Lightworker Oracle 4/30/2022

DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL: You are ready for a more real and radiant relationship with the Divine. Your preconceived ideas and safe, limiting beliefs may be sacrificed in order for this to happen. To the Divine, these are only clothing of your spirit; they are impediments to the absolute intimacy the Divine seeks with you. You might feel vulnerable or uncertain as the Divine goes about stripping away these barriers. This is when you enter the dark night of the soul. You understand there is nothing to rely upon but the Divine, and you will find it difficult to trust at times. This night will end, however, and the sweetness of the Divine dawning in your heart shall render all worthwhile. But for now, you are meant to feel exactly as you feel. You are not doing something wrong. You are moving closer to the Divine.

Even though you are already on a spiritual path this lifetime, you can go deeper. Sometimes people know this and yet are afraid. Familiar with emotional drama, they are hesitant to let go of what they know – even if that is emotional suffering and mental anguish. That fear prevents them from being willing to trust in the loving hand reaching out to them. It might seem silly yet letting go of fear to take hold of the hand of love can be extraordinarily difficult.

If you don’t trust that love will hold you, letting go can seem like allowing yourself to fall into an abyss. A feeling of madness may plague you, as you wonder if you are sane to leave a known world behind you and enter into the darkness of your own doubt and fear. You sense that the old self and the familiar ways will not survive this dark night. Even if you know in your heart that this sort of spiritual death is an opening to new life, it can still be profoundly confronting.

The only way to end to dark night is to go through it. To endure it and know that, although you will not understand how it could be possible, it will transform itself into the sweetest grace. In time, you shall be on your knees, not in despairing prayer, dearest child of love, but in gratitude, peace and devotion.

Though it begins as a challenge, the dark night of the soul will become a saving grace. Love knows you are ready. No matter what you may think at this moment of struggle, you are ready to take this spiritual test and emerge more in love with the Divine than ever. Remember, this is an advanced initiation and challenging at a profound spiritual level. Therefore, get some support. Even though you walk the path alone, another can help bear witness to you process and remind you that you are on a noble path of empowerment, love and truth. Also, although you may feel your guidance has abandoned you, in truth they are will you more than ever more closely, whispering words of encouragement, hope and love. Look for the love within and let it guide you through the dark night. It will lead you faithfully, and in perfect divine timing, into the light of your sweetest morning.

Invocation: The dark night of the soul is love calling me into light, calling me to let go of fear, to release my every doubt and say, instead, ‘I know that love is more real, more powerful, than anything else. Always.’ So I accept love’s power and grace, and I invite the healing presence of unconditional divine love into my heart, now. Bring me the peace and spiritual blessing that I need to be freed from darkness and opened to the sweet light of love’s truth. May all beings caught in darkness be assisted by unconditional love, to see, feel and know that the path of love is their forever. Through my own free will, so be it.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

KARMIC CLEARING: You are fast outgrowing a level of consciousness to which are attached particular wounds, issues and struggles. As you outgrow that consciousness, these issues will release their grip on you. You are receiving divine notice that karmic clearing is taking place, through a combination of your own efforts and spiritual grace from the heart of the Divine. it is time for an old wound to be released once and for all.

Karma is not punishment. Karma is essentially our soul’s lesson plan for this lifetime, carried over from past lifetimes. It is the way we grow and develop as a soul, sometimes through challenges and sometimes through blessings.

Our ‘positive karma’ is seen in the skills and talents we have mastered over many lifetimes. Also, when opportunities flow easily and healing happens swiftly, there is a sense of positive karma, an easy grace that effortlessly takes place in your life. This is what happens when we are clear enough of our own past pain to have little resistance between us and the natural flow of life.

More challenging karma is revealed in the lessons we are still learning. These usually appear in the guise of painful circumstances or reactions that repeat themselves in our lives. The stronger the soul, the more challenging the lesson it is willing to master this lifetime. As with any education, the higher the level of training, the more demanding the work. When you are working through big challenges, it is often a sign that you are on an advanced spiritual path. Must you always have to struggle in your life as an advanced soul? Of course not! As you master your lessons, you will find you develop an ability to live your life more peacefully. However, it would be incorrect to interpret a struggle as a sign that you are not progressing spiritually.

