Divine Feminine Oracle 5/5/2022

SARAH-LA-KALI: Queen of the Outsiders: I have arrived. I am where I will always be: in love.

No matter who you are, or where you are, Saint Sarah’s love is the kind that reaches you. There’s nothing you need to perfect or prove. There’s nothing you need to wait to become. There’s only the deep, abiding truth that love is not outside of you. You are never an outsider to love. You are love.

Saint Sarah is the ultimate love card. The one that whispers what you’ve always known: that love is our true purpose and our only home.

Love is where we will all arrive. No matter how persecuted, how lonely, how outcast we might feel. No matter how long it has been since we’ve felt loved. Saint Sarah is the healing that comes when we embody love again. She is here to welcome us back to the singular destination we actually never left. Home is only ever as far as we allow ourselves to be separate from the space of our own heart.

Soul-voice Meditation: Enter the heart. Ask to experience love, true love. And let it fill you head to soul.

Intention: I have arrived. I am where I will always be: in love.

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INANNA: The Queen of Heaven and Earth: I have nothing to hide. I see and accept all that I am.

Inanna goes into the depths of her own unconsciousness to merge with her twin-sister-self. She becomes more powerful because she is no longer using conscious, psychic energy to keep her shadow or negative attributes hidden deep underground. She courageously descends and faces the aspects of herself that are hard to get to when she’s “fully dressed” or cloaked heavily in the ego.

Inanna is an invitation to get naked. She wants us to drop our defenses. She wants us to see how holy and sacred it is to be vulnerable.

As above, so below: this is an alchemical adage that suggests heaven and earth are not so separate. It suggests that within us, deep down in the dark cages where we place parts of ourselves, the truths that exist there also exist right here on the surface of our everyday lives. So if we are exerting great amounts of energy to keep from seeing our shadow, it is actually playing a large role in out conscious life.

When we face what we think is dark or negative about us – I mean really embrace it and see it for what it is (a beautiful broken place that’s a call for love) – then we can emerge more whole. We can marry the light and dark aspects of our being. And in uniting with our twin sister from the depths, we can stop projecting her onto other women. We can see and own the hot mess we often are and not get sabotaged by it. The light must cast a shadow. And the high priestess is the one who gets called to love them both.

Soul-voice Meditation: Can I love my shadow as much as my light?

Intention: I have nothing to hide. I see and accept all that I am

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QUAN YIN: The Goddess of Compassion; I recognize suffering in order to release it. Curiosity breeds compassion.

Quan Yin is about the deep medicine that comes simply from being willing to bear witness to someone else’s pain. To really listen we have to move from the ego to the soul so that the story we are listening to doesn’t become about us or trigger us. This also applies to the moments when we are listening to the story we tell ourselves about who we are. We are often far harsher and less forgiving to ourselves that we would ever be to someone else. Quan Yin suggests that we listen simply with curiosity.

Curiosity allows us to detach from needing to take the suffering of someone we love personally. Curiosity is a door that leads to compassion. It frees us from feeling as though we have to react to what we hear or defend and explain our part in their suffering. We can just perceive the pain that they are in. Or we can finally hear our own cries of despair and not seek to judge or justify them. We can just be present to what needs to be heard.

Quan Yin is the powerful energy of giving witness to our own or to someone else’s suffering. Often, just a calm, abiding presence of compassion is all that is needed to transform that suffering into clear light.

Soul-voice Meditation: What pain or suffering can I listen to now with curiosity?

Intention: I recognize suffering in order to release it. Curiosity breeds compassion.

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