Foxfire Kitsune Oracle 4/17/2022

RITUALS AND OFFERINGS: There is a time to work alone, and a time to join and raise power with others – this is that time, dear one. It is time to make a pilgrimage with like-minded others to a sacred place with a goal – this place could be near or far, but it must be a place which holds the enchantments of the in-between. You must step beyond the everyday and become a part of the power of the otherworld for a time, in order to bring more of that magick through to the everyday world in which you reside. When you do this, be it alone or with others, you will be returning the light to the world, reminding others of the power of hope, and restoring a sense of the sacred to your own self. It is time to bring the light back to the world, and to offer it up for others to make use of, however they wish. It is time for you to undertake the pilgrimage and to step away from the structure of the everyday, from all things that seem to define us, and become what divines us – what make us closer again to our true Spirit.

Light a candle, go to a temple, visit a grove, a sacred pool, a quiet place where the Divine whispers through the trees, and with grace, humility, and awareness, make your offering to the great spirits all about us. When you do this, the borders and the barriers between the world of magick and the ordinary world will be thin until they vanish, and in one beautiful expanse of time, all will be one, all will be beautiful, and all will be as it truly is, once again. Let there be listening and reverence and quietness in your footsteps. Let your sense of self fall away, and let the otherworld speak to you, so that you become once again part of the light of the world, and ease the suffering of all those who have fallen into the traps of lost hope, denial of Spirit, and forgotten wisdom. Bring it back, bright soul, with the simple ritual you now will make. And when you do this, the Kitsune will be with you, invisible as air, as present as the scent of flowers, as real as the blessed earth, herself.

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THRESHOLD: You are on the verge of a wonderful change. You are leaving one phase of life behind and entering into a new adventure of the soul. There is a sense of hesitancy about this card and the energy within you, but it is right and good to bid farewell to what has been and to stand in-between where you once were and where you are now going. You have auspicious adventures that lie before you. and the moment of change is upon you. What once was is now receding, loving its vibrancy and its life force, and what lies before you is the new and vivid tomorrow that will feed and enrich the depths of your soul. Take a deep breath, give thanks and appreciate all that has been before – what we call the good, what we deem to be bad, for they all have their blessings – and ready yourself for a step into a wild and beautiful unknown.

There is mystery before you and yet there need be no fear, for this next step into the unknown will cultivate a new life within you, so that there is a new and rare flowering of your own soul’s sense of delight and adventurous spirit. This being appears to you, as she is the one who keeps the edges of experience separated – and now that you have met her in the realm of the Kitsune, you know that whatever takes place next will be a step into a new realm of discovery for your deepest self. Enjoy, soul traveler, and be ready to embrace the wild, beautiful, untamed unknown!

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GROWTH: You have a natural connection to magick, and at this time, you are growing in your powers. Some of these powers are very new and very young, and it will be your task, moving forward, to nurture one in particular, because this seemingly humble beginning has great promise and many gifts to offer you. This tender new beginning is goddess-given to you, and this goddess of the Kitsune realms is the one who helps seekers to access their own personal strengths and hidden talents, and climb towards the sun, their powers growing in strength all the time.

Like the ivy, your talents will grow, you will climb, and the light will be reached. You are to nurture these newfound talents and strengths and whatever sweet new beginnings are about you and strengthen them so that they can be sustained for many years to come. You will be taken on many an adventure with the growth of this ability, and so many opportunities will be created. Don’t let go of your dreams – hold on, climb high, and grow, and seek and find. Always reach for the light, and know that as you grow, you make everything beautiful. Find strong people to be around and learn from their endurance and fortitude. Nurture your dreams by day, and by night, let yourself be enriched by dreams.

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“I work for the Divine as a transformational writer. I take dictation from Spirit, providing information and knowledge for those who seek it. I enjoy this service immensely! It provides a sense of purpose to all that I have experienced in my life as well as beyond that within past lives. It is sacred, holy work and I am appreciative of all the wisdom that comes through from Spirit for the benefit of all beings.” Blessings to each of you!

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