Lightworker Oracle 6/2/2022

SIXTH RAY OF DEVOTION: The Sixth Ray of Devotion bestows the qualities of persistence, unwavering focus and intensity of feeling. It is a gift of the strength to move mountains with your will for what you love. When the Sixth Ray of Devotion appears, you are being given guidance that even if you do not seem to have much worldly power right now, the power of your beliefs can conquer obstacles. The Archangel Uriel helps you receive the blessing of the Sixth Ray, now.

You are receiving a blessing of the Sixth Ray of Devotion. It is serving your soul growth and will help you develop faith in your principles and trust in the power of your beliefs. You will be able to recognize and appreciate the extraordinary strength within you and realize that you have enough willpower to keep working towards your dream, overcoming any obstacle, until you are divinely successful.

The Sixth Ray reminds you of the power of love – which can conquer anything and everything! Love is an empowering, motivating force far stronger than fear. Love is the foundation of authentic spiritual devotion. Devotion to the Divine empowers us to bear burdens, overcome obstacles and manifest all manner of beautiful visions in a world that may at first assure us that our dream is not possible. The Sixth Ray blesses you with spiritual stubbornness and sacred rebellion against any odds.

The challenge of the Sixth Ray is to not become so anchored in your beliefs that you become fanatical, judging others because their beliefs are different. You can be unwavering in your adherence to your belief system and yet honor the fact that there are as many paths to divine union as there are people – that the ways the Universe calls you home to love are unlimited.

If you do not honor this, you may try to pull people from their own path, which can create unnecessary struggle for them and unnecessary karma for you. The best way to honor the blessing and minimize the challenge of this ray is to share your truth with an open heart and an open mind. Share without agenda.

For those who work with this energy, the power of mind and emotions will come into focus. You may need to channel your emotional and mental power into worthy projects or practice balancing your intensity with lightness of heart and playfulness so you don’t become harsh or despairing if things appear not to be working out the way you believe they should. Then your faith can remind you love always finds a way.

When Archangel Uriel connects with you, a tremendous power – the power of earth – is brought to your aid. Uriel brings healing energy and an ability to cause real effect in the physical world with your mental and emotional power. Remember, you are here to shine your light. Others can choose to use your light to see by until they are ready to discover their own inner light – or not. It is not anything you need to worry about. Simply live your truth, trust in your heartfelt beliefs and devote yourself to love.

Finally, as the Sixth Ray has a special connection to religion and love, you are asked to hold the healing power of love in your heart for all those who are evolving through a life experience involving religious practice. This can help counterbalance the judgement and fear that exists in the hearts of many towards religions that are not their own or that have been the vehicle through which abuse of has taken place. Religion, on this planet at this time, needs love, support and encouragement to evolve, heal and grow in whatever way ultimately serves divine love.

Invocation: I now accept, of my own free will, the blessing and grace of the Sixth Ray of Devotion and its blessings of will, strength, purpose and the miraculous power of loving belief. I invite the genuine, unconditionally loving masters and angels, including Uriel, Christ, Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary, to assist me and all beings on this earth in integrating the blessings of the Sixth Ray of Devotion. I choose to keep my mind open and my heart soft, my will powerful and my actions true. May kindness prevail and passionate idealism be tempered by mercy, for the greatest good. So be it.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

FOURTH RAY OF HARMONY: The Fourth Ray of Harmony comes to you now with the qualities of beauty, harmony and balance. It empowers you to complete a spiritual initiation. Any conflict you experience now serves your divine purpose. It will eventually become the fuel you need to be born anew. Something negative will be transformed into something positive. The Archangel Gabriel helps you to receive the blessing of the Fourth Ray of Harmony.

When the Fourth Ray of Harmony is active in your life, you are approaching spiritual initiation, which creates a whole new person, a new you. initiation may begin with feeling torn between two choices or realities. You may discover your strength to be patient with the process, rather than trying to force an outcome prematurely, eventually you will outgrow the conflict altogether, emerging as a wiser, more powerful you. You will have gained a positive outcome from what was once considered to be a negative situation.

When the Fourth Ray of Harmony becomes stronger in your soul, avoid becoming scattered, out of balance, or swinging from one extreme to the other in thoughts, actions and emotions. You will need to keep grounding yourself and being moderate, rather than ‘all or nothing’ in your life choices. This will create your successful outcome more swiftly that trying to force something to happen immediately.

