Divine Feminine Oracle 6/22/2022

PARVATI: The Goddess of Devotion: I am a love that doesn’t leave. When I commit to love, my soul evolves.

What is soft, gentle, and nurturing like water can be far more powerful than what is inflexible and fierce. The energy of this mountain goddess is about the strength we can give and receive when we devote ourselves to the healthy bonds of love. Parvati is about the divine feminine potency of being a calm, benevolent presence, especially when something seems to threaten a deeply meaningful relationship.

Transformation with this goddess calls for a softening. When a situation is hard, even painful, Parvati is suggesting that you allow your fist to unfold. Open and release what is clenched in fear or stress. Remember that your love is a mountain that cannot be moved. And that this bond between you is holy; no human hands or words can ever break it.

The answer of what’s next or highest for you can be found through a subtler act of simply abiding. Not reacting, not running, not hiding: a deep reservoir of power can surge up from within us when we choose to remain present. Letting devotion inhabit us in moments when our ego has typically fled infuses us with the capacity to transform all of our relationship.

Devotion is not attachment. It’s letting go of the illusion that you and this lover, this friend, this child or family member, this soul within you can ever really be separate from you. Devotion brings us home to the point and purpose of every relationship: love. A love that can never leave, and that like a mountain can never move. A love that evolves the soul.

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CATHERINE LABOURE: The Patroness of Miraculous Healing. I am ready to heal. I am worthy of the miracles meant for me.

It can feel effortless to ask for what our loved ones need. We can fall on our knees at times to pray for the health and highest possible outcome for our beloved children and partners or friends. What’s often far more difficult is asking for all that we need.

For many of us, lack of self-worth can get in the way of realizing that we can ask for so much more. And that ultimately, there is no difference between praying for our own needs and the needs of our loved ones.

There are so many miracles, graces, and blessing that don’t arrive simply because we don’t ask for them. Spirit is ethical. Spirit doesn’t interfere with our intrinsic right to choose our own adventure story. Free will is ours. So we have to ask for spirit to intervene in the effort of our own healing.

Ask and you will find. This is a spiritual truth. And also, suffering is optional. Suffering doesn’t glorify us or make us more holy. At any point we can ask for the highest possible good to shower down on us. We can ask to be healed in ways we can’t even imagine by handing that healing over to the divine.

The healing might not arrive in the way we picture being healed. Our lower back may still throb with pain, but our heart has shifted, and there’s a miraculous amount of light within our lives again. If we can hand over an attachment to what healing is going to look like, we can receive all the blessings waiting for us.

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KHADIJAH: The Mother of Believers. I am spiritually and financially abundant. I provide heaven and earth for myself.

There’s an ancient narrative and a destructive misunderstanding that if we are going to be spiritual, then we have to renounce the material world. The body, however, is the soul’s chance to be here. So a healthy relationship to the material world is crucial and integral to reaching our spiritual potential.

Khadijah represents the power and importance of knowing we can provide for ourselves. This power gives us roots and confidence and allows us to create relationships from a place of interdependence rather than co-dependence. We can cultivate the capacity we have to create more and more freedom for ourselves. And we can make choices for our life based on truth, not just on survival.

There’s also a false idea about when true love will find us and how. Khadijah liberates us from fairy tales that we need to be saved, or supported, or provided for by our life partner.

Living into our true power and purpose does not make us less eligible for love. Khadijah reminds us that there is no linear timetable that eliminates us from having the sun descend in our courtyard. She lets us remember that we are worthy of the abundance measured in gold and the abundance measured in the depth of our love.

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