Earth Warriors Oracle 4/7/2022

ESTANATLEHI: Turquoise Changing Woman: I am the Turquoise Moon Mother, and I come to you now with a message of change. This may be change that you want or change that you fear, but either way, I will show you how to use this change to become stronger, wiser and more empowered to fulfill your divine destiny. Do not fear the changes around you and within you. Trust in the timing of what is happening in your world.

Change is upon you. It is essential for your continued growth and you do not need to fear it. As you allow for this change, remain steadfast in your inner spiritual connection. This gives you courage, trust, peace and reassurance, and you will find ways to navigate the shift so that your life improves through the process. If you are thinking of making a change, you are encouraged to do so without trying to force it. Be open and do your part to the best of your ability – but also tune in to your sense of divine timing, asking the Universe for help and allowing life to unfold according to its own rhythm of creative, loving intelligence.

If we are struggling with change – either too much of it or perhaps too little of it – Estanatlehi comes to us with reassuring guidance. When something is in need of repair, Great Spirit knows how to restore it. When something needs to end, Great Spirit will show the way to empty ourselves of the past and prepare for a new beginning. When there is lack or deprivation, the abundance and generosity of the Universe shall bring fullness. We do not need to fear change, whether wanted or unwanted. We just need to trust in the good and loving workings of the Universe. Estanatlehi reminds us of the divine feminine wisdom and power which expresses itself as life, always flowing, always changing, always evolving. We belong to life and can trust in it. Evolution is not always easy – often it requires tremendous courage of heart and inner strength. Yet the Turquoise Moon Mother will help us respond to any change in a way that increases love, light and wisdom within us and the world.

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AMUATA: Sage of Higher Knowledge: Seek what feels true, even beyond the logical. If something doesn’t feel right, challenge it and dig deeper. Educate and inform yourself on matters of importance to you. Trust that your mind is strong and bright enough to do this. Enhance your self-esteem by researching for information and trusting your intuition to help you discern what is useful and true. Have faith in your own mental abilities. If others have criticized you or made you feel inadequate in understanding, cast that off as belonging to the past and not relevant to you now. You will become immune to manipulation by others, who may be convincing but not necessarily accurate or helpful. Trust the power of your mind to receive and recognize the answers that you need. You will find your way.

Test all opinions, advice, research and alleged facts according to your own intuition and instinct. Select that which is helpful for you and notice that which is best cast aside, even if just for a time. Seek information and assistance from those that you feel can assist you – and yet place no human advisor above the ultimate, divine authority, which will guide you on how to proceed through a deep inner knowing. There is always new knowledge beyond existing boundaries of thought. We simply need to be open and willing to receive it with patience, discernment and trust in the greater guiding power. The oracle of Amuata comes to you with guidance that an answer is coming, an important piece of information, and that when you are centered in your heart you will recognize that for what it is and know how to proceed.

Intuition and instinct are two forms of intelligence, one arising from the heart and the other from the wisdom of the body. These special forms of knowing are essential for living a wise and authentic life, one that is tuned into the love and truth that flows through our Universe. Intuition can help us know without knowing how we know, showing us an accurate birds-eye view of a situation in a sudden flash of insight. Instinct can give us a stark and honest gut feeling about the intentions of another person or the real value of an opportunity. You do not need to have a logical explanation to justify your intuitive and instinctive recognition of falsehood, deception or other misleading uses of information. These two forms of intelligence are way of sacred feminine knowing.

The oracle of Amuata comes to you with guidance suggesting that you take your time to inform yourself. If you have a decision to make, trust your instincts and your intuition above and beyond logic or other people’s opinions, but make sure that you obtain the information that you feel is most useful to your decision-making process. Amuata urges you to take care around simply accepting the opinion or point of view of another, even if that person has been a trusted guide for a time or has many credentials. Sometimes your inner knowing shall encourage you to a different course of action, even if you have great respect for the person offering their opinion. The Universe may simply have other plans for you.

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MEDICINE HORSE: Progress on the Path: I am Medicine Horse, bringing you the message of freedom, journey and progress. Do not act as though you are a beast of burden. Claim your innate divine dignity. Allow yourself to feel and be graceful. Recognize and honor your needs for rest, openness, safety and respect. An ability to hear, know and feel spiritual truth, which will guide you in every aspect of your life journey, is opening up. Connect with your spirit. Live your truth.

There is a powerful and sacred bond between your soul and the animal kingdom. If you have a beloved animal who has left this world for the spirit world, here is a message that this beautiful being is protected by Great Spirit and is loved and peaceful now. That creature is completely forgiven and completely forgiving. You are also guided to honor the inner knowing that flows naturally from your instincts and intuition. As you respect your inner guiding wisdom, your life experience will improve. You will successfully navigate your way around negativity. Healing, spirit communication and loving repair of the sense of self after any type of abuse is indicated. There is spiritual support and assistance for a journey ahead that will take you far. Progress is being made.

Medicine Horse brings healing gifts for the mind, body and soul. Horse is a healer. This oracle indicates that a time of significant healing is at hand. Sometimes the most powerful healing at a soul level happens subtly. It may involve emotional catharsis and dramatic psychological “aha!’ moments, but it often happens almost invisibly, without us realizing how much our inner work is reshaping us from within. Eventually, we experience changes, empowering us to leave behind old points of view, former identities and negative expectations for the future. We begin to feel the lightness and promise of our spirit. We discover and take delight in our own divine beauty. We have made progress and a new horizon opens up.

Horse medicine also brings a special type of healing through two particular equine traits – authentic connection and heightened sensitivity. Many types of emotional damage to human beings can be healed through the experience of these two principles of Horse wisdom. It is the task of a spiritually aware and skillful counselor – be that a human or a horse! – to mirror back one’s emotional experience with authenticity, presence, honesty and acceptance in a way that builds a sense of real connection to another living being. Horse medicine is the soul medicine of trust – trust in oneself, trust in relationship, trust in our bodies, intuitions, instincts and in life itself, to guide us and provide us with what we need.

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“I work for the Divine as a transformational writer. I take dictation from Spirit, providing information and knowledge for those who seek it. I enjoy this service immensely! It provides a sense of purpose to all that I have experienced in my life as well as beyond that within past lives. It is sacred, holy work and I am appreciative of all the wisdom that comes through from Spirit for the benefit of all beings.” Blessings to each of you!

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