Magic of Unicorns Oracle 4/21/2022

I AM PRESENCE: Expand you Stellar Gateway. I AM That I AM.

Congratulations. When you receive this card, it suggests that you are connecting with your Monad or I AM Presence, or preparing to do so.

Your ascension path commences when you anchor and activate your 12 fifth-dimensional chakras. Working with your unicorn accelerates your journey, so first ask it to illuminate your Earth Star chakra, beneath your feet. Then be aware of its pure light moving up through your base, sacral, naval, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, crown, causal and Soul Star chakras before igniting the golden orange chalice of your Stellar Gateway above your head.

Your Stellar Gateway is in the charge of Archangel Metatron and is your link to your I AM Presence, your original divine spark from Source. It is directly connected to Nigellay, the ascended aspect of Mars, which is the cosmic Stellar Gateway chakra, carrying peaceful spiritual warrior energy. When you tune in to it, your unicorn brings you a download of peace and courage.

Archangel Metatron’s vast chalice is also connected to the Great Central Sun and millions of light codes are drawn into your Stellar Gateway from there. Your I AM Presence uses them to support your soul and bring you happiness. The most potent I AM affirmation of all, “I AM That I AM,” enables you to embrace for a fraction of a second, the light of your Monad.

Your guidance is to sit quietly and illuminate each chakra in turn with unicorn light, then connect through your Stellar Gateway to your I AM Presence.

Connect with your I AM: Sit or stand quietly. Be aware of your Stellar Gateway chakra, a huge ball of golden orange light above your head. Ask Archangel Metatron to bring it down over you. Your unicorn lights it up. Sense it linking to your I AM Presence. Know this is accelerating your ascension journey.

Affirmation: “I AM That I AM”.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

GO WITH THE FLOW: Relax and trust. Accept what is happening.

Life is like a river, sometimes racing and other times quiet and still. Right now, the currents of the universe are flowing in your favor, so relax, surrender and allow the tide you are on to carry you forward. If your life feels like a rushing torrent, enjoy the exhilarating ride. However, recognize that there may be submerged rocks, eddies or even waterfalls to negotiate and ask you unicorn to keep a protective ball of white light around you.

If your life seems to be meandering along rather slowly, accept this too as a gift. This is what you need right now, so let go of any frustrations or boredom. Don’t try to push ahead. Rather, take the opportunity to relax and enjoy the peace. Look at the beauty of the world as you drift along.

Overall, your guidance is to trust the universe. Your unicorn is asking you to allow the wisdom of the invisible forces of the cosmos to direct you. Know that what is happening is for the highest good. Swimming against the current would only drain your energy and inner resources. The more you trust the flow, the more your unicorn can steer you on your journey. You are being prepared for the next phase.

Have faith that all is in divine right order.

Go with the flow: Close your eyes and relax. See or sense the river of your life. It is fast or slow? Wide or narrow? Deep or shallow? Ask your unicorn to place a protective ball of white light around you. You are held in unicorn energy. Now surrender to the cosmic current. Sense yourself floating along, quickly or slowly, in perfect safety. Enjoy the journey.

Affirmation: ‘I relax and go with the flow.’

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

MANIFEST YOUR DREAMS: Focus on your vision. Seek satisfaction and contentment.

This card indicates that you are ready to bring forward a soul desire, something that satisfies you at a deep level. It may be to express yourself through painting or creativity, to look after animals, to serve in some way, or to heal or help others. You may want to explore the world, race cars, climb a mountain, invent new technology or teach. It is not what you ask for but what it lights up inside you that is important.

Your unicorn is answering your all and helping to bring your vision to fruition. This is a card of opportunity, so explore what you truly want. Consider what would give you a sense of peace, adventure or joy. What would fulfill you? How do you feel inside when you think of it? Remember that anything is possible when you are clear and focused.

Let go of all thoughts of financial reward or how you might personally benefit from your soul desires, for when you manifest them, your feelings of joy and wonder will automatically draw abundance to you.

Ask your celestial helper to take your vision to Source for a blessing. And remember that when you act as if something is already in place, you send out the energy to attract it.

Manifest your dreams: Take a moment to relax and center yourself. You may want to write down your soul dream. Call your unicorn and tell it clearly what you envision. Ask for a sign it has truly heard you – perhaps a nod, a feeling of alignment or a breath of air. Ride with your unicorn up through the dimensions. Pause when you sense the Seraphim singing around the Godhead. Your unicorn tells these illuminated angels what you want. Wait as they take your vision to Source. Receive a shower of light and know that your mission is blessed. Return with your unicorn and thank it.

Affirmation: “I manifest my soul desires.”

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

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