Sacred Mothers & Goddesses 4/12/2022

BLUE TARA: Transmutation of Anger: A goddess of Indo-Tibetan mythology, Blue Tara is fierce and powerful. One of the twenty-one Taras, she represents unity and transmutation of anger. She helps us overcome challenges and to break habits that are obstacles on our spiritual path. Blue Tara is connected to the blue star, Sirius, also known as the Dog Star, the brightest star seen from Earth. Throughout time and across cultures, Sirius has been worshipped and admired as divinely powerful, especially in matters of transformation. Meditating on this star creates a connection with Blue Tara.

Blue Tara liberates us from the eight fears related to external dangers, like natural catastrophes, illness, and dangerous animals. She also liberates us from threats that exist in our minds, like anger, pride, envy, ego, and attachment. Call on her energy to cleanse negativity and restore positive energy to your life.

Blue Tara’s Message: Consider themes and issues in your life connected to anger. Anger may indicate something needs to be looked at but is too painful. It may stem from boundaries broken, rejection, or abandonment. It may be someone else’s feelings against you. Whatever it is, it is time to heal this energy.

Are you standing up for yourself? Or are you holding back, then feeling resentful and bitter? You do not need to repress your feelings or express them aggressively. There is another way to bring rapid growth to your journey. Honer your feelings and step into your power!

We experience our ultimate truth through our feelings. They are the sacred language of our higher self or spirit. They are the compass of our hearts. Anger – as well as panic, depression, and intense anxiety – can transform into feelings of peace and harmony. Bring your attention to your feelings and embrace the shadow that surfaces from within. This will help you ascend to your healing and spiritual path, so you can claim your power to break the cycle that keeps you dwelling on things that do not serve you.

Call on Blue Tara: to help let go of anger and other negative feelings; to transform emotions and help you find the positive side of your troubles; when you need protection from anger projected at you; to help you work through anger and resentment toward specific people and/or situations.

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MARY MAGDALENE: Courage, Visionary: Mary of Magdala, known as Mary Magdalene or the Magdalene, is divine feminine energy incarnate. She is the thirteenth and closest disciple of Jesus of Nazareth and known as the Apostle of the Apostles.

In ancient Aramaic, Mary means “she who illuminates.” It is said that nobody understood Jesus’ message as well as she did and that she was able to share it clearly with others. She wrote the Gospel of Mary after his death, recounting her role as a teacher, leader, and visionary who received secret revelations and divinatory knowledge from the Divine. She was a scholar who shared her knowledge with Jesus and her fellow disciples. She was the energy of the sacred feminine to Jesus’ sacred masculine.

The Gospel of Mary remained shrouded in mystery and secrecy for centuries; in the meantime, Mary Magdalene was depicted as a former prostitute, a narrative started in the sixth century by the Catholic Church. Many believe this was to prevent women from accessing roles of leadership in the Church. It was not until 1969 that the Vatican formally corrected the error, stating she was distinct from the sinful woman mentioned in Luke and that she was a devoted disciple of Jesus.

In the Baha’i tradition, Mary Magdalene is glorified and highly regarded as an enlightened master – powerful, knowledgeable, and holy. There are many versions of who Mary Magdalen was or was not, but she was undeniably a goddess who lived among us, who was well-versed in book knowledge and well-connected to the spirit realm. She was a conduit for illuminating truth, courage and strength, based on her own visions and private revelations. Despite naysayers, she lived her truth.

Mary Magdalene’s Message: Stay focused on things of true importance. You have nothing to prove to anyone but yourself. Your spiritual walk is a personal one. Have courage and do not shy away from your purpose. Step up and speak your truth powerfully with grace and wisdom. Trust your inner strength to lead you to where you are meant to be. Awaken to love within and all around you. Know you are held in the arms of love and cannot be separated from the love that created you.

One gentle, empowered voice can set grand and sacred designs into motion. Pay attention to intuitive guidance and revelations and share those things revealed to you. Expand your knowledge into more truth, more clarity, and more grace. You have gifts that can help make the world a better place. Share what you know with patience and devotion. Remember to address challenging people with compassion and integrity without sacrificing your needs or losing sight of your purpose.

Call on Mary Magdalene: to receive visions that bring about spiritual growth and for help understanding the messages; when someone is jealous of you or vying for your position, whether at work or in family life; for reassurance that you are on the right path and that there is no need to worry or defend yourself; if falsely accused and needing the truth of a situation to be revealed.

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AINE: Reclam Joy: The Celtic sun goddess and Irish faerie queen, Aine, is a powerful goddess of love, light, and fertility whose name means ‘melody’ and ‘bright.’ Her following is still strong in and around Limerick, Ireland, where she is worshipped during the summer solstice. She is associated with fire and water healing rites and is said to be the one who gives and takes away the vital spark of life. As such, she is also associated with death and transitions.

Known for her glow and radiant beauty, she is a goddess of nature and magick and the protectress of the fertility of all flora and fauna. Aine has a connection with lakes and wells that have remarkable curative properties, and on the night of the full moon, All Heal Night, rituals of healing are performed in her honor.

Aine gave birth to the first faerie-human children via her numerous love affairs with men. She teaches us the meaning of love, about romantic love, and how to express lovemaking in a sacred yet playful manner.

Aine’s Message: Are you feeling tired or bored with your life, job, or relationship? Are you settling into contentment but wish your life had more joy? Now is a good time to reclaim and restore your spirit of eagerness, adventure, and creativity. Only you can do this! Don’t wait for others to join you or invite you – be proactive in seeking out and creating opportunities you enjoy. Harness the excitement you had as a child by engaging in activities that bring you laughter and allow you to explore new ways of seeing and being. It’s easy to get too busy working, studying, taking care of family and other responsibilities, but you need to make time to ‘play’ in your own way.

There may be a new love interest in your life, or perhaps a current or previous romantic relationship will rejuvenate. Be playful and fully express how you feel. Celebrate your unique personality in everything you do, from how you choose to dress (be creative) to how you live, love and beyond.

Call on Aine: for romantic spells and blessings for all your love relationships; for issues pertaining to nontraditional romantic relationships and marriages; for heightened libido; when life get tedious and tiring, and you forget to engage in things that make you happy and excited like when you were a child; to reveal faeries and for faerie magick; for abundance, fertility, and bearing children, for keeping magickal vows; for environmentalism.

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