Beyond Lemuria Oracle 6/24/2022

FREEDOM: Living the life you love, liberation as a shift in perspective, the many facets of freedom, inviting enjoyment and inspiration to your life, discovering what freedom means to you, overcoming limitation, unbound creative expression, choice over obligation.

Freedom means living as you choose, with your wings and heart open, able to direct your reality as you want. The quest for freedom, in one form or another, seems innate. And, in Western culture, the path to freedom is often equated with money. Ironically, chasing wealth can have the opposite effect due to the lengths taken for it to be acquired. It is possible to weave a life in thriving alignment with our soul’s calling while financially supporting our realities.

You may picture freedom in its more extreme guises, but when we truly feel free, our lifestyles may not change drastically. It is more a state of mind. The only change might be that you are choosing to live a certain way, rather than feeling obligated. We may move through periods of life in a dazed blur or routine. What seemed like a dream career or lifestyle may have become somewhat of a prison. We may feel stuck, blocked or uninspired. We might know deep down that it’s time to step into something different but feel tied to what we have set up for ourselves, perhaps financially or because others depend on us. It may feel like something needs to change externally before you can make the step, but it doesn’t usually work that way. As scary as it may seem, to get off a self-perpetuation spiral we need to initiate our own change.

Small changes that don’t impinge on your work or family can be enough to tell the Universe you are ready for something else. Think about where you might find inspiration, then begin researching and try it out. Try a few new things. This will help shift the direction of your inner being. Before you know it, opportuni-ties will start to open up for you. It will then be your choice to follow a new path or to continue as you are.

Letting go, trusting and loving without limitation are also a big part of internal freedom. There are lots of ideas about what freedom can be. Having a frame-work for what it can be, means even more freedom can flourish. Complete freedom can also be overwhelming, confusing or ungrounding. Structure and security are friends of freedom. They support fun, safety, expansion, sustain-ability and exciting possibility.

Bring a deeper sense of freedom to a situation. A limitation may be a state of mind. A shift of perspective can help bring a sense of lightness and choice. Also consider what freedom looks like to you, in the bigger picture of your life. If you are feeling stifled in an environment, it is up to you to make a change. Add pleasurable moments or practices that cultivate a sense of greatened freedom in your day-to-day life.

If you are currently experiencing greater freedom, you may be feeling unsettled. Consider whether it is the kind you were looking for. If you feel ungrounded and lost, perhaps you could add some structure to your world to optimize your freedom.

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LOVING COMPASSION: Unconditional love, empathy, compassion, care, friendliness, goodwill, benevolence, beyond duality, safe space, forgiveness through expanded perspectives, open-hearted joy.

Loving kindness is one of the greatest forces available to us on Earth. It has the ability to transform all. Unconditional love is the vibration most closely aligned with God or the Divine. When we allow ourselves to drop deep into heart-space we feel interconnected and in a state of oneness.

As we choose to direct our lives with love, all that is not real or serving us will drop away. Conflicts resolve, power struggles dissolve, and a sense of inner peace and comfort will radiate from within. Love is the root of happiness. When we can fluidly give and receive with the ease of breathing in and out, we can fly freely.

Loving compassion is a fundamental element in the balance of life. It holds the seeds of the new paradigm of evolution. When doing hands-on healing, this is the force we call on. It is life-force energy or god essence, and it brings healing, vitality and transformation to everything it touches.

When we manifest or affirm something into the world from a place of love, the reasoning imbued in the statement will reflect our intent. If we manifest from fear, our journey will bring all the learning needed to gear us back into love.

Unconditional love transcends duality. It sees beyond reasoning and situation to allow new stories to be told and for new beginnings to emerge. It transmutes all that is out of balance back to zero point and bridges heaven and earth.

