Magic of Unicorns Oracle 5/9/2022

LAW OF GRACE: Be your divine essence. Dissolve all in grace.

We are all corded, over lifetimes, to those we have harmed with thoughts, words or actions and to those who have hurt us. These soul threads draw the same people, conditions and situations into our lives again and again. Grace is the solvent that releases them forever. When this card appears, unicorns are inviting you to act with pure Source love so that you activate the Law of Grace.

Grace is forgiveness. If you offer it to someone who has betrayed you, your heavenly gift breaks the energetic link and sets you free. It also fills that old space in your heart with love and generosity.

When you ask for grace for all the hurts or harms you have caused, consciously or unconsciously, throughout your lifetimes, it also releases you and brings huge relief. No one is perfect, for Earth is a learning experience. If you feel you have acted imperfectly, forgive yourself. The person you were then did the best they could at that time in those circumstances. Until you forgive yourself, you will attract punishment, because you believe you deserve it.

But Source sees the divine in you, accepting you without judgement. See the divine in others. Look at everyone you meet with eyes of grace. Extent this to all your friends, neighbors, acquaintances, all in the public domain and people throughout history. Grace enables relationships to transform with Source love, and when you practice giving and receiving unconditional acceptance, all karma is erased.

When you offer healing, send it under grace, so that you are detached from the result. Grace asks God to take over for the highest good of all.

Receive and give grace: Sit or stand with your palms facing upwards. Your unicorn is beside you, holding you in light. Your heart is open to Source. The energy of grace is flooding you. Experience your divine essence. Think of others with unconditional acceptance. Set yourself and everyone else free.

Affirmation: “I accept grace and offer it to others.”

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LISTEN TO YOUR HEART: Awaken psychic abilities. Tune in to the infinite.

With this card, your guidance is to develop and fine-tune your senses. Every chakra sends out antennae to feel psychically into the energies around you. If you are clairsentient, your sacral chakra may pick up the feelings and emotions of others, then absorb them as your own. If the is the case, ask you unicorn to raise the frequency of your sacral chakra so that you are able to empathize spiritually and soothe the pain of others without taking it on. Invite your unicorn to pour light into your solar plexus chakra until it becomes golden. Then it will send out feelers to seek the wisdom in situations and the higher solutions to deal with them.

The greatest psychic center of all is the heart, for when this is illuminated with love, compassion and empathy, you have a true connection with people, animals and the angelic realms. You become One with All, so you are psychically attuned to others at every level.

Your third eye is a vast chakra for clairvoyance and enlightenment. Your unicorn particularly links to your heart and third eye, so your guidance is to breathe pure white light into these centers and sense them becoming brighter and more sensitive.

When this card appears, your crown chakra is being triggered to send out connections to the universe. Be open to claircognisence, clear knowing, so that keys and codes of true wisdom and light can be downloaded into you.

Develop your psychic abilities: Ask your unicorn to place a ring of light round you. Then ask it to touch the following chakras: Your sacral to attune to others with detached compassion; your solar plexus to explore wise solutions; your heart to look for Oneness; your throat to develop clairaudience; your third eye to develop clairvoyance; your crown to tune in to universal wisdom.

Affirmation: “My unicorn attunes my psychic senses.”

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MAGICAL CRYSTAL CAVE: Switch on your inner light. Bring forward your gift.

The magical cave is where the sacred mysteries of the unicorns are found. This wondrous place is halfway up the spiritual mountain and this card is an invitation to visit it.

At the entrance, a huge amethyst cleanses and purifies your aura before you enter. The cave opens out into a wonderland of shimmering quartz and rose quartz. Unicorn love has ignited each crystal from within, so the cavern is illuminated by a trillion lights.

Some of the unicorn treasures concealed within the magical crystal cave are sacred geometric symbols that can awaken your hidden gifts and talents. Receiving this card suggests that you are ready to accept and develop more of who you are. Your unicorn sees through your personality into your multi-dimensional soul. So ask it to activate the keys and codes of your higher potential to switch on more of your beautiful inner light. Then expand your aura until it radiates 100 meters around you. This allows your true radiance to be seen. It is time to stand up and be counted as a light in the universe.

Your guidance is to ask your unicorn to help you bring forward more of your soul light for you to use in this lifetime.

Enter the magical crystal cave: Close your eyes and relax. Your unicorn is with you at the entrance of a sacred cave. Touch the amethyst there and know it is purifying you. Enter a cavern lit with a trillion crystal lights. Then enhance the impact of the quartz and rose quartz. Sacred symbols fill the air. They are keys that unlock the codes of your expanded soul. Your inner light radiates into the heavens. Relax in the cavern for as long as you can. Then your unicorn returns you to where you started from. Thank it.

Affirmation: “My inner light shines.”

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