Beyond Lemuria Oracle 4/24/2022

THE VIOLET FLAME: Your psychic toolkit, re-centering practices, deepening your energetic awareness, clearing your aura, healthy energetic boundaries, protection, removing traumas from your field, maintaining a high vibration, rebalancing after times of raised frequency.

As we deepen our spiritual path, step out of illusory constructs, and become self-realized empowered beings, life may present us with more opportunities to grow than before. When we explore our innate healing ability, we may experience our expanding consciousness as deeply blissful and illuminating. Our glimpses of higher awareness can be followed by periods of intensity as we return to “normal”. These uncomfortable experiences are shadow elements, unaligned with the higher vibration, dropping away so we can maintain our new frequency.

Your sensitivity will be heightening, so it may be harder to spend time in places with frantic activity. You may fee disorientated, have emotional ups and downs and even physical symptoms. Daily practices for re-centering will allow you to drop into yourself, and be present and still, away from busy mind chatter and distractions. There are so many ways to meditate, so experiment and find something that works for you. There is no way to do it wrong. Yoga, chi-gong, painting or walking, are just a few examples.

We can learn to protect and maintain the energy we cultivate in ourselves. Not from fear, but through a healthy awareness of what is ours and what it the energy of others. As we expand our consciousness, our empathy may increase. Maintaining energetic sovereignty will allow for heartfelt exchanges with healthy boundaries.

Just as we keep our body fit and healthy, it is good to ensure our energy field is free from anything that no longer serves us. We all experience some level of trauma as we go through life, The effects can stay in our aura, and if unaddressed, may influence our physical or emotional wellbeing. There are many ways to clear your energy field. Seeing an energetic healer or learning clearing methods you can do yourself, can be so helpful when you feel dense, heavy, triggered, sluggish or down. Being able to kickstart a positive vibration so you can regain perspective can be the key to flowing through situations that seemed overwhelming or unsurmountable. Work with the violet flame to transmute anything that is not for your highest good into love. The flame is simple to visualize and a powerful tool that can be used by anyone.

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EARTH: Nurture Nature: Looking after the planet, the ebb and flow of life, the loving embrace of Mother Nature, the natural beauty of death and decay, the macro-microcosm, time in nature, ancestors, growth through weathering storms, nurturing self and heart so you may flourish.

No one can hold us the way nature can. Mama nature is a powerful healer and transmuter of dense energies we may be holding on to. Just as she takes in our out breath and returns our bones to fertile soil, so too can she transform our woes if we can allow ourselves to surrender, to lie in her grassy arms or be embraced by her branches. Just as plastics and oils cannot be broken down in the earth for renewal, when our emotions become hardened and impenetrable, catalyzed into something more destructive, they cannot be transformed into the compost that we grow from. Experiences we may categorize as good or bad are a part of life. Death and rebirth are part of the natural cycle that allows for the continuation of life. Creating something through suppression and control that will not break down, will only bring us further out of harmony.

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AWAKENED AWARENESS: Beyond the veil, clearing distortion and illusion, awareness of what’s running us subconsciously, communing with our god force, energetic sovereignty, growth outside your comfort zone, the collective awakening.

Physical reality is the tip of the iceberg. The tapestry we see at surface level is just a fraction of what is going on beyond. Awakened awareness can take place when we start to look between the lines at recurring themes, aspects and symbols that gain our intuitive attention. These are keys to a hidden, overarching plane and a greater weaving. This oracle speaks to the deeper nature behind all we can know with our eyes and minds. Also known as the matrix or the veil, once discovered, it is so easy to get lost in it.

We are conditioned to be disoriented in our physical reality so that anything outside of it becomes unfathomable. Thus, we seek a framework that parallels the nature of the laws of this limiting place. And yet, there is a lot more going on, and our awakening awareness would like us to stretch our consciousness to grasp it. This awareness activates our intuitive system, helps us navigate what is true and supports us in becoming more sovereign and empowered.

We can become more ensnared in the matrix when we are lost in what is running us internally. Running away and/or distracting ourselves may offer short-term relief or band-aid our subtle but deep suffering. Society is coated with a layer of conformity. The idea of ‘that’s just the way things are done’ roadblocks questions when things may be out of alignment. But as we step free and awaken, we gain a more holistic approach to consciousness and come to know ourselves more deeply. We can then take things into our own hands and make changes in the world, thus regaining energy, choice and abundance that is rightfully ours. As we wriggle into the revelations of freedom, we can’t help but awaken those around us.

A single glimpse of the limitless eternal and your life will never be the same again. When we directly experience the transient yet profound moment of existence, we can allow the constructs we have spent our lives believing to drop away. Our knowledge of the eternal doesn’t leave us, although we may forget it. As we return to our humanness, we may use reasoning to write it off. Or, we may create whole religions around it, is an effort to grasp and recreate it.

Looking into the eyes of God raises our consciousness so we can fathom the unfathomable. This expansive experience can never be boxed into words or intellect, but artists, poets and musicians may be able to share, in a small way, the essence that helps us remember ourselves back into our true state. The portals into the experience are vast in number and form. In essence, connecting with this element is about raising our vibration, getting out of our heads and allowing our spirit to lead the way.

When we walk behind the veil, we discover our true path. Our reason for being here is revealed in symbolic jigsaw-puzzle pieces and synchronicities. The mysterious unweave, and the paradoxes speak to a different part of us. Our affirmations are potent, our prayers are heard and the medicine of life lessons, however strong and uncomfortable, if full of powerful growth.

This card is a reminder to wake up! There are many levels and stages of awakening. There is no on/off switch. Keep learning and putting yourself into situations where you can grow. Sometimes we do go back to sleep, so stay aligned with your inner guidance and find ways to remember to wake up.

Do what you love to keep your vibe high. This is not about instant pleasure, but the joy that is substantial and sustainable. Eat healthily, keep your body active, and have life goals but with enough space to hear the answers to your prayers.

When our energy systems become blocked or need a cleanse, we can become drowsy to our vital nature. Energy clearing can help you re-center. Shadow work may also be needed if certain things are running your mind in a disempowering and distorting way.

Find your unique way to connect to the Divine inside you – not as an external seeking but as a receptive allowing. Be inspired to see the question at hand with a different perspective. Look between the lines for a deeper interpretation.

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“I work for the Divine as a transformational writer. I take dictation from Spirit, providing information and knowledge for those who seek it. I enjoy this service immensely! It provides a sense of purpose to all that I have experienced in my life as well as beyond that within past lives. It is sacred, holy work and I am appreciative of all the wisdom that comes through from Spirit for the benefit of all beings.” Blessings to each of you!

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