This card invites us to bring more loving to the situation at hand, whether it is toward yourself or someone else. It may imply a need for forgiveness or for seeing things from a fresh, more expansive perspective. This card is a reminder that you are loved and have infinite access to the gentle yet powerful force of loving compassion as and when you need it. To bring yourself back to your heart, think about those you love and moments with them where you have felt joy. Expand this feeling out to more and more people, creatures and places, until the whole planet is infused with this beautiful, warm and loving feeling.

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LUMIN ESSENCE: Self-love, the light that radiates from our hearts, light shining in the darkness, heart-centered living, removing your heart armor, accepting your shadows as the flip side of your strength, a vulnerable wide-open heart, authentic heartfelt needs.

When we choose to journey through life from our hearts, it illuminates the darkness, all illusion drops away, and we see what is real. What does self-love look like for you? Self-love is often talked about, but we don’t always consider its deeper implications. One of the keys for bringing heaven to earth is the realization of our optimal reality. To create a New Earth, not dissimilar to the Lemurian utopia, we navigate or illuminate our journey through our hearts.

When our core foundations are integrity and kindness, our choices are ethical, and our souls radiate warmth, hold compassionate space for others, and inspire others to carry it forward. Unfortunately, as we travel through life, we often armor ourselves to protect our hearts. We fear them to be delicate and vulnerable, but this is contrary to the incredible power of having a fully open heart.

Sadly, we can toss parts of ourselves in the ‘trash’ because we cannot see how they serve us, or they may feel too ugly or painful. Loving yourself is about accepting all of yourself, including the parts you may consider less desirable. Self-love is unconditional. As we make the journey to wholeness, we see that the parts we have severed from ourselves are counterparts to our greatest strengths.

We also realize the actions we thought benefited others, when we went out of our way to please, fall short or fall away. In their place, we can allow authentic gifts to unfurl and bring luminosity to shared endeavors and environments. Consider how you relate to your world when you come to it from a happy place of fullness, doing things because you want to. Sometimes we feel we must give away our happiness to show we care for others. But, when we live our joy, it affects others. Acting from uninspired obligation and the cloud it brings, can hold no light to that joy!

Remember, your internal world reflects your outer reality. If you are met by less than ideal dynamics, they may hold a clue to your unloved parts. Accepting our less-desirable aspects doesn’t make the behaviors that may arise from them okay. Accepting your whole self means being okay with the foundations that created these insecurities and bringing them back into balance.

A technique for painting light involves balancing the surroundings with a darker color. The darker the juxtaposition, the brighter the light appears. This is a great analogy for accepting all aspects of our deeper selves. Be real with your shadows, so you can let more light in and shine brighter.

Love is the most potent and healing tool that we have, and the more we feel, the more we create. It’s contagious too! The more we live from our hearts, the more we find it in our lives. So how do we kickstart this wholeness of being? Be present and authentic with your heartfelt needs. Have an awareness and a softening toward your unloved parts. It may seem easier said than done, but start seeing things from a gentler, more compassionate place, away from judgement. In the bigger picture, we are all doing the best we can within our circumstances.

Often the things that keep us out of our hearts are much simpler to release than we realize. Finding what makes us happy and surrounding ourselves with those who really ‘see’ us and encourage us goes a long way. Be aware of the parts of yourself that you find easy to love and set goals for healing themes that require extra care and attention. Honor the fantastic vessel your body is. Look at what you are good at and grow your self-appreciation from this place. Wonder at the challenges you have moved through. Dream big, but also be real about what is achievable. Do not compare yourself to others, as we all have our different struggles and strengths. Think about all you are grateful for. Acts of kindness are another way to expand that heartfelt feel-good vibe.

Consider the parts of yourself you may not be accepting. You may be experienc-ing an inner dissonance due to what you are trying to push away. This card is about self-love. That is, the deep, compassionate, unconditional love of self that brings you into wholeness. Lumin Essence means the essence of light. There is nothing that make us shine more than a heart that is full of love. You can shine through the shadows most gracefully when there is no fear within. Accept your shadows so they can more easily resolve. Allow more light and love, inside and out of your world.

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