Crystallary Oracle 3/23/2022

AZURITE: Activate the Void: Each in-breath creates space within you, an expectant stillness. Azurite holds the energy of this empty fullness. It is not the container, but the space contained; not the walls of the womb, but the emptiness within. This void is the most precious of gifts because in this emptiness, in the pause at the crossroads of time and space, your intuition can soar. Once space is created, stuck energies begin to flow, funneling through heaviness, creating a place for something more daring or delicate than everyday life. Azurite holds you as you behold this void so you can feel the rich ocean of possibilities in which you are swimming. Breathe in the blue and allow the fullness of the emptiness to elevate your spirit.

RITUAL: In Ayurvedic medicine, air (the stuff you breathe) is the second element. It occurs when the first element, ether, which holds potential, becomes activated. So, each in-breath is creating space within you to hold this activated void. Like Azurite, this ritual of breath (a simplified version of a traditional yogic breath cycle) shows you the beautiful paradox of being both empty and full.

Using your first finger, close your left nostril and inhale through the right. Use your thumb to close the right nostril, holding your breath in. Pause. Release your left nostril, exhaling. Inhale through your left nostril before closing it again with your first finger. Pause before releasing your thumb and exhaling. Continue for a few rounds.

At what point in this cycle do you feel empty? At what point are you full?

REFLECTION: What makes you feel free? We often surround ourselves with stuff and then live with the fear of losing it. We forget that emptiness contains potential.

Picture life in a tiny house, in a recreational vehicle, or a on a sailboat. There’s not much storage space. You’d have a few changes of clothes, food for a few days, one pot (which doubles as a tea kettle) and a frying pan, two sets of dishes, a couple of cups, bedding, and a towel or two. Maybe you have some books and a board game, not much else.

Now picture life in a regular house or apartment. You have rooms with furniture, closets full of clothes, family heirlooms on shelves, and pictures on the wall. If you live in a house, imagine your life as a sleek sailboat. Is that lack of stuff actually a luxury that lets you move and explore? If you live in an RV or on a boat, imagine a home where you can ground and root and connect to the land.

Where do you feel more free today? The ‘today’ is important here: you might change your mid tomorrow or feel differently than you did yesterday.

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GREEN FLUORITE: Is This Mine?: When emotions wash over you, Green Fluorite want you to ask, Is this mine? When you feel ill or pain, Green Fluorite gives the same directive. Get still and ask yourself, Is this mine? All of us take on energy from the world around us; that’s a price of being a part of this glorious web of life. Our invisible tendrils are always reaching out, tasting an sampling. The boundaries of self can get amorphous and blurry as we take in nutrients, emotions, toxins, pathogens, sunlight (all sorts of things!) from beyond ourselves. Green Fluorite reminds you to sort through the stuff that’s incoming, see what serves your highest good, and let the rest go.

RITUAL: When you can’t find a cause for a pain or emotion, Green Fluorite asks you to do the simplest of rituals. When you feel something that seems out of context of your current life – whether it’s physical or an emotional feeling – pause, get still and ask yourself, “Is this mine?” If it isn’t yours, imagine gently untangling it from your being and sending it on its way.

People that are empathic (that’s most of us to one degree or another) often inadvertently latch onto other people’s pain or emotions. Once we’ve felt it or embodied it, we begin to think it’s ours. Notice if you feel like it’s your duty to grab other people’s pains.

REFLECTION: Can you let go? There’s something in human nature that hoards. Perhaps we’re storing up for a bad winter or holding onto an emotion just in case we never feel it again. What do you hoard or hold onto? Does it serve you? Does it make you happier or safer? More rooted or more content? What would it be like to let it go? How would you feel without this thing? Green Fluorite reminds you to ask, is this really mine?

“I realized I was tired of wanting things . . . . I’d rather just stand in the river – about waist deep – and let them flow around me. I like to feel the current. It’s powerful. But I don’t try to stop it anymore. I don’t try to grab hold of things as they flow by.” Robert Hellenga, The Sixteen Pleasures

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CITRINE: Full of Riches: Citrine has no place for naval gazing and narcissism. There’s a whole world out there, Citrine admonishes, guiding your attention to the abundance around you. Tune outward, Citrine reminds, watching you haltingly move your gaze from your own troubles to the tiny leaves unfurling on the oak tree’s branches. Citrine knows it can be tough to turn your ear to the whisper of crow wings cutting the afternoon’s stillness when you’re used to listening to your own internal monologues and self-deprecating harangues. But Citrine is persistent in pushing you beyond yourself, nodding sagely as you slowly slip out of self-absorption and into the stillness of contentment. The world is full of riches, Citrine affirms, and in that abundance, you’ll find your joy.

RITUAL: Nurture Abundance: Folklore suggests keeping Citrine in your cash box to call in wealth. But the wealth that Citrine brings are the riches of the mystic: the feeling of being satisfied and replete with life. The best place to begin nurturing abundance (and attracting more) is with gratitude.

Practicing gratitude causes a positivity chain reaction by increasing production of the feel-good chemical dopamine. Dopamine in turn increase your level of happiness, creating a positive feedback loop. Bonus: dopamine turns on the learning centers in your brain. So, happier equals smarter!

As you move through your day, whenever you stop at a crosswalk or stoplight, use the pause to reflect on the previous few minutes and notice what you are grateful for.

REFLECTION: Let it in: Citrine helps us to connect with the abundance of the material realm. Since we live in physical (material!) bodies, Citrine can also help us to define our own physical realm, what we call our personal space. Once you define your personal space, you can begin to monitor which energies you allow in.

Do you open the door for Citrine’s gift of abundance? Or do you push against the richness, joy and contentment that Citrine can bring?

(Natural Citrine is rare. Some Citrine sold on the market is actually heat-treated Amethyst, recognizable by the way its orangey-yellow color darkens at the tips of the terminations.)

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