Lightworker Oracle 3/11/2022

DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL: You are ready for a more real and radiant relationship with the Divine. Your preconceived ideas and safe, limiting beliefs may be sacrificed in order for this to happen. To the Divine, these are only the clothing of your spirit; they are impediments to the absolute intimacy the Divine seeks with you. You might feel vulnerable or uncertain as the Divine goes about stripping away these barriers. This is when you enter the dark night of the soul. You understand there is nothing to rely upon but the Divine, and you will find it difficult to trust at times. This night will end, however, and the sweetness of the Divine dawning in your heart shall render all worthwhile. But for now, you are meant to feel exactly as you feel. You are not doing something wrong. You are moving closer to the Divine.

Even though you are already on a spiritual path this lifetime, you can go deeper. Sometimes people know this and yet are afraid. Familiar with emotional drama, they are hesitant to let go of what they know – even if that is emotional suffering and mental anguish. That fear prevents them from being willing to trust in the loving hand reaching out to them. It might seem silly yet letting go of fear to take hold of the hand of love can be extraordinarily difficult.

If you don’t trust that love will hold you, letting go can seem like allowing yourself to fall into an abyss. A feeling of madness may plague you as you wonder if you are sane to leave a known world behind you and enter into the darkness of your own doubt and fear. You sense that the old self and the familiar ways will not survive this dark night. Even if you know in your heart that sort of spiritual death is an opening to new life, it can still be profoundly confronting.

The only way to end the dark night is to go through it. To endure it and know that, although you will not understand how it could be possible, it will transform itself into the sweetest grace. In time, you shall be on your knees, not in despairing prayer, dearest child of love, but in gratitude, peace and devotion.

Though it begins as a challenge, the dark night of the soul will become a saving grace. Love knows you are ready. No matter what you may think at this moment of struggle, you are ready to take this spiritual test and emerge more in love with the Divine than ever. Remember, this is an advanced initiation and therefore challenging at a profound spiritual level. Therefore, get some support. Even though you walk the path alone, another can help bear witness to your process and remind you that you are on a noble path of empowerment, love and truth. Also, although you may feel your guidance has abandoned you, in truth they are with you more closely, whispering words of encouragement, hope and love. Look for the love within and let it guide you through the dark night. It will lead you faithfully, and in perfect divine timing, into the light of your sweetest morning.

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FAMILY OF LIGHT: The limits that much of humanity place upon their love – that they will love their own country, religion or community better than they love those on the outside – do not restrain your heart. You are capable of loving humanity, of loving all creation of Earth, as an extended spiritual family. You will love all as your own. You are meant to belong to a broader family of light.

While some souls have incarnated to learn about ‘us and them’, other have the purpose of teaching unconditional, all-embracing love. You are one of these. You have taken life to love the many, not just the few.

For this life purpose to be anchored, issues in your biological family may keep you from bonding with them in a typical way. Perhaps you were the odd one out in your family, the one whom no one really understood. Perhaps you felt loved but couldn’t live the way your family seemed comfortable to live. Maybe you lost family members through divorce, disease, depression, and death – or through addiction or emotional immaturity that left you disconnected from key family members.

If your father figure was absent, whilst you must do the emotional work to process that pain, understand the purpose of that absence; for your own spiritual connection to remain intact, pure and powerful. If your mother figure was absent, whilst you are advised to do the emotional work to process that pain, understand the purpose of that absence: for you to look beyond your immediate family to find your ‘place’ and find yourself belonging to and being devoted to the entire human race.

This was part of how you remained unconditioned by the more typical family bonds. Whilst these bonds are necessary for many souls to experience their life lessons, the difficulty you may have experienced regarding them helped push you to become a child of love. You had to seek ‘family’ in expansive ways, remaining open as you searched for love, rather than feeling satisfied by your immediate tribe and closed down to those outside it.

You can come through your experience, not as a victim of circumstance, but as an empowered soul. Process it, heal, forgive and step into the spiritual blessings gained through your atypical relations with your biological family. Although you were not meant to belong in a traditional way to your family of origin, you shall not be denied the love you need. You are here to help build a human family joined by more than blood or legal union. It will not just be you loving the world, but the world loving you. The power of your heart to give and receive love shall not be wasted.

So it is time to gently undo the patterns of attempting to fit in. Instead, trust that you are exactly as you were meant to be. When you do, your magnetism will draw love and friendship from those who vibrate at a similar level of consciousness to you. Leave past hurts and rejection behind. You no longer need them to grow.

Be brave. Pray to connect to your family of light, not only in spirit but also here on Earth. Let them in. Know that you belong here in spirit and body, to be loved, held, touched, listened to and accepted, just as you are.

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DIVINE GRACE – THE LAW OF EFFICIENCY: It is time your life became easier. It is time for you to walk the way of divine grace with trust, simplicity and acceptance. You do not have to try to make things happen. You can gracefully act without attachment and trust that all will be as it is meant to be. Surrender your struggles, now as you allow life to serve you with love and kindness. This is the most efficient use of your energy and will lead to the best results.

The Law of Efficiency encourages us to work smarter, rather than always working harder. It is like learning to allow a wave to carry you to shore, rather than swimming the entire way with your own efforts alone – or even against the current, which would make the journey even harder. It is like planting a seed at the right time so nature will help it bloom in the spring, rather than planting it during the dead of winter, when it takes a lot of effort to keep it alive – and even then it may not survive. This is the intelligence of the Law of Efficiency and divine grace at work.

To hitch your wagon to the Universe in this way, you need to learn to listen. This means tuning in to what feels right or wrong at any given time. Sometimes, you will want to push forward, yet your intuitive knowing will guide you to rest. Sometimes, you will want to hide from a challenge – and yet know in your bones it is time to step up and shine with boldness, despite the fear you may feel.

The Universe has a sense of natural flow, cycles and timing that assures us that it supports every dream we dare to dream – and that every one can come to fruition in due course. It may not look exactly as you expect, but if you have set it in motion with desire and intention, karmic law will ensure that it finds expression.

For this to happen in the most loving, graceful and easy way, you must learn to hear, feel and sense the currents of life and work with them, rather than push against them. This is about common sense, allowing yourself to be helped, not making things more difficult for yourself than they need to be.

Imagine that you have a chance to share a feeling of love in a room full of receptive people. The time is right. They are open and your efforts create the maximum effect for love’s success! Or you could expend the same amount of time and energy by arguing with one disinterested person in an attempt to get them to understand and receive your love, even though they actually have no interest in doing so. They just wish to have their own point of view and for you to agree with that.

One is working with the law of efficiency and the other is working against the tide of life. It is not bad to choose the harder way, sometimes. It can be a great learning experience! But you are being encouraged with this oracle to explore the easier and more graceful way more often. Especially at this time in your life, because there is a helping hand, a natural wave of energy in life that is going to be able to support your rising spirit in manifesting something truly beautiful and special in the world.

The Law of Efficiency is also sometimes known as the path of least resistance. We must find the strength that comes from letting go and trusting that the Universe knows what it is doing! It takes spiritual maturity to cede to wisdom greater than your own immediate understanding. Then you are surfing the wave rather than swimming against the current. How efficient to work with life and its cycles, rather than believing you must struggle and strain to be heard, loved, rewarded and inspired. You have that maturity within you. Trust now. Trust that it will all come in time.

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