Earth Warriors Oracle 3/28/2022

BLESSING OF KUMU: No good thing shall be withheld.: The Universe wants to express its creativity, healing and brilliance through you. It does not want to be limited to repeating what has already been. Newness needs to burst through you into startling expressions of abundant life. You are guided into unknown territory, guided to go beyond that which you have known yourself and your world to be, so that something original and necessary can be brought to life. The Universe knows all that you are in need of so that you can best attain your destiny. All shall be provided for you. Expand your faith to allow the greater workings of Great Spirit.

Resources are coming to you now. If you have been in lack, limitation or anxiety about such things happening, relax and substitute your stress for absolute trust that the Universe will provide all good things with generosity and grace. If you find this challenging, take it one step at a time, reprogramming your heart and mind into new habits of peaceful trust. It will feel much better to live like this. It is not foolishness but wisdom that embraces such unconditional faith. The only variables are the details of how the journey unfolds. When you tune into your heart, you’ll remember that you are loved, protected and guided in every moment. Trust the Universe.

When you are a dreamer, a visionary and a seer of the need for transformation in our world, it can be easy to feel intimidated, to dismiss the possibility for radical change as unrealistic, to believe that the greatest of our visions are unattainable in the real world. However, many things that were once considered to be impossible to the human mind are now part of our daily lives. The impossible becomes possible on a regular basis.

Your beautiful and perhaps impossible-seeming dreams are supported by the unlimited resources of the Universe. Even if you don’t know what is needed – and when – in order to create a successful outcome, the Universe does. You are being guided to re-set your mind and heart to unconditional trust. This can be a challenge for the human part of us that tends to give weight mostly to what can be perceived through the five bodily senses – yet, for your spirit, this is easy. The spirit within you knows the incredible power of the Divine to bring together all aspects of life in the perfect way, at the perfect time, for astounding success. Your spirit knows that when you take action on your most apparently impossible divine mission from a position of faith rather than a more limited perspective, the Universe help you every step of the way.

It is time to adjust your belief systems to encompass this entire Universe as your creative partner in life. It provides you with resources, opportunities and learning experiences to gain precious information and life skills so that you are singularly and completely equipped to do what you have come to this planet to do. Kumu, the great wisdom teacher, guides you now. Don’t allow your mind to create visions of poverty or lack, of failure or absence of support. Focus instead upon the sweet generosity of the Universe lovingly providing for you – often in advance of you consciously realizing what you need – with all that is necessary for your best life and fulfilment of your sacred purpose. All the answers, the connections, the resources, everything that you need is right there for you at the best moment.

With a focus on a feeling of excitement about opportunities, inspirational innovation and the best and brightest of human creative endeavor, surge forward in harmony with each other to establish sustainable new systems. You can lend your energy, your mind and your body to what you want to have happen in this world. The Universe will hear and feel you and provide the resources accordingly. Let your thoughts and hopes become your prayers, and the answers to those prayers will benefit all life on this planet.

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NANA BULUKU: She Rests to Create: Your energy is a precious resource, and there are ways of being that can enhance it, amplifying it and replenishing it. Give yourself sufficient rest, and you shall find the way forward more effortless. Explore the lifestyle that grows your inner resources, rather than requiring constant exertion and exhaustion to accomplish an endless list of external pursuits. You need this shift in being now because you are ready to accomplish more. For this to take place, there needs to be less effort and more wisdom. Trust and value what can be accomplished through rest.

You have more than enough energy to bring to life the sacred visions held within your heart. An increase of energy and peacefulness is indicated. You are guided to choose high energy people, places and purposes. This does not necessarily mean that which is highly stimulating – rather, it refers to that which regenerates you with peacefulness and joy. Give generously to yourself to be able to give generously to others. You have unusual ideas or ways of being that suit you but may not suit others. Work with what works for you best, without trying to force yourself to conform. This brings wellbeing and creative success.

Nana Buluku is the African Grandmother Creatrix, the supreme feminine creative principle. She created the Universe, then rested. The intersection of rest and extraordinary creative power is repeated in numerous spiritual traditions from varied cultures around the world. It is also repeated in the lives of inspirational innovators in varied fields of discipline from the sciences to the arts. When you are boldly ambitious and creatively confident for the fulfilment of your life purpose and heart-inspired plans, it may seem that rest is the last thing you have time for, there is so much to be accomplished. Yet the conscious use of deep rest allows us to connect closely to the divine creative genius. Taking time for renewing stillness can allow us to work smarter, rather than just always working harder.

African spirituality is based on a holistic worldview where no issue in one’s life is separate from the spiritual worlds. This recognition that the Divine is intimately involved and lovingly invested in every single aspect of your life is how you begin to generate restful consciousness. This type of consciousness is based on trust that the Divine knows what you are here to do and wants to help you do it. Therefore, you don’t have to orchestrate the details of your life, not figure out everything (or anything) on your own. You do not need to have signs to prove that something is happening every single day. What you need is faith in the fundamental good will that the Divine has towards you and your life purpose, the reason for which you chose life in the first place.

From the place of restful consciousness, you can make profound progress. You can release striving and pursuit in favor of activity that comes from a place of inner inspiration, born from rest. In the mystical traditions of many cultures, that period of rest is considered to be the time when we incubate in silence and spaciousness. Through the invisible workings of the most willing and loving Great Spirit, all quiet and openness is responded to with renewed energy, clearer direction, and helpful guidance. You will likely find yourself becoming more active, and certainly more productive, through this process of resting regularly as part of your lifestyle. Rather than constantly discharging energy without having time to adequately restore yourself, instead, you will be regenerating more swiftly and deeply on all levels of your being and continually amplifying your energetic output. Your actions will have further reach. You’ll have more to share with your loved ones. This is sacred subversion of established disorder that would otherwise have you chasing your tail, running yourself ragged and wearing yourself out in the belief that, somehow, this would help you get to where you want to be, to make the contribution that you want to make. Instead, you will be healing and growing and creating from a place of trust within, creating the new world order in harmony with divine genius.

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“I work for the Divine as a transformational writer. I take dictation from Spirit, providing information and knowledge for those who seek it. I enjoy this service immensely! It provides a sense of purpose to all that I have experienced in my life as well as beyond that within past lives. It is sacred, holy work and I am appreciative of all the wisdom that comes through from Spirit for the benefit of all beings.” Blessings to each of you!

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