Magic of Unicorns Oracle 6/15/2022

COSMIC SAPPHIRE: Act with honor and integrity. Speak your truth.

This card brings a message of personal empowerment and calls on you to decide what is right for you. Be true to yourself, no matter what. Archangel Michael and your unicorn will merge their energy in order to illuminate you.

While physical sapphires are powerful, cosmic ones hold Archangel Michael’s light at an even higher frequency. They are the palest translucent white-blue and carry the light of higher communication, power and integrity combined with wisdom, knowledge and the ability to take action. They also radiate Source love.

Archangel Michael is in charge of the development of the throat chakras of humanity, so when you visualize a cosmic sapphire in your throat, it expands and illuminates this sensitive spiritual center. Its facets cut away old fears and patterns and allow the highest qualities of your communication center to blossom. The ultimate lessons of this chakra are: “Trust in God’ and ‘Trust in yourself.”

A cosmic sapphire brings you into alignment with your God self, so choose something you wish to say, do or accomplish. Then invoke a cosmic sapphire and sit or stand within it, knowing that it brings you total protection, courage, and the strength to speak your truth. Say what you need to say. Do what you need to do. Truth and integrity have such resonance that others will feel your honesty and respond accordingly. You will also have the courage and power to protect those who are vulnerable.

Work with a cosmic sapphire: Breathe in and out of your throat chakra. Ask Archangel Michael to place a cosmic sapphire there. See your unicorn illuminate it with beautiful love. Sense the cosmic sapphire growing bigger until you are inside it. You can speak or act with honor, courage and truth. Visualize yourself doing so. Picture a positive outcome beyond your greatest expectation.

Affirmation: “I trust in God and in myself.”

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CARING COMMUNITY: Participate and belong. Enrich your life.

The world is starting to embrace an understanding of Oneness. As this happens, fifth-dimensional communities are starting to form. A caring community is based on heart-to-heart connection, kindness, inclusion, cooperation, seeing the best in others and empowering them. When you are part of this, you feel you belong and are supported, so you want to contribute joyfully, for the highest good of all and your life becomes enriched.

If you are already part of a caring community, your guidance is actively to deepen your commitment to it. If you are not, it is to take a step to co-creating a caring community in your workplace or your neighborhood. Smile at a neighbor, talk to someone, volunteer, plant some flowers in a communal place or actively do something to bring people together. You can make a difference.

Your community is part of your support system. It roots you into your area. The more you participate, the more you belong and the safer you feel. Spiritually, it lights up all your chakras.

During the legendary Golden Era of Atlantis, the people formed fifth-dimensional communities in which they worked and played together in a way that served the communal good. Each individual contributed what brought them soul satisfaction and this was embraced and encouraged by everyone. Living in a happy, caring fifth-dimensional community enabled them to maintain a high frequency, so unicorns connected to them.

Take steps towards community: Be kind to someone today. Actively include someone.

Visualize community: Close your eyes and call your unicorn. Ask it to fill you with fifth-dimensional community light. Picture every dwelling in your area radiating pink and gold light. Every front door is wide open. People are talking to each other and laughing. Everyone is happily cooperating for the highest good of all. Notice how this feels.

Affirmation: “I bring people together.”

DIVINE POTENTIAL: Fulfil your destiny. Be all you can be.

This is a card of destiny. Before you build a house, an architect draws up a blueprint of the best possible building that can be constructed in the space and conditions available. In exactly the same way, your higher self, guides and over-lighting archangel draw up a blueprint of the greatest potential for your incarnation. This blueprint is held by your guardian angel and deposited in your Earth Star chakra. When you receive this card, you are advised to look carefully at your life. It suggests there are gifts, talents or aspects of yourself still to be explored or activated.

Are you doing the best you can? Are you living a little life when your divine plan is to live a big one? Do you have hidden depths to plumb? Are there areas of your life that you could develop? Do you have special qualities waiting to emerge?

It is time to explore your hopes, dreams and visions. What would you love to do in your life? What excites you? Your guidance is to expand your consciousness. The plan for your life may be bigger than you have realized. When a caterpillar feels the call, it builds a cocoon around itself and allows the divine energy within it to effect a transformation. In the same way a metamorphosis is taking place within you now. Ask your unicorn to touch you with its horn, for it is time to emerge and spread your etheric wings. Prepare to fly.

Expand your potential: Take a deep breath and close your eyes. Your unicorn is presenting you with a golden scroll. On it is your divine blueprint. What you still have to achieve is written in red! Your unicorn builds a cocoon around you. Rest in the darkness for three breaths. When you open your eyes, spread your wings.

Affirmation: “I AM all I can be.”

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