Angels of Abundance Oracle 5/29/2022

RELEASE JEALOUSY: Jealousy is an affirmation that you don’t have something, and the universe manifests exactly as you affirm. Let other people’s successes inspire rather that frustrate you. If they can have it, so can you!

The Angels of Abundance are reminding you that jealousy is not a necessary or helpful part of your spiritual journey. When we express jealousy, what we’re actually expressing is the fear of lack. We may fear that there is a lack of funds, customers, opportunities, or even love. Then, when we see someone else’s abundance, we may feel that they are blocking us from receiving ours.

The Angels of Abundance want to reassure you that this is a false fear. God’s love and abundance are infinite, and therefore there is no lack anywhere. There is more than enough for each of us to receive what we need for our life purpose. You would not have been brought here to Earth if there were not enough tools available for you to succeed in your mission. Please release thoughts and feelings of jealousy and realize that God has a plan for you and that you need only ask for the things you need.

The angel teach us that jealousy slams the door on manifestation. Beneath this emotion is the underlying negative affirmation: Why do you have that, and I don’t? And so you manifest exactly as you affirm and you don’t have it. Instead of being envious of someone else’s success, let them inspire you. If they can have it, so can you. So can we all!

In addition, this card can mean that someone else is jealous of you, and their envy is negatively affecting you. If you suspect this is the case, immediately pray: “Dear God, Jesus, and Archangel Michael, thank you for clearing the energy and protecting me from jealousy or other negativity. Please help me forgive those who have attacked me in any way.”

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BLOCK OUT DISTRACTIONS: Your life purpose and other priorities need your undivided attention, so it’s time for you to take charge of your schedule and working environment by turning off electronics and avoiding anyone or anything that distracts you from what’s important. You already know what these distractions are, and you have the power to responsibly block them out.

This card comes as a sign to you of being distracted, which is preventing you from completing actions necessary for your abundance flow. The distraction that immediately comes to mind is the first one your angels are guiding you to block out.

When your attention is fragmented, you have difficulty focusing on and putting time into, your priorities. The angels are asking you to examine these distractions to see which ones can be eliminated. They will help you let go of anything pulling you off your path, such as cravings for addictive substances, drama-filled relationships, worries, or activities that hold little meaning for you.

Most distractions represent a diversion so that you don’t have to face fears of failure or fears of success. Now it’s time to put consistent daily effort into your priorities so that you can relieve these fears as you make steady progress toward your goals.

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RELEASE RESENTMENTS ABOUT MONEY: Yes, the money system of the world can seem upsetting, but holding resentments about finances just pushes your abundance away. Instead, see money as a tool you can use to better the world, and this shift will help attract support and golden opportunities.

The angels sent you this card to help you face and release resentments about money or the economy. They realize that economics can seem to be a rigged and corrupt system, and having to work for money can feel upsetting. Yet, you only hurt yourself when you harbor ill will about money or those in financial power.

Resentment is a negative affirmation that blocks your manifestations and abundance flow, because it sends out the energetic signal that you don’t have enough and that others are to blame. Take back your power by affirming that you are your own economic system.

Align your beliefs about money in a more positive direction by thinking about all the good you can do as you allow yourself to receive abundance. For example, you can donate to charity, open a healing or educational center, rescue animals, invest in earth-friendly inventions, start your own good-news newspaper, and so forth.

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