Sacred Mothers & Goddesses 5/22/2022

YEMAYA: Surrender and Soothe: Goddess Yemaya is the mother of the Orixas, a group of deities originating in Africa. Her name means ‘the one who protects her children’. She is a comforting and inspirational goddess who soothes the suffering of all, especially women and children in crisis. She is also worshiped in parts of Cuba and Brazil, where the beliefs of African slaves intertwined with Catholicism in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. In some cases, like that of the Umbanda religion, the original African spirituality also blended with indigenous religions and spiritism. Yemaya is also known as Mama Watta, mother of the waters, the goddess of the living ocean, the source of all waters and the seven seas.

Her story is tragic, as her son turned against her in violence and raped her. She cried so much, her tears caused a great flood on Earth, creating the oceans from which the first man and woman were born. Her is story is about insuperable challenges, utter despair, and sadness leading to the creation of something new.

Like water, she represents soothing ease and constant change, bringing forth life, protecting it, and changing it as is necessary. She is motherly and fiercely protective of all her children, comforting them and cleansing them of their sorrows. She can be fierce, but she is not fond of violence or aggression.

Yemaya’s Message: Surrender into the fluid and ever-changing ways of life. Be comforted. Be encouraged. Float on my waters and I will take you there. Trust that help will be there when the waves get rough. You will be taken to still waters.

Embrace your own magickal way of being in the world – no matter what you look like, your religion, gender, or age – embrace your inner mermaid and never give your power away. There is a reason for everything you are going through. Sink into soothing waters and trust that all is well. Open your heart and be ready for all you desire to flow your way.

Call on Yemaya: when you need comforting; for blessings of fertility and creation, including new projects, to bring ease from anxiety, sorrow and fear.

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PACHAMAMA: Mother Nature and Grounding: Pachamama, Mother Earth Goddess of the Andes, embodies nourishment and abundance and encompasses all creation. She is associated with rituals for fertility, protection, and healthy crops. Her name comes from the Quechua words pacha, meaning “world,” and mama, meaning “mother.”

She is the supreme giver of life, expressing the unconditional love of the universe past, present, and future. She teaches that each one of us is divine and eternally connected. When we live in service to love, we are vessels of love and spirit. She manifests her gifts in abundance, planting and harvesting, generosity, and femininity. She is the ancestral mother of all life, the ultimate nurturer. It is she whom we walk on daily. We breathe in her breath and drink her waters. She nurtures abundantly, providing for body, mind, and soul.

Pachamama’s Message: You may be feeling distracted and unable to focus. Ground yourself. Connect to Mother Earth, the power that energizes you. Balance your energy to travel even further into the higher realms of consciousness while staying connected to Earth, your home at this time. It is possible to have real communication with the Earth through grounding. Embrace the outdoors in way that are joyful and easy to incorporate into your daily life. You are offered beauty, nourishment, respite, and enjoyment.

Call on Pachamama: to help you ground and reconnect to her essence when feeling impatient, clumsy, dispersed, insecure, or unstable; to be your emotional container when working to heal trauma, especially when you have escaped your body to avoid the pain of abuse; anytime you encounter blockage, anxiety, or lack of concentration when trying to tune into higher realms of consciousness.

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ISIS: Sacred Unions and Relationships: Isis is the Egyptian goddess of magick and life and is one of the most powerful goddesses of the ancient world. A caring goddess, she spent time amongst her people teaching the skills of reading and psychic abilities. Relationships are sacred to her, and she is revered as the great partner, lover, and soulmate, who taught women and men how to relate to each other and live in harmony.

Isis held a central role in Egyptian magick and ritual, especially those of protection and healing. Able to heal the sick and revive the dead, she reigns over Heaven and the Underworld. Along with the god Thoth, she taught humankind the secrets of medicine.

She is the mother of all mothers and adopted all her children, including Horus, son of the goddess Hathor. When Horus was wounded, she healed him with the power of her milk, which became a standard feature of her healing spells. As the Great Mother, she is depicted with Horus on her lap. As a role model for mothers, she is known for her unconditional and nurturing love.

Isis’ Message: Relationships and partnerships are important, so take time to nurture them and those you care about. Make time in your life for friends and family. Practice active listening and sharing. It is important to give clear messages about how you feel to ensure your needs are met. Do so in ways that are constructive and effective. Sort out the issues in your heart to be clear about the message you want to share.

You have the magickal power to heal yourself and others. Strengthening your relationships will help you expand into who you are meant to be. Learn the sacred dance of living deeply and loving fully. Learn to meet your own needs rather than relying on your loved ones to do so. This frees everyone for a healthier, more nurturing love.

Call on Isis: to help foster good feelings and heal negative patterns carried through from childhood and previous relationships; for help in healing relationships with others; when you have suffered heartbreak that is difficult to get over; to invoke her support and blessing in ritual and magick.

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