Earth Warrior Oracle 5/10/2022

KUNTUR YACHAK: Blessings from the Sun of Hana Pacha: Condor swiftly brings the will of Great Spirit to earth, through the gift of powerful medicine. Despite great odds, even in the face of what may appear to be an inevitable defeat, extraordinary triumph is at hand. This is the prophecy of resurrection, of the rising up of what was thought to be lost. It shall happen with unexpected and surprising swiftness. Your divine destiny is now held in the guiding hand of a great spiritual master.

Condors are born with their eyes open but do not have vocal chords to speak. You have always seen clearly – trust in this, even if you struggle to find the words to express all that you see. Condors reveal emotion through changes in their skin color. This is a reminder to trust what your body it telling you. You bodily intuition is a form of wisdom. You have a spiritual connection to the cosmic Christ Consciousness, the universal Sacred Heart seeking to awaken itself in humanity. Your divine life purpose involves assuming a role of leader, guide, healer and Earth Warrior for love on this planet, in your own unique way. An inviolable spiritual protection surrounds you.

Condor is the medicine of the shaman or yachack, the Andean healer, or ‘one who knows’. In the Andean shamanic worldview, Condor rules the superior spiritual world, the first plane of spiritual beings, known as Hana Pacha. The sun of Hana Pacha is the shamanic Christ. In human form, this being is known as Yeshua or Jesus. In the language of spirit medicine, it is Condor.

The oracle of Kuntur Yachak brings a message straight from the universal Christ Consciousness, beating as the living sacred heart of Great Spirit. It is an offer of absolute protection that is strong enough to sustain your purity, integrity and effectiveness as you navigate the challenges inherent in the earthly world of Puma, known as Kay Pacha, and much needed protection over the unconscious world of Snake, known as Uhku Pacha. This protection ensures that your passionate purpose is not distorted or derailed by unconscious forces. As you accept this blessing, you shall know only protection, empowerment and grace as you manifest the spirit medicine of Condor, helping to bring hope, conscious and creative collaboration, dynamic sacred activism and miraculous restoration to the earth through her evolving human family.

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ABUELA MEDICINE: Remedy of the Grandmothers: Believe in the formidable power of healing, of the transformation that it can provide for all aspects of your being and your life. Medicine comes in may forms from Great Spirit to facilitate healing of body, of mind and of soul. Whether it is the correction of unhelpful habits of thought, guidance for the practical steps to resolve a physical imbalance or deep soul healing that frees you into fulfilment of your divine potential, there is no limit to what can be healed through grace. A current of divine healing is flowing to you and through you. Open yourself to participate in a beautiful healing transformation.

You are on a healing journey. Put your trust in the divine genius of Great Spirit and the medicine of the earth, through which divine healing can express itself. As you allow your spiritual connection to guide your earthly steps, with synchronicity and divine intervention, you will be supported for a healing journey that will be profound for you. This oracle indicates a healing outcome that will enhance your soul journey. Your soul has healing gifts, and you are meant to participate fully in an exploration of healing that is of interest to you. You are meant to understand how it is that you are a healer in your own unique way (whether that be professionally or in how you are as a person in the world more generally), as part of your life journey.

The commencement of the healing journey, whether you are the healer or the patient (or both), demands a period of purification, a cleansing that will support the release of toxins of body, mind and soul, so that true vitality, wellbeing and divine beauty can manifest unimpeded. The basis of all true healing is a shift in consciousness so powerful that it alters not only the mind, but eventually soul and physiology, as well. If one attempts to shift consciousness without adequate preparation, the process can be destabilizing, generating unnecessary disorder and confusion. Even if there is a temporary sense of heightened awareness at first, without adequate preparation, the experience will not be able to be integrated – and may result in feeling worse than better, without any real long-term change. Yet you are called at a soul level to enter a healing journey, so how can you avoid the pitfalls and open to the blessings?

Becoming ready for the medicine means preparing for the cure, also. This is based on approaching the power of earth with due respect. it is not about trying to force an outcome that you wish. it is about cleansing and opening the self to the gift of what is given from Earth Mother and Great Spirit. It is not about controlling the healing flow, but of readying oneself for it to be received. This means surrendering attachment and resting and cleansing the body and mind through practices that work for you, so that you are open to the certain change that healing will bring. It means practicing unconditional trust, because divine timing may sometimes express kindness through delays. It means gently but surely dislodging your belief in the fixed reality of your own experience, even if an issue has been present for decades, so that you are loose and limber, ready to be reformed, recreated through the healing genius of heaven and earth in intelligent creative relationship, expressing their unconditional love for you.

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ALAKOA: Spirit of the Warrior: Though you yearn for peace, you recognize that, without truth, genuine peace can never be. Even if it triggers an upheaval of transformation, the need to set things right is strong in you. This is the inner drive of the spiritual warrior, the compelling soul need to uphold truth, goodness and justice. You will fight for these things because that is your way, Spirit Warrior. Trust, see and feel the positive impact that you are making in the world. You are relentless and the Divine is with you.

Do not give up. If you feel hopeless, despair, defeat or frustration, and you wonder if it is really worth it, place your mind in your heart and your heart in awareness of what it is that is inspiring you. Do you feel alone in your quest? Look for the legions of beings in spirit and upon the earth that fight alongside you, fearless and ferocious with love. Be uplifted by your fellow Spirit Warriors, beloved one. Feel the joy of their love and unity with you. You have access to the divine power that conquers any obstacle, wins every battle, and secures every victory.

Don’t allow others to stop you from unleashing this beautiful divine masculine spirit power in your mind, your soul and our world. We need you! We need men and women who can surrender to the guiding wisdom of a higher power and get things done. The moment you deny yourself the right to be bold, present, practical and engaged with the world through your spiritual truth, your mind has begun repressing the warrior energy within you. Maybe it’s your own mind that tells you that you shouldn’t make waves, or that being spiritual means never causing a ruckus or that you should just be peaceful and let go, even though you know it is your heart and not your ego that is crying out for you to hold on. Maybe others are saying you feel too much or you should protect yourself and switch off from worrying about things that you can’t change. Let your voracious warrior soul gobble up such lies and use them to intensify your passionate willingness to act.

If you try to repress the bold, dynamic vitality of the Spirit Warrior within, then it cannot function as it is meant to and becomes distorted. Signs of distorted warrior energy include the eruption into inexplicable aggression towards other with cold judgement and scathing criticism, or towards yourself in self-defeating, self-sabotaging, self-harming behaviors, in violent dreams and in feelings of having one’s hands tied, needing to do something and yet feeling held back. If joy isn’t cultivated, then the warrior energy can become dark and coercive, where despair leads to loss of integrity and the ends justify the means.

True Spiritual Warriors eschew such spiritual lawlessness. They have compassion for all people – especially those tainted by the forces of hate. They know that it is lower consciousness that they are fighting against, and that the people damaged by it are in need of spiritual truth and fierce compassion. If a Spirit Warrior tries to fight from a place of despair and darkness, doubt and hate, the battle will become destructive to their soul. When you fight for love from a place of joy, Spirit Warrior, the battle opens your beautiful fierce heart. It uplifts your mind and empowers your soul with the might of divine grace that accomplishes all pursuits and wins every war.

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“I work for the Divine as a transformational writer. I take dictation from Spirit, providing information and knowledge for those who seek it. I enjoy this service immensely! It provides a sense of purpose to all that I have experienced in my life as well as beyond that within past lives. It is sacred, holy work and I am appreciative of all the wisdom that comes through from Spirit for the benefit of all beings.” Blessings to each of you!

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