Earth Warriors Oracle 3/5/2022

MAMA QUILLA: Mandala of the Moon: I, the Lunar Mother, bring you my Mandala of the Moon to manifest through the law of magnetic attraction. My mandala is the sacred portal through which your dreams, intentions and visions shall pass into the wholeness of being, from the realm of inspiration into the world of form on earth. There is no need for doubt or concern, for even the appearance of delay signifies that the divine feminine mystery is at work, with timing unfolding according to a higher, loving wisdom. Trust that what is falling away is meant to be, whilst you have faith in new divine works being born.

This oracle brings a sign that creative works will reach fulfilment. Relax with trust and positive expectations that all your needs will be met. This makes it easier for abundance to flow and all earthly and spiritual matters to fall into place according to a great and loving higher intelligence. Things are changing, even if you cannot see the physical evidence of this as yet. Trust that your actions are leading you into a better way of life. Rely on the Universe, and you shall see how all things come together according to a timing and a higher order that suits you, in ways even better than you could have imagined by yourself.

When we are very focused on something that we want to have happen, we can become impatient and try to control the process. We may logically assume which steps should come next, and if that fails to fall into place as we expected it would, we make further incorrect assumptions – such as believing that, if our plan has not worked out according to our current expectations, then that somehow must mean that it won’t work out at all. The Lunar Mother is telling your soul that she knows of your intent. She is saying that you are permitted by the Divine to create what it is that you want to bring to life upon the earth, but that there are cycles of creation that must be honored. She reminds you to trust in the sacred feminine wisdom expressed in the idea that it is darkest before the dawn. This wisdom is symbolically enacted in the natural world, whereby an ending and the uncertainty that can accompany it (the night) must fall, before the new cycle of creation (the day) can begin.

The Divine has a destiny intended for you. When you surrender, you are led into it. Your spiritual destiny has been crafted for you alone, by the Source that created you, who knows you with extraordinary and unconditionally loving intimacy and wishes for your complete fulfilment with a passion that is both tender and fierce. We do all that we can do, and yet we know that we don’t have to attempt to direct the Divine and its mysterious workings of love. Let the Divine Mother evoke peace and reassurance for your mind and heart, as you realize that her divine promise is here for you now. All things come in time, and for all things, including your dreams, there is a season.

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ALOHA KE AKUA: Blessings of the Supreme Being: Aloha Ke Akua. The Divine is love. The Supreme Being from which all of life emanates manifests a blessing for you. The realm of the heart is love’s temple. When you enter the heart, you gain access to the Great One and to the ‘mana’, the power, authority, grace and magnetism to manifest your divine destiny. Trust in what is meant for you. Surrender doubt and disconnection in favor of love and respect for the Great One, and you shall live your true destiny with joy in your heart. Love can and will conquer all.

A blessing is coming to you now. Things do not need to be complicated. When we are confusing yourself with too many variables, too much information or fear or doubt, focus on filling your heart with love, and let everything else go. The Great One will handle all matters in your life if you open your heart to divine guidance and let go with faith. This will not make you passive, rather it will allow you to feel inspired to take only the most helpful actions. This oracle indicates an answered prayer and that the Divine One has you covered in a situation of concern to you. You are healing and deepening your relationship with the Divine.

You have an empowered and open heart that is capable of receiving divine presence. This is a sacred gift that must be protected. Protect the temple of your heart from becoming clouded by fear or lack of forgiveness. The purity and strength of your heart flows from your loving relationship with the Supreme Being, whatever your image of that being may be. Allow yourself to trust unconditionally in your divine relationship, and your affairs will work out beautifully.

You are one of the souls with a purpose and a heart big enough to be concerned about the spiritual vitality of the many. True spiritual purpose like this cannot be condensed into a job. It is a way of being. When you recognize that the Great One is in all things, has power beyond what the intellect can understand and is generous and empowering of the purpose of all souls, then you will be ready to express and grow your mana, your holy power, in the world.

