Magic of Unicorns Oracle 3/13/2022

YOUR PERSONAL UNICORN: Bathe in pure love. Stay open to unicorn magic.

Your unicorn journey starts when you reconnect with your own personal unicorn. At a soul level, you have known this beautiful being for aeons and it is overjoyed to meet you again. Each time you receive this card, you form a closer bond. Your unicorn is the purest of the pure and when it is near you, magic and miracles can happen. It guides you on your path to enlightenment and the world from a higher and broader perspective.

This card is a reminder to invoke your own beloved unicorn. When you do so, it surrounds you in its shimmering diamond-white light, purifying you at every level and raising your frequency, and touches your heart with its horn of light to bring you love and joy. It can also give you healing right down to a cellular level. When it pours wisdom and information into your third eye, in the middle of your forehead, it transmutes thought patterns that no longer serve you and helps you develop your psychic and spiritual gifts. As you connect more deeply with your unicorn, it enables you to find soul satisfaction.

As you read this, a blessing is coming to you from your unicorn that can light up your life.

Connect more deeply with your personal unicorn: Find a place where you can be quiet. Close your eyes and breathe pure white light into your aura. Mentally invoke your unicorn. Sense or see a magnificent white horse radiating a horn of spiraling light in front of you. Reach out and stroke it. It bends its head and touches your heart with its horn of light. Feel your heart blazing with love. Now it touches your third eye. Sense the light pouring in. It may have a message for you. Relax and listen. Thank your unicorn for coming to you.

Affirmation: “My unicorn is with me.”

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THE FREEDOM OF TRUTH: Communicate honestly. Be who you truly are.

When you speak your truth and live in honesty and integrity, you are totally free to be yourself. There is nothing to hide, there are no secrets in your life and your aura becomes transparent. Unconsciously, everyone can see or sense this, and they respond to your openness. The whole world trusts you, for everything is above board.

Receiving this card suggests that it is important for you to totally be yourself. Speak about what you really want to do. Reveal your thoughts and feelings. be honest with yourself and others. Tell the truth. This sets your communication center free.

Honesty has a resonance that people respond to, for when you are totally genuine, others feel safe with you. The accept you and feel comfortable and relaxed with you. Authenticity is the greatest gift you can give yourself and those around you.

If you need support for this, ask Archangel Michael to create a deep blue ball of truth and place it in your throat chakra. Then ask your unicorn to illuminate it. This will allow your throat chakra to open to higher communication, which in turn will enable the angels on the Golden Ray to speak through you. You will become an ambassador for them and touch many people.

Receiving this card reminds you that when you are totally real, your life transforms.

Speak your truth: Breathe for a few moments in and out of your throat chakra. Archangel Michael is creating a royal blue and gold ball for you. He places this shimmering orb into your throat. See it spinning quickly and throwing out any lower energies. Your unicorn touches your throat with its horn of light. Your communication center blazes brightly. Visualize yourself sharing who you truly are.

Affirmation: “I am my authentic self.”

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ASCENSION LIFT: Prepare for rapid spiritual growth. Be ready for opportunities.

Choosing this card indicates it is time to prepare for rapid spiritual growth. When you are climbing stairs, your progress may feel slow, sometimes laborious. Now, however, you have the opportunity to take the lift. When you are undergoing a growth spurt like this, you need to look after yourself properly. Eat and drink in a way that sustains your physical body. Scan your emotional life and sort out anything that might prevent you from seizing this opportunity. Finally, ensure that your thoughts and beliefs, are supportive of your spiritual advancement and happiness. Change any that do not assist your progress. If you signed up for a car or a bicycle race, you would ensure that your vehicle was in good condition. Your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies need to be prepared in the same way.

When you are ready, your unicorn suggests that you sit quietly. Then angels and unicorns can touch you with activations that will accelerate your spiritual journey.

Take the ascension lift: Examine your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life and decide on your destination. When you are ready, take a deep calm breath. Your unicorn is beside you. The ascension lift arrives. Step inside with your unicorn. Firmly press the cosmic button to a much higher floor. Invoke unicorn blessings or attunements from archangels or great masters. Call in higher energies to light up your chakra systems. Ask a 10th-dimensional unicorn to pour light from its diamond horn into your heart or third eye. Ask the wondrous cosmos to illuminate you in a way that will accelerate your spiritual progress. Enjoy the ride. Now, stay open and expectant. Trust the process and look out for opportunities that will be presented to you.

Affirmation: “I am ready for rapid spiritual growth.”

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