Lightworker Oracle 5/11/2022

PAST LIFE ACTIVATION: You have talents within you that have been developed through many varied life experiences. You have had many lifetimes already, even if you don’t recall them consciously, helping you evolve and grow into the loving being that you are today. Your desire to grow in consciousness and spiritual power, to assist the divine plan unfolding throughout the Universe, is heard and supported by the spiritual worlds in all ways. To this end, past life material is being activated, now, for your benefit and the greater good.

Your soul has a history of lifetimes through which it has learned to be wise and developed certain talents. You have learned lessons and acquired skills and abilities. Sometimes these were mastered through very challenging circumstances. You might feel you are obtaining mastery in certain areas again in this lifetime, again through challenging circumstances. The soul can certainly develop through joy, love, and happiness, but often it is through an experience of conquering a challenge that the real gems are won for the crown of the soul.

The oracle of Past Life Activation comes to you when a power you developed in a past life that would be useful for you to access in your current lifetime. Perhaps this talent or ability will become the seed of a spiritual vacation for you, a skill that expands your career, or brings you personal joy. The ability that surfaces from the depths of your soul will be whatever is of greatest benefit to you now.

Sometimes whilst a treasure is emerging from the depths of your being into consciousness, it will be coated in the pain of the past. You might notice the outer coating first, the pain of abandonment, rejection, ridicule or shaming that perhaps resulted in the suppression or denial of that soul gift in your past life. This may be the reason you have not incarnated with it fully awakened and at your immediate disposal. You have to allow it to rise up to you, and you need to dig a little, to crack open the coating of a wound and free the treasure that temporarily became trapped in that pain. When you release the pain, you free the treasure once locked within it.

Perhaps your gift was challenging to a community in a past life, whereas now it would be more readily accepted because that community has matured spiritually over time. Or perhaps you have matured and now will value your gift and be open to divine guidance to show you how to use it for the greater good this lifetime.

The gift you are receiving is worthwhile. As you cleanse the memories, beliefs, or programs that once caused you to subconsciously protect yourself by hiding your talent, you will grow strong enough to process the pain and stand in the truth of your reclaimed gifts.

If you have been considering a new line of work, feeling you’d like to explore or express different talents, or have the urge to develop an interest and transform it into a vocation, you are very likely already feeling the stirrings of that past life activation now taking place for you. Trust the changes you feel. A part of your divine inheritance is being restored to you.

Invocation: Through divine grace, protection, mercy and empowerment, I call for the activation of all past life gifts and abilities that will serve my greatest and most joyful, inspirational and soul satisfying success this lifetime. I ask for healing assistance from the higher beings that love me unconditionally so I can swiftly release any unhelpful conditioning or resistance to the expression of these talents. I ask for inspiration and guidance to bring them to life in the world in the best possible way this lifetime. May all beings receive their full divine inheritance with mercy and grace. Through my own free will, so be it.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

UNPLUG FROM MASS CONSCIOUSNESS: There is a belief system based on fear, doubt and distrust the is known as ‘mass consciousness’. It says it is safer to stay with the crowd, not to question what you have been taught. It says you cannot trust the Divine to take care of your financial wellbeing or your emotional needs. it says you should be afraid and not take risks. It says that if you dare to stand up and live your truth, you’ll be lost and alone, humiliated, rejected or even destroyed. you are being guided to unplug from that system of beliefs. You are capable of a more creative, loving and soul-satisfying way of living. To access this, let go of the way that is too small for your soul.

You are brave and aware enough to think outside the square, beyond what society or your peers may consider ‘normal’. You are supposed to be questioning things right now. You are in a transition from one way of thinking to another, opening up to a new world which you can trust enough to live in with peace and happiness because of the upgraded new beliefs you are cultivating. No matter how others may resist or criticize your choices (perhaps your new ideas take you away from the world they feel comfortable in), your higher guidance encourages you to keep opening your mind to a more loving, higher reality.

If you have been thinking along new lines and wonder if you are going crazy, your guidance tells you you are going a great job. You are not crazy! Trust yourself. You are thinking in ways that do not belong to mass consciousness. It can seem scary at first, but once you realize the benefits gained from unplugging, your will enjoy the process much more. It will free you and empower you to live a life of your own choosing. Opportunities and connections can open up to you in ways that defy your old beliefs.

Sometimes breaking from the accepted norm, doing things differently or being considered weird to family, colleagues and friends is a sign that you are breaking away from the consciousness of the masses, which is not compatible with your own higher frequency consciousness.

