Lightworker Oracle 4/20/2022

GROUNDING: You long for the free and open worlds of Spirit and Light, yet you also yearn to experience the healing power and divine joy of sacred sound and living color. You are meant to bring joy, beauty and comfort to this world, to share the spiritual light. To do so, you need grounding. Your dreams want you just as much as you want them. Grounding helps you bring your dreams to life in your world for the benefit of many.

When a reminder comes from higher guidance to ground oneself, it is a loving encouragement, never a judgement. Grounding is a spiritual version of ‘remembering to call your mother’. It is a chance to check in with what is happening in your physical life and make sure you are giving appropriate time and energy to what really matters to your heart. It is a chance to appreciate the beauty of the natural world and the love in your relationships. It is a chance to make sure your spiritual work is being applied in your life in ways that feel good for you. It is a chance to speak your prayers, rather than only think them. You might even dance them or create a colorful flower offering for your altar or sing them from your heart.

We are guided to ground ourselves when there has been an increase of light to the head. This can occur through meditation, prayer or conscious connection with Spirit. You might be on fire with ideas and inspiration but struggling to express them all practically. You may even fee congested or tense in parts of your body where the energy needs some help to flow. This is a sign to move in a way that feels freeing, strengthening and expressive and to add healthy relaxation and exercise into your lifestyle to allow for healing to occur. Then the light can move through your entire body, bringing vitality and helping you translate your ideas into reality.

To do so, take care of your body. Be sure to get plenty of hydration and rest. Spend time in nature. Use salt baths to cleanse your energy. Eat foods that strengthen and nourish you. Ground yourself by releasing emotional content if you are either swinging from one extreme to another or retreating to your head to analyze rather than express. You can ground emotional energy through physical exercise or being in nature.

Practice soothing and calming yourself so that you can return yourself to a contented, trusting and peaceful state of being. This can be done by talking to yourself in a gentle, loving, encouraging voice, reassuring yourself that everything is working out according to a higher plan and that you are very loved. Guided meditations and relaxations that help you feel connected, peaceful and loved will also be helpful.

Choose what works for you. You’ll know when you are grounded because you will feel very connected to your body, aware of your emotions and clear, energized and present, with a sense of well-being. If you are not feeling that way, this oracle says that you can. Your energy and well-being can improve, and you can feel good about who you are and how you choose to live your life. Grounding will help you and help the Universe to help you too.

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WISDOM OF THE DIVINE FEMININE: Divine feminine wisdom empowers you to grow into your vision, your dreams and the fulfilment of your life purpose. Perhaps you envision a very different life for yourself to what you are experiencing now. This wisdom reminds you that you can experience even the most extraordinary dreams as reality if you are willing to grow into what you desire, to become what you seek. Surrender any plans about how you can best manifest your dreams and, instead, allow life to guide and nourish you through your experiences each day. The Universe supports your divine destiny and is helping you become all you are meant to be.

When the wisdom of the Divine Feminine reaches for you, the message is clear: You are in a process of becoming more heaven on earth. Sometimes there are growing pains alongside the joy such growth brings. You may feel concerned, thinking your pain is an indication that you are failing in some way. You may be suffering as a sign that you are not operating at a ‘high enough’ frequency.

Yet how many spiritual masters upon this planet have endured great suffering, as well as experiencing tremendous love and joy, in the fulfilment of their divine destiny? Growing pains are just part of the feminine path of creation, of breaking through what has become too small for you. There is joy in the eventual freedom, but the act of breaking through can feel painful at times.

When things are difficult or you are feeling doubt – when you feel the need to do something that scares you and challenges you at the depths of your being – your are experiencing growing pains. They will pass and you will benefit from the growth. However, you need to know that, whilst this difficulty is in your life, the Divine is very much with you, encouraging you, believing in you so much that it will deliver a tough lesson. You can handle it for however long it needs to continue (and that won’t be forever).

This oracle brings you a message about how much the Divine Feminine loves you and wants to help you grow with the least struggle and the most peace. If you don’t listen to her, instead choosing to believe in fear, you may be terrified of your growing pains. You won’t be sure if they will ever end. You may doubt your ability to turn adversity into triumph. You may lose faith, instead of trusting that life has your best interests at heart and that you are capable of meeting any challenge that arises. Instead of trusting, you may believe the world isn’t safe. This can keep you paralyzed in self-defeating, self-harming patterns. While these may give you a temporary, familiar satisfaction, ultimately, these patterns mean you will continue to struggle and suffer under the weight of addiction or emotional pain. You deserve much better than that.

The Divine Feminine speaks to you now and promises that if you are willing to show up in your life each day and trust in the circumstances before you, she will guide you into your most beautiful divine destiny. It is safe to trust her. She wants for you only the best and most beautiful life journey – one perfectly suited for all that you are and all that you can be. Your heart beats in perfect rhythm with the heart of love at the center of our Universe. Trust your heart, and trust life. All is progressing beautifully, as you are guided ever deeper into your divine fulfillment.

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MERKABA SPIRITUAL PROTECTION: Being open to receive is a way to gain empowerment, strength and all manner of assistance. To enhance receptivity, it can be helpful to de-clutter and cleanse your energy field. This allows for that which is not rightfully yours to be shed. Sometimes, this will include the disowned thoughts and feelings of others. When you release these thoughts and feelings, a spaciousness will grow within you. Then you can then receive more of what is rightfully meant for you – your divine good, in all ways.

An open, sensitive person can easily become energetically overloaded. From physical pain to emotional and psychological tension, an overload does not feel good! You may even feel like you are carrying others on your back – or in your head! The added weight can drag your naturally light vibration down into anguish, doubt, fear or despair. Your inner vision, too, may be obscured by the overload. That can make it hard to discern what is yours and what belongs to another.

Whether experiencing overload to your system is an unusual occurrence for you, or you have a tendency to absorb and process others’ energies (common for healers, psychics and mediums, artists and other sensitive, open people), you will benefit from a spiritual cleansing. Afterwards, you may feel less inclined to connect with particular people or work on certain ideas – even if they seemed very important before the cleanse. This means that you are freeing yourself from others’ input and discerning the true priorities of your own heart.

It is time to become very aware of just who or what it is that is draining you, and to be able to lovingly but firmly say, “You must leave my energy field now, and not return without my express verbal permission. Of my own free will, so be it.”

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“I work for the Divine as a transformational writer. I take dictation from Spirit, providing information and knowledge for those who seek it. I enjoy this service immensely! It provides a sense of purpose to all that I have experienced in my life as well as beyond that within past lives. It is sacred, holy work and I am appreciative of all the wisdom that comes through from Spirit for the benefit of all beings.” Blessings to each of you!

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