Sacred Rebels Oracle 4/1/2022

HEAVEN SENT: Just as we receive gifts in the physical world, through the thoughtfulness of others, to acknowledge how much we mean to them, so too we receive gifts on other levels – including the spiritual level.

A spiritual gift is something that happens through grace. We can ask for help and it may be given in response to that request. All requests for help are answered. A spiritual gift can also be given without us asking for anything at all – at least not consciously. Sometimes it is our hearts that cry out for help. While we are busy getting on with our to-do lists, we don’t often stop to think about what our hearts might need. If we do, and an immediate solution is not obvious, we just get on with life either letting the issue be or taking the more painful option of dwelling on it without seeing how it might be resolved.

Your spiritual gift may be symbolic. It may be something that seems ordinary but holds a lot of meaning to you. It might be an object that catches your eye and mesmerizes you. You might think you are appreciating how lovely it looks, but it is the underlying energy that captures you. Something in the appearance, color or shape speaks to you and is, perhaps, answering an unspoken prayer. It is not the object that is the gift. That is just the wrapping. The actual gift is subtle, yet effective empowerment. It is like a spiritual booster shot that helps you move forward in life with additional zing, extra strength and greater peace

You will be empowered to accomplish tasks that you may have nearly, but not quite, been able to manage on your own through the bestowal of a spiritual gift.

The spiritual gift may or may not be recognizable to you. It may be very obvious – an offer, a windfall, a trip, a friendship, a new lover or a remarkable healing in a current relationship. It might be far more subtle and even more powerful such as a jolt of energy that allows you to perceive things differently all of a sudden and perhaps solve a problem that has been plaguing you. It will be bestowed as and when it is needed, in the form that will best serve the love in you.

This oracle also brings a message: “Let yourself be helped.” Assistance is coming your way so act on it and say yes. This oracle comes with a message that you are to trust in the things you feel and say to others without knowing why. It moves them. You might not understand, but through trust you are allowing yourself not to over-think and censor yourself. As such you are able to become a vessel through which the spiritual gift can be passed on to others. Don’t block yourself. Let life happen through you. Only benefit can come from this.

The Universe really wants your attention. It is saying, “Look, love is speaking to you directly here – so pay attention. Really feel the truth of what is being said and trust it! You are being helped!”

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COME TO LIFE: You are the most sacred of all sacred artworks. You are bringing yourself to life now and this is how it must be. Of course, something being essential doesn’t mean it will always be easy. You must support yourself and have courage during this process. Your monkey mind is not to run the show. It might have a lot to say and at times it seems very convincing, but it is not the one in charge. Your mind can inspire you with ideas. However, it is the real you that speaks through your rebellious sacred heart and is living your life, not the monkey mind. The mind is not much more than a swirling cacophony of habitual reactions.

Coming to life means feeling. It might bring joy, but it could equally bring sadness, rage or fear. It could bring all of these and more. Feelings will come and go quite swiftly when allowed to flow. You might need to paint, write, enact ritual, sing or dance your feelings to help the energy flow. Don’t hold back. Create the space for yourself to do it. In this process you are uncovering the artistry of the universal creator. You are honoring the sacredness of life by exploring it without restraint and that includes the flow of your feelings.

You don’t have to do anything with them other than express. You may want to analyze, or you may not. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are getting in touch with feeling. Learning to access your feelings allows you to learn how to access your intuition, creative inspiration and genuine internal guidance. These aspects flow from the same place and are often couched within your feelings in the form of emotions as well as physical sensations.

The journey underneath the mind and into sensual, emotional connection with your feelings, emotions and body is for a sacred purpose. It is part of your path. You are one of the sacred but powerful minority that have chosen to come into a body and live consciously within it. That may seem like it applies to everybody but when you experience it for yourself, you will realize that this is actually rather rare. There are plenty of bodies without a spirit really residing within, to care for, love and honor them as a sacred animal.