You were born to bring a new vibration of awareness to this planet. You will find those who can benefit and even love you for this difference, and those who are challenged or fearful of you for it. Either way, you can love and approve of yourself, nourish relationships that support you and have compassionate detachment from those that do not, without compromising who you are in truth.

So keep unplugging yourself, one layer, thought, word and deed at a time, from that which the mass consciousness would have you buy into – more stuff, more fear, more competition, more doubt and more suffering. You can challenge any thought you don’t want to have. Free yourself. You have the power to change your world and the world we live in as a result, one liberating thought at a time.

Invocation: Of my own free will, I now ask for spiritual intervention and divine protection through the guidance that loves me unconditionally. I now request the thorough and complete removal of any entity, thought-form, belief system, cord, attachment or conditioning from my body, mind and soul that does not resonate with the pure frequency of unconditional love. I ask for this process to happen with divine mercy, wisdom and blessing. I call upon my own inner power and strength to listen for my truths and stand in the light of those truths at the perfect time and in the perfect way, with the loving and empowering assistance of my spiritual team. Through divine grace and my own inner spiritual authority, so be it. May all beings be blessed by divine love. May all beings be happy and free.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

HOLD YOUR CENTER: Have you been rushing out to meet others, trying to bend or accommodate their needs at the expense of your own wellbeing and inner peace? Now you are to strengthen your own energy, your own boundaries, to find your ground, firmly place your feet there and do not move. Feel your feet anchoring you like a beautiful tree. Let yourself experience quiet certainty, as you hold your center with commitment, courage and consciousness.

You are learning to trust in your own instincts, to take your own journey without comparison to the life path of another. There is no need to become disheartened or distracted by comparisons or judgements. The earth needs your light, which can only come from you. You will offer so much less if you try to make it match your beauty to what you perceive to be the beauty of another.

Many souls who are different and unique were not understood, acknowledged and valued for whom they were as children. Instead, they were encouraged to conform, to change, to be other than their true self in order to be loved. This can be a hard pattern to break. Yet the time is here for you to love and honor yourself as yourself. You are beautiful. You do not need to change for another. You certainly do not need to change for the Divine. You are being encouraged, instead, to distil your essence, to become even more of you. Hold your center, now, and do not be rattled by any other, through intimidation, confrontation, doubt, jealousy or fear. To ‘hold your center’ means you accept your innate value and worth, your right to exist and thrive and accept the love that created you as you in order to fulfil your divine destiny.

This oracle brings you confirmation. You are on the right path. You do not need to collapse into fear or doubt to ease old guilt or make others more comfortable. It is not selfish or ‘hard’ of you to be strong. You can hold yourself in high esteem and be gentle and loving to others, whilst absolutely refusing to accept any behavior, belief or attitude of another that would tear you down or cast you into doubt or self-hatred.

As part of your spiritual training, your soul learned to be open, to receive guidance and channel healing. This is what you needed to be able to do to function as a healer, channel and lightworker. You had to be sensitive, receptive and open. Now is the time to balance that with resilience, strength and even some divine stubbornness! Refusing to give up on who you are, whilst remaining open to guidance, is the balance of loving wisdom necessary to grow yourself as a divinely unique individual in a world that often fears true individuality – simply because it cannot be easily controlled. Holding your center doesn’t mean that you no longer surrender. Instead, you consciously choose to surrender into divine love and grow more empowered.

You are here to shine a light, to be the lighthouse for others. The lighthouse doesn’t ask for permission to shine. It stands tall, shines faithfully, and those who need it are guided by its light to safety. Do not lose faith in yourself, beloved soul. You know who you are. Be strong. Honor your inner beauty and your personal boundaries. You need to feel safe in your ability to say no as much as you need to know that you will say yes when your heart guides you to do so. Be true to you.

Invocation: I am empowered by divine love to hold my center, to be in my truth, to stay strong, to be in my integrity and to act with courage. The only energy I invite and allow to remain in my field is that which supports me unconditionally and with genuine love. I love my boundaries. They are the way that I lovingly choose which energy I invite into my life, and which energy I choose to pass right by me. I do not judge, but I do choose wisely. I love myself and my life path, now. I hold myself with powerful and caring commitment. May all beings know their true inner strength. Through my own free will and unconditional love, so be it.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

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“I work for the Divine as a transformational writer. I take dictation from Spirit, providing information and knowledge for those who seek it. I enjoy this service immensely! It provides a sense of purpose to all that I have experienced in my life as well as beyond that within past lives. It is sacred, holy work and I am appreciative of all the wisdom that comes through from Spirit for the benefit of all beings.” Blessings to each of you!

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