Magic of Unicorns Oracle 6/7/2022

ONENESS: Look for the common humanity. Invoke Lemurian light.

This card is a reminder that we are all part of the divine. In essence we are one huge entity. Source is an ocean of love and we are all droplets of it. Each droplet, even when it is on a journey of individual experiences, remains part of the ocean and seeks ways to return to it.

When this card appears, your unicorn guidance is to look for the common humanity in everyone. Our breath is our connection to Source and all humans and animals breathe. Our hearts all beat. We are all born vulnerable. We all look for love and happiness. Whether rich or poor, boss or worker, healthy or sick, we are all Source energy seeking to learn. Whatever religion, race or culture we are experiencing, we are all droplets on our way back to the ocean of love. Hold this in your heart and be compassionate to all. Seek the divine thread that connects us all.

Reach out to someone today. A smile, a word, any form of connection with a stranger strengthens the bonds. When you have linked with unicorns and they are working through you, the energy of love is even stronger. This accelerates your own journey back to Source.

Lemurians were a high-frequency force that spread love, light and healing wherever it was needed. They worked closely with unicorns and absolutely understood Oneness. Ask Lemurian and unicorn energy to touch your heart with Oneness and see humans worldwide holding hands.

Experience Oneness: Sit or stand in a public place. Ask your unicorn to touch your heart. Feel this special love in your heart. Send a ray of it out to a stranger. Mentally say, “We are One.” See everyone connected in a cosmic web of love.

Affirmation: “I am One with everyone.”

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SHOWER OF BLESSINGS: Open yourself to receive. Pay it forward.

This is a card of receiving then giving. Your unicorn is waiting to pour its divine love and light over you. That light helps you to fulfil your destiny and brings wondrous things into your life. So, your guidance is to ask for a unicorn blessing, then open yourself up to receive. When you do so, magic can happen. Remember to thank your unicorn for what you are about to receive, as this brings the new forward in a divinely perfect way.

Blessings flow in a never-ending stream if you allow them to, so pass on to others any that you receive. To ‘pay it forward’ in this way, expand your heart chakra and allow the love and light from your unicorn to stream through you. Send this unicorn blessing on to someone and picture them receiving whatever they most desire. It may be perfect health, abundance, happiness or something material. You can forward blessings to someone who is close to you or to a stranger.

Offer unicorn blessings to a situation in your life or the world and visualize it resolving for the highest good. This will raise the frequency of what is happening in the world and allow divine alchemy to occur.

Receive and send unicorn blessings: Breathe into your heart and sense it opening. Invoke your unicorn. Ask it to grace you with a cascade of blessings. Open your arms to receive them. Sense a shower of diamond light being poured over you. Feel the energy flowing through your heart into your hands. Direct a unicorn blessing to a person or situation. Visualize them receiving what is needed for the highest good.

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MAGICAL CRYSTAL CAVE: Switch on your inner light. Bring forward your gifts.

The magical crystal cave is where the sacred mysteries of the unicorns are found. This wondrous place is halfway up the spiritual mountain and this card is an invitation to visit it.

At the entrance, a huge amethyst cleanses and purifies your aura before you enter. The cave opens out into a wonderland of shimmering rose quartz. Unicorn love has ignited each crystal from within, so the cavern is illuminated by a trillion lights.

Some of the unicorn treasures concealed within the magical crystal cave are sacred geometric symbols that can awaken your hidden gifts and talents. Receiving this card suggests that you are ready to accept and develop more of who you are. Your unicorn sees through your personality into your multi-talented soul. So ask it to activate the keys and codes of your higher potential to switch on more of your beautiful inner light. Then expand your aura until it radiates 100 meters around you. This allows your true radiance to be seen. It is time to stand up and be counted as a light in the universe.

Enter the magical crystal cave: Close your eyes and relax. Your unicorn is with you at the entrance of a sacred cave. Touch the amethyst crystal there and know it is purifying you. Enter the cavern lit with a trillion crystal lights. They enhance the impact of the quartz and rose quartz. Sacred symbols fill the air. They are keys that unlock the codes of your expanded soul. Your inner light radiates into the heavens. Relax in the cavern for as long as you can. Then your unicorn returns you to where you started from. Thank it.

Affirmation: “My inner light shines.”

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