose to all that I have experienced in my life as well as beyond that within past lives. It is sacred, holy work and I am appreciative of all the wisdom that comes through from Spirit for the benefit of all beings.” Blessings to each of you!

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