Messages from the Mermaids Oracle 4/14/2022

GO WITH THE FLOW: Let go and go with the flow! You’ll get where you need to be when you surrender and trust in the natural flow of life.

This mermaid wants you to know that life can be more fun when you go with the flow. She’s allowing herself to be carried along by the currents of the sea. She has total trust in the ocean to take her to wherever her destiny may lead.

When we push against the flow, it can feel very tiring. This card tells us to simply surrender to the flow of life. It’s about trust – trusting in your destiny and knowing that everything happens at exactly the right time. So, try releasing any attachment to a particular outcome and allow life to take you in the right direction.

Going with the flow means you spend less energy forcing things to happen. When we fully trust in our destiny, we know on a deeper level that what is meant for us, won’t pass us by.

Is there a situation in your life in which things aren’t going as smoothly as you wish? If not yourself, then perhaps someone close to you is experiencing an uphill struggle, where every move they make has the opposite effect of what they wish to happen. If this rings true, then this card serves as a reminder, telling you to float perfectly into place, without any struggle or force.

Whatever your query, the answer is simply to go with the flow. This doesn’t mean you’re giving up or are defeated – rather that your lack of resistance will bring you a sense of freedom and completion.

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DISCERNMENT: Use discernment combined with wisdom, for you’ll soon make a discovery that could benefit your life or the lives of others in a wonderful way.

Something of great significance has been or is about to be discovered and discernment will be required. This mermaid is contemplating the reality of her revelation and thinking about how and if this discovery should be revealed, and to whom.

You could find yourself in a situation where discernment combined with sensitivity is required. Perhaps something is about to be unearthed concerning your friend(s), family or ancestors, or a secret may soon be revealed.

It’s vital to be discerning when sharing any information that comes to light at this time. If you’ve discovered or are about to discover some important information about someone, be mindful and use discernment if you decide to share this with a third party.

Approaching the person or people directly would be the wisest way forward, using compassion and discernment when bringing up any sensitive subjects. Always give the other person an opportunity to share their truth before jumping to any conclusions. Remember you’re not in court, so try not to cast judgement. Misunderstandings can occur if you allow your mind to fill in the gaps, so be discerning when imparting any revelations and share with an open heart and mind.

This card is also saying you’re about to discover another aspect of yourself. Like layers of an onion, as each layer peels away, you can make new and exciting discoveries. Embrace any new facets that you unearth through your soul-searching.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

DECISIONS: It’s time to make an important decision. Consider your choices carefully, then act. You might be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

Pondering her options, this mermaid knows she can swim in any direction and the choice is ultimately hers. She knows her decision could affect others, so she spends some time thinking carefully about everything before she fully commits to a positive course of action.

It’s easy to procrastinate when it comes to making important decisions in life. We never really know how destiny will manifest as a result of our choices. If you’re finding it difficult to come to an important decision, it would be wise to consult with a trusted friend who has your best interests at heart. Speaking with a counselor might shed some light on the matter for you, too.

This card could also be telling you that someone you know is having to make a difficult decision and they may require your wisdom and advice. If this is the case, ask the person to list all the pros and cons of their options, then work through the decision-making process together in a methodical way. Try to keep any strong emotions at bay during this time, as it may help them (or you) to see things more clearly.

Any decisions you make can have a very happy outcome, so stay positive and look on the bright side. Trust in your destiny. All is well.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

BREAKING FREE: Look honestly at your situation. Are you becoming entangled without realizing it? You have the power to break free from a disempowering situation. Say NO!

Are you out of your depth? Perhaps you’ve become entangled in a difficult situation and feel there’s no way out. Know there’s a way to break free from any situation, all it takes is a positive mind-set with a sprinkling of hope!

You could be entangled in work or relationship commitments. This mermaid wants you to know it’s okay to say no sometimes! Always ‘tune in’ before agreeing to anything. Make sure it’s the right thing for you and don’t feel pressured to do anything you instinctively know isn’t right for you. Otherwise, you can become entangled in situations not of your choosing.

This message also says it’s the right time to break free from any psychic cords that are restricting you spiritually or physically. You can do this by asking Archangel Michael to come in and gently remove any cords, then calling on Archangel Raphael to fill those places with gently healing light. When we cut cords, we’re not removing the person or circumstances that put them there. We’re simply breaking free from any cords or entanglements that aren’t serving our highest good. By doing this we’re creating a clean spiritual slate with which we can begin new, healthier and mutually beneficial connections.

Someone around you might be entangled in a situation and need your intervention. Only help them if it feels safe to do so. Your involvement might be to inform a professional organization that can assist. You might be just the person to set the wheels in motion.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

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