To come into your sensuality, you will need to anchor your experiences. You may be blessed with relationships that are conscious enough to be interested in your journey in a constructive rather than controlling or undermining way. If so, talk! Converse! Share! If not, then you will need to be more resourceful in how you support yourself through your awakening process – at least until you attract some more conscious connections into your life. It is likely that these connections are already on their way, just because you are working with the energy of this card.

You can support your own process by scheduling time for yourself and keeping to it like you would the most important date with destiny. So, get to writing in your journal. Do your dances. Paint your pictures. Create your creations. Be kind to your body, listen to it and let it be alive. Even in time of pain, know that there will also be ecstasy and bliss as the process of healing and awakening continues.

The message of this oracle is, “Be alive!” Don’t imagine you can go back to sleep. You are too awake for that now. There is no falling back into old ways. If you do so, it will be short lived and won’t feel the same as it used to. You may grieve this. You will certainly (eventually) celebrate it. You have crossed the threshold from an old way of being in an old life and try as you might, you cannot return. It is better to let it go. Grieve if needs be, celebrate if needs be or do both and move on into this moment. There is another adventure waiting for you now. You need a deeper connection to your own instincts, body, feelings and intuitions so that you can receive this new calling. You can trust in it, too. Embrace it and it will embrace you.

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DREAM A BEAUTIFUL DREAM: The urge to create is the same within you as it is for the universal creator. It also has the same magical ability to draw harmony into being and to find beautiful order in chaos. This includes bringing harmony and the perfect balance of wellbeing into your body, mind and emotions.

This is also the part of you that wants to dream of beauty and bring it to life in as many ways as possible – in how you eat, dress, look, behave, make love, create art, relate to your community, write your poetry by moonlight or bathe by candlelight.

If you have come to believe that your love of beauty is superficial rather than a genuine expression of your heart’s appreciation of symmetry, harmony and grace then you may block your ability to create harmony and grace then you may block your ability to create harmony in your life. You may believe it to be an unworthy goal. Yet beauty – genuine beauty rather than superficial glamour – flows from within. It is an expression of radiance within the heart and a love of life. If you have struggled with the obsessive attitude towards beauty that tends to prevail in human culture, then it is time you look to nature instead. Her beauty is boundless, quirky and endlessly diverse.

If you feel blocked, thwarted or contaminated by others in your quest to bring your beautiful dreams to life, you may feel that your heart is dulled, minimized or shut down. Small-mindedness can limit beauty to a very narrow, physical sense. However, you can shun the social disease of superficial, narrow definitions of beauty, thumb your nose at air-brushed images and dare to love what is. Honoring nature is one example. Give yourself permission to feel and be beautiful in many ways. You can feel harmony outside of what is supposed to be harmonious! If you are brave and wild enough, you can even find beauty and harmony amongst the chaos of change. Sensing that change is just the creative process kicking into gear. Realizing there is nothing to fear brings even greater beauty, harmony, surrender and grace to the experience of life creating itself, in more stunning forms, through you.

This oracle comes to you with a particular message for you. There is a situation in your life right now where you feel uncertain about your ability to “fix” or heal. You lack the inspiration to be able to imagine it differently than how it currently seems to be. You may therefore fee inhibited in your ability to bring about constructive change. However, the perfect beauty of this situation is not revealed by what you attempt to do to it, or through trying to impose the right “dream” upon it. It is to be healed and perfected into all that it can be, through the revelation of the beauty that already lies within it.

This happens when we accept the existence of inner harmony in all of creation, even if it cannot be consciously observed. By expecting there to be beauty within a situation, even if it is hidden, you will be more open to seeing the healing potential, even in your challenges. Don’t attempt to force the situation or issue to take the ‘right’ shape. Instead ask it to show its beauty to you. This might apply to your body, to your relationship, to your finances, your work situation, a new creative project or anything else. From this place of inquiry, you will begin to grasp the creative genius of what is, and unveil not only its potential beauty, but how perfect it is for you at this time, just as it is. In opening up to the beauty within yourself and your circumstances, you also open up to change. What we accept can change most easily, it is when we resist or deny that change slows down and suffering persists.

By the way, this oracle has come to you because you have the power to be a positive influence in whatever situation holds the most meaning for you right now, and you need to know that.

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