Mother Mary Oracle 6/8/2022

OUR LADY OF SACRED SISTERHOOD: I manifest in spirit and in flesh. I am the love that falls from the stars, and the light of the sun that gives life. I am the warmth in the hug from your dearest friend. I am the scent of the rose, and the roar of the lioness. I am the tender care in the touch of your loved ones. I come to you now in physical form. I bring you the gifts of loving and being loved, of speaking and being heard.

Even with our human quirks and idiosyncrasies, we are divine beings. Even with our darkness and struggle, we are still divine beings of light. Although it is sometimes easier to imagine the Divine as being of the light, and somehow above or beyond this material world – with its paradoxes of joy and pain – we miss out on so much if we think that way.

The oracle of Our Lady of Sacred Sisterhood has come to you with a special gift. It is the gift of experiencing the divine blessings and miracles of the Holy Mother in your physical life. You were born to live heaven on earth. This doesn’t mean stepping away from the world, with its challenges. It means applying the light of your heart to those challenges in order to see the way through them; transforming something that was perhaps once fearful but is now drenched in love.

This oracle comes with particular guidance. There is someone in your life, or who is coming into your life, who will be helping you connect with the divine feminine. They will be helping you heal your relationship to your body, your emotions and other facets of your life, such as your financial life and issues around sexuality, eating and food.

Quite possibly this will be a woman, but it could also be a male with a strong connection to the divine feminine within (and this means he will be in touch with his values, feelings, creativity and compassionate wisdom). It might be a friendship, a love relationship or a formal healing relationship, such as with a therapist. It might be a colleague, neighbor or even a client, or random person, you meet who helps you see things in a different way. This might happen in a way that is not obvious – more a sense of change that happens within: a softening, a tender opening up of your heart more deeply than before, a trust and a willingness to let love in, even if the means running the risk of being vulnerable and experiencing hurt or loss.

You are encouraged to accept this relationship, with discernment of course, for however long feels constructive and helpful for your growth, even if the relationship challenges you in some ways for a time. You will know when to let it go. The oracle of Sacred Sisterhood asks you to open up and let the world in so that your healing can continue. You must bring your light into the world, and through relationship is how this can best happen now. Pray for help and trust that the Holy Mother is bringing you healing through sacred relationship now.

This oracle also brings special guidance if you have been praying for healing in a relationship that has caused you distress in any way. Our Lady comes to you with reassurance that she has heard, and answered, your prayer for healing. She asks you to be brave and to not pull away from the relationship in question, but to be completely present and open to it. In doing so, under her grace and protection through the healing process of this oracle, you will be able to honestly and clearly sense whether or not this relationship is one that will move you into your future, rather than being only a part of your past. Trust her and trust your own heart wisdom. Relationship healing is happening, and even if letting go is your inner truth, this oracle comes at a time when new healing relationships are indicated for you. There is much love in the world for you, and Our Lady helps you open to it and receive it now, and in your near future.

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OUR LADY OF THE DARK MYSTERIES: I have many names and faces, but behind those names and faces, I am your loving mother always. I come to you in light and darkness, through joy and even, my beloved, through loss and tragedy. I am always your loving mother. I am seeking you, reaching for you, calling you to me. If you can know this, then great peace and spiritual power will be yours, and you can assist me in enlightening this world from fear and distrust, into a place of compassion and divine radiance unveiled. Remember me always. I am your loving mother always.

It can be easier to sense the presence of the Divine Mother when she appears through her light face – in compassion, gentleness and charity. It can be more challenging to accept and honor her presence through her dark face. Her dark face may be manifesting through death or loss, through tragedy, trauma or crisis, through confusion, or even through meeting our own inner demons of great fear, attachment or hate. Her dark face is no less loving than her face of light, no less radiant, though one may have to look through the eye of the heart to see the vivid light that may seem veiled through circumstances.

If we are encountering the dark face of Mother Mary, sometimes known as the Black Madonna, we are being initiated into a very powerful and precious spiritual consciousness and we will be granted the ability to find love, healing and peace, even from the darkest of human experiences. It is the power of unconditional light that is granted by the Black Madonna, as paradoxical as that may seem. It is tremendous spiritual power that is not held back by an ego desire to only experience the pleasurable side of life, denying the value, or necessity also, of its pain.

If you are called to this path, at this particular time in your life, it is because it will serve you most. The Mother loves her children unconditionally and without exception. She will call you through pain when pleasure would not suffice. She calls through suffering when it will break open your heart into greater capacity for bliss and rapture. She acknowledges all that you give, all that you bear, in her name of love. All that you give will be returned to you, multiplied as grace and miracles. Do not turn away. The pain that you have been bearing is known by the Holy Mother, and she comes to you in this oracle to tell you that, not only are you acknowledged, but there is transformative healing that is happening through your pain. She is in it with you, whilst also being on the other side of this darkness with a bright light, calling you to greater divine bliss than you imagined you could ever feel.

