Dragons Oracle 3/14/2022

FIRE DRAGON: Burns up the lower energies around you. You are safe and protected. Be determined and inspired. Clear your soul pathway.

Fourth-dimensional fire dragons radiate a bright orange fiery light. They are powerful beings who give us power, thrust and determination when we work with them. They are the master clearance experts and will direct their blazing flames at anything we ask them to, transmuting lower vibrations that no longer serve us. They will fly in front of us when we travel, often burning up challenges before we reach them. They are also extremely protective of their companions and those who work with them. They will light up our friends and roar at those who undermine us.

Guidance: This card indicates it is time to invite the fire dragons to burn up any circumstances in your life that are not serving you. Call on them to delve deep into your childhood or past lives to release you from your past so that your future can shine. They have the ability and power to travel along the timeline of your soul journey, clearing, healing and transmuting as they do so. They are happy to do this while you sleep if you ask them.

Ask them to clear and light up the path in front of you each day. Then relax and trust that all is as it should be. These orange dragons have huge open hearts and love to keep you safe by creating a fiery wall of protection round you or your home and family, so remember to ask them to do so. Call on them to light you up in their flames and breathe inspiration into you. You may be amazed at the positive and courageous way you start to deal with people and situations.

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GREEN-GOLD DRAGON FROM SIRIUS: Brings universal knowledge to your spiritual pathway. Learn about spiritual technology. Be a transmitter of sacred knowledge.

Within the inner planes of the star system of Sirius and its ascended aspect, Lakumay, there are renowned universities attended by beings from the entire cosmos. In these elevated establishments, higher knowledge and spiritual technology from many universes is disseminated.

These magnificent dragons work in these academies of light and carry the keys and codes of the spiritual technology of the future in their energy fields. Their mission is to spread this to all those who are ready, to help bring in the new Golden Age.

These dragons are cosmic travelers and, like all dragons, help us to move through all the dimensions. In addition, they will guide and protect us on our inter-dimensional journeys between Earth and other parts of the universe, especially if we aspire to be an intergalactic master.

Guidance: This card suggests you invite these luminous beings to swirl around you, touching your chakras with the sacred geometry of the Universe. Then ask them to tune you in to any aspect of higher knowledge you can bring forward now. Sit quietly and allow this to happen. You may receive a download of information, or various keys and codes you carry in your soul may light up. If so, you will become a transmitter who broadcasts sacred knowledge, though you may not be consciously aware of it.

This is a very powerful dragon, so notice subtle changes in your thoughts and attitudes. Your dreams may reveal memories from your travels with the wonderful green-gold dragons from Sirius.

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RAINBOW DRAGON: Brings the leap of joy that opens new doors. Have trust. Rediscover wisdom. Expect miracles. Accept opportunities.

A rainbow in the sky is a cosmic gift. If our heart leaps with joy and gratitude when we see one, the universe opens new doors for us. Glorious rainbow dragons carry the same promise. When they come to us, a multi-colored mystical flame ignites within us. This automatically attracts something of significance from the universe towards us.

In addition, rainbow dragons will take us to the mystical pot of gold that is said to await us at the end of the rainbow. This golden gift is our own ancient wisdom, which has been waiting for us to rediscover it. With it, we know how take knowledge and use it for the highest good of all. We become a wise one, a Mage, and the rainbow dragons open the petals of our crown to connect us with universal knowledge. And as we use knowledge wisely, more comes to us.

Guidance: This is a card of hope, prayers, expectation and gratitude. Look for new opportunities. Expect miracles. When new openings occur, seize them. Sometimes you may hardly dare to believe that good fortune has sought you out, so make sure you accept it consciously and unconsciously. Do not let it slip away. Remember to thank the rainbow dragon who has come to you for opening new doors for you. Ride with the current of life this dragon has brought you and enjoy everything that comes your way.

A rainbow dragon may feel like an illusion, but it is very real. If you catch the flash of rainbow colors out of the corner of your eye, it is your rainbow dragon reminding you that the time for a new life is now. Trust that it will happen for you.

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“I work for the Divine as a transformational writer. I take dictation from Spirit, providing information and knowledge for those who seek it. I enjoy this service immensely! It provides a sense of purpose to all that I have experienced in my life as well as beyond that within past lives. It is sacred, holy work and I am appreciative of all the wisdom that comes through from Spirit for the benefit of all beings.” Blessings to each of you!

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