Sacred Traveler Oracle 6/18/2022

STEPPING INTO POWER: “You are strong beyond measure.”

Take back your power. Stand in your own light. Even if your burden seems heavy, it makes you stronger. If you’ve been standing on the sidelines or acquiescing to the needs of others, this card is letting you know it’s time to stand up for yourself. The challenges you’ve faced are making you stronger. You no longer need to live your life for others. Yet, it you choose, your light can illuminate the path for those who walk beside you.

The Sacred Traveler wants you to know: The greatest power is silent and deep. It doesn’t need a show of force. It just is. If you’ve lost or given away your authority to someone or something else, it’s time to reclaim it. If you’re afraid of standing in your truth because you are afraid of being judged, shunned, or rejected, it’s time to let go of your hesitation. If you’ve been carrying responsi-bilities for others, you’re stronger for it; however, it’s time to decide to either let them go or continue forward with them but on your terms. You have a remark-able inner spiritual power that is born of sacred love, wisdom and grace.

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CLEANSING WATERS: “Purification activates vibrant life force.”

To achieve fulfillment, purify yourself and your surroundings. Space clear your environment. Clear out clutter. In order to release old beliefs, stagnant energies, and auric grunge that you may have picked up, it’s necessary to cleanse and purify yourself and your home. Let go of the old, discarded, and unused; eat lightly; drink fresh water; and simplify your life. Shower or bathe with the intention that all is not needed is washing away. When you purify yourself, you become a clearer channel for light and thus know what direction is best for your life. Also your sparkling light can then help heal and support many.

The Sacred Traveler wants you to know: The traveler periodically takes time from the journey to seek holy waters for purification and renewal. Standing under the mystical, cleansing waterfall, the voyager knows her energy field is being cleansed, past-life limitations are washing away, and limiting beliefs are dissolving. Sometimes the traveler purifies in a stream, or a mountain lake, or next to ocean waves, but also by simply standing in the rain, or drinking refreshing waters. In each moment there is the knowing that the water is clearing out what is stagnant and replacing it with shimmering, sparkling energy. Find as many ways as possible to use water as a cleansing force in your life . . . all with the intent of purifying your life so greater energy can emerge.

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GREAT ADVENTURE: “Take a risk; venture forward.”

At the end of your life, you are more likely to regret the things you didn’t do than the things you did. Take risks. Not every risk enables success, but if you don’t try, you’ll never know what remarkable experiences were available to you. By stepping out of your comfort zone, you’ll discover new talents and abilities. Playing safe in the long run is no safer that venturing forth with glee. To quote Helen Keller, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”

The Sacred Traveler wants you to know: Hoist your sails. Catch the trade winds of adventure and enter the open seas. Explore new ports of call. It’s easy to stay safe in the harbor but that’s not where the juice of life is. When you sail the open seas, without knowing what the day will bring, life-force energy is activated within you. There are no guarantees when you take a risk. Be willing to go out on a limb; that’s where the best fruit is. When you push yourself beyond your personal boundaries, life is so much more fulfilling.

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