Sometimes the more painful a struggle has been, the more difficult it can be to release that pain and associated memories or scars. The spiritual worlds know you are in need of divine intervention to help clear a pattern that was once painfully lodged in your body, mind and soul. Enough of the struggle. Divine love now offers healing and freedom.

We clear karma by learning to trust and relax, by choosing not to punish ourselves with shame, guilt, fear or unworthiness, by continuing to balance our efforts with a surrender into divine grace. We take responsibility for our own healing – doing all that we can – and trusting that the Universe will lovingly and effectively handle everything else so that we can progress and succeed.

If you have been struggling with a long-term issue, this oracle card come as a particular sign that the Universe want to step in and assist you. Repeat the invocation below for at least six days and nights. Invite this healing blessing of karmic clearing through love into your life now.

Invocation: I call upon the karmic board of ascended beings, angels, guides and holy ones, who love me unconditionally, and ask for your divine blessing, healing and assistance, now. I open myself up to divine grace, divine love and karmic absolution. I choose to surrender my attachment to the suffering I have experienced. I have learned and been willing to go through this experience, and yet I am now willing to learn and grow through a higher vibrational experience of love. Through divine authority and my own free will, this karmic clearing manifests, now, according to the highest law of love. May this blessing reach into the hearts of all beings, according to divine compassion, mercy and grace. So be it.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

THIRD RAY OF CREATIVE INTELLIGENCE: The Third Ray of Creative Intelligence brings the gift of practical spirituality and develops the talent for grounding inspired activity into the world. It empowers your manifestation. This ray brings many gifts, including new ideas and the practical support needed to bring them to life, the ability to organize, make connections and networks and synthesize information from various sources into one coherent whole. Archangel Chamuel helps you receive this gift from the Universe with love and intelligence.

The Third Ray of Creative Intelligence will help you gain practicality to organize and manifest an idea or vision in the world. It gives you the drive and the means to implement your plans. When this ray is active in our lives, we want to take action, bring something to life – not just to know or feel, but to do. With this oracle comes a message about taking action and believing that even the most inspired and spiritual ideas can have practical purpose in the world. Your visions and ideas can and should be worked with so they can manifest.

You must believe in your capacity and competence, your confidence and practical, down-to-earth common sense, even if these are not always your strongest qualities. If you doubt your ability to achieve all that you dream of, remember that sometimes the Universe puts dreams in our heart to help us develop strengths that are dormant within us. This can bring to life a whole slew of abilities and talents we didn’t know we had. We are given nudges in life to discover what we are made of – which can be so much more than we might have initially believed.

The challenge of this ray is to take it one step at a time. Allow the Universe to help you find the patience, persistence and sense of humor that will help you stick to the process of creation. Do not try to do too much at once, nor allow your project to get too complicated. Above all, do not give up before you have finally brought your inner light to life in the world.

Archangel Chamuel brings the gift of reclaiming lost energy, ideas or talents that can help you fulfill your divine potential. This archangel helps you re-awaken talents from this or other lifetimes that may have been cast aside. Perhaps your intuitive healing energy was put to one side as you studied or tended to family responsibilities. Perhaps your business sense or your ability to market yourself in a soulful and loving way is yet to be discovered. Maybe an ability to teach or the clear, confident voice of a writer is within you, waiting to be developed. This archangel will help you find and apply, with loving confidence, whatever talents and abilities are required to turn your aspirations into manifestations.

As this ray has a special connection with business, you are asked to remain open to learning and growing through financial success. This ray can help heal the tension that many feel between spirituality and financial abundance. It helps us recognize that the spirit feels joy in successful physical-world endeavors, particularly those that serve love. When a situation is a win-win for all involved, there is no reason at all to hold back from material success. It can be celebrated and enjoyed, whilst you maintain the true motivation for the work – which is love.

invocation: I now accept, of my own free will, the blessing and grace of the Third Ray of Creative Intelligence. I thank the Universe for all assistance in turning my spiritual aspirations into successful, practical, real-world manifestations of light, grace, love and empowerment. I gratefully receive the unconditionally loving intervention of Archangel Chamuel to recover and express all talents and abilities meant to help me fulfil my mission. Thank you, Universe, for helping me to manifest my divine dreams. I ask that, in unconditional love, this ray be made available to all who can benefit from it, according to divine wisdom, mercy and compassion for the greatest good. So be it.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

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