There is a purpose for which you were born. Time and events shall converge to bring you to all that you need for fulfilment of this purpose. You shall gain all the benefit and be protected from derailment, as you deepen your heart connection to the Supreme Being, who is love. Cast aside anger, fear, disappointment and judgement. If you feel hesitant to trust because of certain ideas or past experiences, talk to the Great One about those things and ask to be shown how to find the peace, and understanding that helps you become open to intimacy with the Divine. If you have to break through some barriers of mind and heart to love the Divine more fully, ask for help in doing so boldly. Acknowledge the divinity of the hand that works through yours. Do not lay false claim to the wonders that will flow (as that would simply scare your mind and close your heart as it wonders how it could ever do it again!). Instead, revel in the feelings of the safety, strength and tenderness that fill your soul when you allow yourself to pay due reverence to the Great Beloved.

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DADIRRI: Hearing Truth: There is a deeper truth that shall bring peace to your heart, offering you guidance, comfort and renewal. You are guided to turn within for your answers. Do not allow another to interrupt, influence or distort your personal, trusting relationship with the Divine. Allow Great Spirit to be your highest counsel always, and you shall never be led astray. You shall know the words to speak and the consciousness to hold to evoke healing and set things right. Listen, for deep within, truth is known.

Focus on what you know to be true by tuning into what you feel, and not focusing on appearances or the opinions of others. There is a voice of spirit deep within you. Any time you want or need guidance, you have the ability to tune in to that inner voice bringing peace, comfort and clarity. It takes courage to turn within, rather than putting your faith in the people and things of this world, but you have enough inner strength and wisdom to do this. The truth within has been spoken. Trust that you can hear it.

You have an intuitive ability to recognize truths of the spirit. Dadirri is an Australian Aboriginal term for the deep, spiritual practice of reflective and respectful listening. It is deep listening for truth beyond physical words and their logical meaning. It is the way the shaman hears, with the soul.

Through the power of his or her own inner experiences, the shaman is able to create spiritual wisdom for the community, bringing balance and unity between the realm of Great Spirit and our Earth. As one who holds the potential power of the shaman, it is part of your soul journey to seek out the deeper meaning, to never assume that the whole truth is revealed in what another says and, instead, to listen carefully – sometimes even for the truth evidenced in what is not being said but being communicated in other ways. Others will naturally be drawn to you for counsel, but you must be sure that loving wisdom is the source through which your counsel is gleaned.

Part of the shamanic life path involves mastery over the extremes of existence. Energetic highs followed by crushing fatigue, feeling taxed beyond your limits of body and mind, perhaps even an experience of near-death or symbolic death of the personality, a profoundly challenging illness in body or mind, or a period of spiritual darkness which eventually leads you to a healing rebirth, these are all possible ways that the shamanic soul can progress through its training. Such challenges are a form of initiation, teaching the soul to become able to consciously contain and channel energy according to its will, rather than being tossed about by the forces of the world. It takes time, but eventually the soul learns to live from a place of inner balance and spiritual grounding. The shaman is empowered to guide others through what has been mastered, moderating and containing what is required for healing. This evokes balance in the lives of those they touch.

Soul training in the shamanic way happens through your life experiences. It may or may not involve official training as a shaman, but in some way, you will be taught and guided by an initiated teacher. Training includes the experience of altered states of consciousness to feed the need of your soul to expand beyond the restrictions of everyday reality and feel genuinely connected and supported by a vaster spiritual reality. Altered states can include intuition, visions, hearing messages from Great Spirit, and an ability to recognize and interpret signs of higher guidance. This is preparation for dealing with forces that are not visible to most – and yet have palpable effect in the minds and hearts of many souls disconnected from their divine support system. Your altered states are fulfilling their intended purpose when they bring healing. When it is the right time for you, Great Spirit will bring you the necessary guides and teachers in the spiritual and the physical worlds, so that you can learn how to safely enter into and ground out of expanded states of awareness. This will increase your ability to hear and channel the messages of Great Spirit. Trust that your heart will recognize your true teachers – which will not always be those that claim to be your true teachers – as you participate fully in your unfolding journey with trust.

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“I work for the Divine as a transformational writer. I take dictation from Spirit, providing information and knowledge for those who seek it. I enjoy this service immensely! It provides a sense of purpose to all that I have experienced in my life as well as beyond that within past lives. It is sacred, holy work and I am appreciative of all the wisdom that comes through from Spirit for the benefit of all beings.” Blessings to each of you!

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