Beyond Lemuria Oracle 6/10/2022

RADICAL EXPANSION: Living and loving at full capacity, being unapologetically you, self-expression, boldness, having a voice, taking up space, expansion, empowerment, owning your true power, being visible in the world, having fun with your magnificence, letting go of judgement, creative exploration, radical ways of being.

What would it be like to live, love and feel at full capacity? Can you imagine what it would be like? This card is about being truly and unapologetically you. The gifts you think are to bold for this world and those heartfelt experiences you believe you should hold back on, might just light someone up! The physical self-expression that you dull down so you fit in and those dreams that seem too vast could be precisely what the world is waiting for.

Do you feel you have the right to take up space? Our auras can expand manifold, but we often choose to keep them tight to our bodies – maybe for safety? But what is this construct in which we have imprisoned ourselves? Where does this subtle (or not so subtle) shame come from? Why not dance our most beautiful dance, dress in a way that makes us feel magnificent and sing, so our voices are heard?

Considering the paradigm of our judgement in others can help us expand into authentic expression. We may not be aware of the thoughts that were imprinted in us from a young age, through our parents, teachers, society and the media. Separation and limitation begin with your belief around what is acceptable and what is not. connection and possibility come through owning your power and embracing your responsibility to be more visible in the world – to not shy away from life!

It is time for radical ways of being and thinking, and you can start by granting yourself the freedom and creativity to be you. Having a voice is essential for power to shift back to individuals and communities outside of prescribed normality. It is time to unleash your inner rainbow dragon and unapologetically claim your heart-based empowerment and radiantly unconventional gifts – and to have fun with it.

It is time for expansion. You can be as big as your energy wants to be. Stop and consider anything that is holding you back. This card is the permission slip that allows you to let go of limiting stories and take up all the space you need. Have fun unleashing who you are. As bold and radical as some of your ideas or offerings might be, who is to say they are not what the world is waiting for, what the world wants! Take note of any judgement of authentic expression, towards yourself or others. Be mindful that creatively exploring unrefined expression may be what is needed right now. Remember to center yourself in your heart and be the masterpiece your soul always wanted you to be.

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FULL SPECTRUM: Creating heaven on earth by honoring the perfection of nature’s cycles, going beyond the judgement of good and bad, the merging of duality, raw nature, earth wisdom, connecting to ancestors, shadows as the fertile soil for exponential growth, the way forward is in the whispering of the land, honoring the full spectrum of life.

What does heaven on earth look like to you? Do you imagine lush green pastures, ancient forests, pristine beaches, crystalline water systems and all the planet’s residents in full health, living in harmony with each other? And yet, nature in its purest rawest form is a balance of life and death, growth and decomposition, the eaters and the eaten – in one way or another, this is the natural flux of life.

We already live in Eden, but our efforts to own and segregate bring us further away from this paradigm. Power trips, the need for imagined security, fear or avoidance of the shadow, keeps us out of freedom. The need to preserve and hold on tightly, only stunts our growth and leaves us drowning in a sea of plastic. The real disease on Earth, the barrier to Eden, is in our minds. Life happens, but it is our judgements that prevent us from seeing the grander truth. When duality becomes one, we will find Shamballa before us. Perhaps we can find inspiration from nature and the animal kingdom.

Does the tiny frog spend its day anxious over its vulnerable future? What happens when we realize fertile compost greets us when we allow ourselves to transmute our pain? When we honor all that came before, our roots are nourished, and we grow with more vitality, vibrancy and life force. We can anchor more light for the collective, and in turn, seed new growth.

What happens when we realize the keys to our future are in the wisdom of the earth and the dreamings of the indigenous? That the answers are in the geometry of the macro and microcosm, the nurturing embrace of oneness, in Mama Nature’s arms? What happens when we find peace within the full spectrum of life?

Even the notion of separation, this disease, can be symbolized as no more than a blackened leaf on a healthy tree. The ebb and flow of our evolution and devolution is a temporary blip in the universe. The message is to be what we can, to ground heaven on earth, but not out of fear. We often try to avoid or run from ‘negative’ situations, but when fear steers our decisions and actions, far more devastation can result. When we choose to let our hearts lead us away from stories and outdated patterns, our challenges become the fertile compost that feeds our ascending tendrils as they reach to the heavens and ground us back on Earth.

Step out of the black-and-white mentality of judgement. Go beyond the concepts of good and bad. This card invites you to honor the full spectrum of life and find a new way of perceiving your situation. When we judge something, we create a story around it. These stories often create limitation. Subcon-sciously, we gather so many of these stories over a lifetime. To heal our disease and crystalize the new way, we need to create a space of no story where miraculous healing can happen. This space empowers us to be all we are and allows us to know our truth.

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EVOLUTION: Growth, overcoming challenges, gracefully riding out the waves of life, expanding out of a problem, flourishing in the face of change, thriving in new environments, being unperturbed.

What does personal evolution mean to you? Is it about growth, expansion, adaptation, success, or becoming a better version of yourself? Perhaps it speaks to an ability to move through difficulties? However good we are at surfing the waves of life, we all face surging tides of challenging ups and down at times. When we try to hide from our trials, they get even bigger or more overwhelming. We can dive into them or surf them for growth and transformation. We might also flow with the current of least resistance, allowing the waves to wash over us and inspire a deeper sense of compassion and strength. How we meet our challenges contributes to our growth and evolution.

We rarely know how many ‘fails’ went into someone’s success. Do your best, be aware that ‘success’ is rarely instant. It may take years of persistence. The idea that a project, quest or realization should come together quickly and perfectly can freeze creativity. Life is about the process. Success is about perseverance.

This is not to say we should keep pushing uphill if we are not feeling it. Obligation does not have the passion and determination to press through challenges. The notion that love will find a way is relevant as challenges are more likely to be surmounted when you have the spark of passion and enjoyment in your heart. So consider what drives your bigger-picture plans and what inspired you to take this path, to chase this dream. Success is linked to doing what you love. It takes time to get good at something. When you love what you are doing, your keep going, through the failures and disappointments, until you meet success.

There are challenges we have no power or control over. In those circumstances, our evolution is more of an internal process. How can we strive to see the silver lining? Find the gratitude, the learnings, and do what you feel you need to do to be real and honest with your feelings. Evolution or life-mastery is attempting every wave with courage, grace and poise. it is about meeting the challenges, learning to glide across the emotionally charged waters of life and bringing joy, humor and light-heartedness along as you weave your light in the world.

Look for ways that you can flourish in the face of challenge. Tap into your original passion and remember why you chose the path that brought you to where you are now. Break the problem down to its elements and be creative in how you tackle them. Consider how you can make it more fun and inspiring. Alternately, be present and ask how you can learn, grow and become stronger through what is happening to you.

Focus on the aspects of your situation that make it all worth it. Draw on the inner resources that can pull you through. You have the qualities you need to shine, so don’t lose sight of the bigger picture. You may be pushed to greater and deeper learnings, and it might be an uncomfortable process, but the strength, growth and wisdom that come from journeying through the eye of the storm and embodying this knowledge is something no teacher can show you.

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