The challenge and the gift with the Fourth Ray of Harmony is the increased sensitivity to beauty it engenders. Music takes on a whole new emotional depth. The beauty (or chaos) in your environment, and even the colors you wear, has more impact on you than usual. You can use this increased sensitivity to your advantage by choosing art, music, color and so on that feel good for you.

The mainstream is still operating in a fear-based energy. With increased sensitivity, you can at times be more affected by this. If you are experiencing increased negativity, depression, doubt, fear or emotional instability, this is likely why. You can overcome this without shutting down. When you sense this is happening, respond with a loving discipline. You might meditate, journal, dance, create art, listen to music, exercise, have a bath, or spend more time in nature to bring yourself back to balance. This ray has a special connection to the arts and guides you to create. You are encouraged to trust your own creativity, to enjoy it and use it to help heal yourself and perhaps others, too.

When Archangel Gabriel enters your life, there will be an emphasis on the use of sound for healing and balance, so the words you use (affirmations, for example) will be more powerful. So will music. You may use sound to help balance and restore your energy. You’ll know when it has worked because you will feel happier and find life simpler. You may not immediately solve an issue, but start doing what you need to take care of yourself, knowing resolution is on its way.

Invocation: I now accept, of my own free will, the blessing and grace of the Fourth Ray of Harmony. I call upon the grace and assistance of the Universe and Archangel Gabriel to help me find balance, wisdom and creative approaches in all areas of my life. I ask for unconditionally loving assistance to outgrow problems in my life. I ask for divine mercy, compassion and tenderness to help me grow into all that I am divinely destined to be. May the art and beauty within me find authentic expression in the world. May I be held from within and grounded in my center as I approach the portal of initiation. May the unconditionally loving masters and angels that serve on this divine ray of light bring it to the hearts of all beings for the greatest good. Through divine mercy, will and grace, so be it.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

FIRST RAY OF POWER: The First Ray of Power is energy of conscious destruction. It can be used in a healthy way to eliminate the past and allow for a fresh start. The First Ray also carries the frequency of leadership. It can assist you to stand in the truth of your light so others can find their way by it. It helps to strengthen your willpower so you can accomplish any task you choose. The Ascended Master El Morya brings you his particular blessing and encourages you to believe in your own strength and take the initiative on what matters most to you.

If you are confused about which path to take or whether to continue in a certain relationship, course of action or lifestyle choice, the First Ray of Power will clarify matters for you. When it moves through our lives, whatever is holding us back will be removed – whether through circumstances seemingly beyond our own control or by our own actions, based on a sudden inner knowing.

When the First Ray of Power is indicated, a long-term plan that was once important to you may suddenly seem as though it needs to change or even to be released altogether. Or you may suddenly get the motivation to go for something you have been dreaming of for a long time. Once this ray affects your life, your understanding of what is helpful and what is not can change overnight. The changes will feel very true, freeing and helpful. Those people, dreams and opportunities that remain in your life afterwards have survived the ‘onslaught’ of divine will. This means that the Universe is confirming that they are meant to be part of your journey at this time.

The First Ray of Power also relates to matters of leadership and politics. Be open as to how your spiritual journey might be helpful in the world of politics, whether that be through aligning yourself with a cause that resonates deeply in your heart or through bringing a more open and discerning viewpoint into the often-deceptive world of politics. Speaking your truth will be very helpful at this time, not only for you, but also for those around you who are willing to hear your voice and make their own choices from a clearer place within. Don’t be afraid to be heard.

If your life purpose involves either driving a meaningful political cause forward or assuming a position of leadership in some other way, you’ll feel the truth of this and be given encouragement from the Ascended Master El Morya to trust yourself as a leader with heart and awareness.

Finally, when this ray makes its way into your life, it is time to accept the loving gauntlet being thrown down by the Universe and take your hands off the controls of your life! Detach and be curious. The Universe will show you exactly what you need and remove what you do not. If something or someone is no longer a part of your life, it will be so that a more beautiful, truthful and satisfying version of what you are surrendering can come into your world. Remember, the Universe loves you and wants only the best and more beautiful life experience for you. Trust it enough to let that happen now.

Invocation: I now accept, of my own free will, the blessing and grace of the First Ray of Power in my life. Through unconditional love and divine mercy, I surrender my life into the loving hands of the Universe to align me with higher will and the most beautiful expression of my life journey. I call upon the loving assistance of the genuine Ascended Master El Morya in all aspects of this process and ask that the First Ray of Power be expressed in ways that serve the greatest good on this planet, that all beings may walk their true divine path. Through divine grace, so be it.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

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