Messages From the Mermaids Oracle 6/20/2022

GO WITH THE FLOW: Let go and go with the flow! You’ll get where you need to be when you surrender and trust in the natural flow of life.

This mermaid wants you to know that life can be more fun when you go with the flow. She’s allowing herself to be carried along by the currents of the sea. She had total trust in the ocean to take her to wherever her destiny may lead.

When we push against the flow, it can feel very tiring. This card tells us to simply surrender to the flow of life. It’s about trust – trusting in your destiny and knowing that everything happens at exactly the right time. So, try releasing any attachment to a particular outcome and allow life to take you in the right direction.

Going with the flow means you spend less energy forcing things to happen. When we fully trust in our destiny, we know on a deeper level that what is meant for us, won’t pass us by.

Is there a situation in your life in which things aren’t going as smoothly as you wish? If not yourself, then perhaps someone close to you is experiencing an uphill struggle, where every move they make has the opposite effect of what they wish to happen. If this rings true, then this card serves as a reminder, telling you to surrender to the flow of life and allow all the pieces to float perfectly into place, without any struggle or force.

Whatever your query, the answer is simply to go with the flow. This doesn’t mean you’re giving up or are defeated – rather that your lack of resistance will bring you a sense of freedom and completion.

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MEMORIES: Make some new memories! Meet life head-on as a wealth of experiences awaits, helping memories to manifest. A loved one wishes to be remembered.

This mermaid swims in from your past – or from your future – with a handful of photographs to remind you of a special time in your life. Perhaps a loved one who has passed on is wanting you to remember them fondly. Memories take up permanent residence within our hearts and minds, so maybe it’s time to create some magical new ones to fill your beautiful heart with even more joy and echoes of loving moments in your life.

Some memories make you happy and others make you sad. Some take a precious place within your heart and bring upliftment and joy in times of sadness. The important thing to remember is that, whether happy or sad, these memories are an important part of your history. So, it’s good to honor them as these memories and experiences have made you the person you are now.

Try keeping a journal of beautiful memories, as this will help you to get over a loss. You can then look back when you’re feeling low and remember all the wonderful times.

Photographs are significant for you right now. Notice any photographs that appear in social media, online or anywhere around you over the next few days or weeks. They will have a significant meaning for you. Also, be aware of who turns up in your dreams – friends and people from your past may appear with meaningful memories or messages. Perhaps you enjoy taking photographs and creating your own memories?

This card could also be reminding you that a special celebration is coming up soon.

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INNOCENCE: Focus on innocence as you navigate through the current situation. The purity of your innocent heart will guide and protect you through challenging times.

This mermaid protects her heart, for this is the home of innocence. This delicate yet paradoxically strong part of ourselves, can feel or appear corrupted as we journey through life, yet in truth, it’s always pure.

Innocence is a protection against the harshness and cynicism of life. Staying true to your innocent heart is the correct course of actions. If you’re caught up in a legal battle or a court case at the time this card appears in your reading, your innocence is highly likely to be revealed and upheld as long as you hold on to integrity and honesty.

Whatever you’ve done in life, remember that your soul is eternally innocent. We all have the ability to connect with our childlike essence of innocence, even in adult life. Innocence has no age limit, it’s a natural state of being that you can reclaim right now.

Living in innocence has a magnetic beauty that others will be drawn to instinctively. They will wish to be in your presence for there’s an aura of purity surrounding you.

Is someone around you taking advantage of your innocent nature? Perhaps they are mistaking it for gullibility? Remember your innocence is also your strength, and it will serve you as protection in time of need.

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