Magic of Unicorns Oracle 4/4/2022

THE FREEDOM OF TRUTH: Communicate honestly. Be who you truly are.

When you speak your truth and live in harmony and integrity, you are totally free to be yourself. There is nothing to hide, there are no secrets in your life and your aura becomes transparent. Unconsciously, everyone can see or sense this, and they respond to your openness. The whole world trusts you, for everything is above board.

Receiving this card suggests that it is important for you to be totally yourself. Speak about what you really want to do. Reveal your thoughts and feelings. Be honest with yourself and others. Tell the truth. This sets your communication center free.

Honesty has a resonance that people respond to, for when you are totally genuine, others feel safe with you. They accept you and feel comfortable and relaxed with you. Authenticity is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and those around you.

If you need support for this, ask Archangel Michael to create a deep blue ball of truth and place it in your throat chakra. Then ask your unicorn to illuminate it. This will allow your throat chakra to open to higher communication, which in turn will enable the angels on the Golden Ray to speak through you. You will become an ambassador for them and touch many people.

Receiving this card reminds you that when you are totally real, your life transforms.

Speak your truth: Breathe for a few moments in and out of your throat chakra. Archangel Michael is creating a royal blue and gold ball for you. He places this shimmering orb into your throat. See it spinning quickly and throwing out any lower energies. Your unicorn touches your throat with its horn of light. Visualize yourself sharing who you truly are.

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ASCENSION FLAMES: Merge with light. Ignite the keys and codes.

An Ascension Flame is an etheric fire containing specific keys and codes to accelerate your spiritual journey. There are many of them and each has been created by great beings of light to help humanity now. For example, Quan Yin, beings from Andromeda and Archangel Chamuel are some of those who have contributed to the Pink Ascension Flame of Love. When this is placed over you, it ignites the highest forms of love within your energy fields.

Here are some of the other Flames that are waiting to light you up:

the Emerald Flame of Healing; the Golden Flame of Christ Light; the Pale Green Flame of Nature; the Royal Blue Flame of Higher Communication; the Aquamarine Flame of Healing, which heals your soul with love, compassion and peace; the Pale Yellow Flame of All Possibilities, which draws opportunities to you and gives you the wisdom to handle them with grace; Serapis Bey’s White Ascension Flame, which holds all the great knowledge of the Golden Age of Atlantis and can help you to access the talents you had at that time.

When this card appears, consider which of the Ascension Flames you need and then invoke it. When you have received its energy, you may wish to choose another one. Ask your unicorn to enhance the energy of the Flames one hundred-fold.

Merge with an Ascension Flame: Decide which Ascension Flame you wish to experience. Ground yourself and open yourself up. Call in the Flame. Feel it coming down over you until you are inside it. Asl your unicorn to light it up. Sense the keys and codes in your aura being activated. Relax and breathe in the color and the energy. Thank your unicorn.

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BE A BEACON: Be an inspiration. Light the way for others.

This is the card of the way-shower, for you are a beacon, a light who illum-inates the path for others and gives them hope. As a spiritual flame, you hold within your energy fields the keys and codes of the knowledge, information and wisdom that you have earned on your soul journey. Without you being consciously aware of it, your aura reaches out and awakens gifts, qualities and hidden possibilities in those around you.

When your unicorn illuminates your aura, your light sparkles and your presence alone can lift people energetically and make them feel better. You will find many are drawn to you. You don’t have to do anything. Just be yourself, for you are already helping many people to wake up spiritually

This is an important task and your guidance is to shine your light more strongly. To do so, make sure your are properly grounded. Be positive. Smile and be happy. Ask Archangel Gabriel to pour shimmering diamond light into you and your unicorn to full your aura with Christ Light. Then radiate this divine light. When you do so, the heavens can see you and not only will unicorns and angels bestow grace upon you, but many great masters and illumined guides will approach you in order to help you or work with you. You have every reason to be delighted with your spiritual progress.

Become a beacon: Relax and invoke your unicorn. See yourself near the top of a hill. You are standing tall and straight, with roots going down into the earth. Your aura is a bright flame around you. Your unicorn is igniting it and it is becoming enormous. Your flame is lighting the way for many. Fingers of energy are reaching out from you to touch others. How does this feel?

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