We need Our Lady of the Dark Mysteries so desperately, and she knows it. That is why she will not let us go and call us to her, in increasing crisis and struggle, until we pay attention. For those of us who have hearts strong enough to bear honest experiences of painful, but liberating, emotions – such as sadness and grief, anger and rage (including divine outrage) – and allow these feelings to stretch our hearts, her spiritual power comes to us. Her healing balm can pour through us into the world.

She will hold the container for you to feel, and release, emotions – even though they can be so painful that you may feel as though they are going to tear you into pieces as you feel them. This is the pain of the world that you are helping to release. She has been burned and burns, you see. She suffers just as we do. She is not separate from us. She is us. She is every animal that suffers cruelty, every human that suffers abuse, every tree that is destroyed, every ocean animal that dies through pollution, every heart that breaks when witnessing ignorance and carelessness. You are, perhaps, never closer to her, or more in her fierce, merciful, raw and miraculous grace, than in that moment when you are howling in agony with her.

This takes great courage, but Our Lady of the Dark Mysteries bestows that courage in the hearts of all her beloved children. She comes to us when we need to release our suffering. She comes to reassure us that we will move through this time of struggle, and she is with us always. She teaches us that our suffering is not to be held up as a badge of honor, or that we are martyrs to her cause – she has too much grace of protection for that to be. She teaches us, instead, that our ability to be present to our suffering, allowing it to flow through us in waves, is what empowers us to be moved by life, and completely open to her. She then shares her great gift that through our ability to be fearlessly open to life, we are not only asked to bear suffering, but are blessed with a capacity for divine rapture. We can then taste the ecstatic intensity of life.

Our Lady of the Dark Mysteries comes to you with guidance to be honest with your suffering and know that you are not alone in it, and through this, she invites you to open to her ecstatic bliss, to the divine presence in the everyday. This oracle confirms her presence is reaching out to you through any challenges that you are experiencing, or have experienced, but need to make peace with (instead of holding guilt or shame about those challenges). Now is your time, pray to her to help you trust in her wisdom and receive her blessings with a courageous heart, and your life will be transformed through her grace. There is nothing that she cannot do for you who are devoted to her.

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OUR LADY OF DIVINE DIRECTION: I am guiding you, my child, and I ask you to trust me. Recently you had, or soon you will have, a sudden change in direction in a matter that perhaps surprises you. Do not resist this. Allow my hand to guide the course of your life direction. I have foreseen a pitfall that you can easily avoid, whilst still reaching your destination. Pray to me and trust, and together we shall journey on towards the goal.

There are times when the quickest way to a destination is not the most obvious or direct route. When you have the wise eyes of the Mother watching over your journey, she will nudge you to take an alternative route if there is a big hole in the middle of the road up ahead – even though you can’t see it as yet. Perhaps you have had an experience of driving home when you felt that your usual route wasn’t such a good idea. You either trusted your gut and went a different way, only to find out later there was a big accident and backed up traffic on your traditional route. Or you ignored your intuition, only to end up at that big accident, and stuck in the backed up traffic!

This mundane example can apply in larger circumstances. Perhaps you are trying for entry into a particular course, or applying for particular jobs, only to find that again and again you are knocked back. Now, yes, if this is truly in your heart, then you must continue. Perhaps the knock backs are helping you build trust and self-belief, which you will need to be able to do the job that you are seeking, without losing your inner connection and spirituality. This might be so, especially if the company you are eventually going to work for has some dark or negative tendencies in its corporate culture. Perhaps as part of your undercover spiritual work in taking on an administrative role there, for example, is to help balance the spiritual light in the organization. You would need a strong inner light to be able to do that, and not become depressed and disconnected in that toxic culture. Circumstances in your life might be building your inner light so that you are ready for your future work. This happens more often that we might expect.

However, if something is not truly in your heart, but is more in your mind, out of habit or not seeing any other way, then you may well find closed doors. If you were to glimpse behind those doors, you would notice Mother Mary on the other side, shutting them firmly in your face, after whispering to you to go down the hall and try a different door!

Our Lady of Divine Direction arises when you are pursuing a path and there is going to be a nudge in a different direction. This is either coming soon or has just happened. This oracle says to trust in that, and the reason for it will become apparent later on. It might be to build yourself spiritually, or it could simply be a timing issue. It might, however, indicate that a slightly (or very) different path is actually going to help you get to where you need to go. It could be that a change in direction is timely now and will probably be quite obvious in nature.

You might need a lot of trust, because your change in direction may not materialize straight away. If you have ever seen a large boat change course (and you are a large soul, beloved, hence the analogy) then you will know that it seems to slow almost to a standstill as it manoeuvres into its new direction. Once it is one course again, eventually it picks up power and it’s full steam ahead. It will be the same for you. No matter what the details of your particular situation may be, there is a need for trust. This helps the flow of healing change so it is much easier for us to sense what we need to do, or perhaps even not to do, to allow the new way to manifest itself.

If you have been praying for a change but it has yet to show itself, this oracle comes with this message for you: the Holy Mother has heard your prayer and is responding. Circumstances are being set up in your life so that you can receive the new direction in the best possible way. Sometimes that will happen unexpectedly. Sometimes we need great patience whilst we wait. Sometimes we will need great courage to act.

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