What You Can Do Right Now to Help Our Planet

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Our planet needs our help right now. Here are some suggestions for you to contribute to the welfare of all beings and situations during this time of chaotic energy.

LIVE IN LOVE: Love is the most powerful energy in the multiverse. There is nothing stronger than pure, unconditional love straight from your heart. Stop listening to your mind and move down into your heart center. Accept that you are a lovable being, loved into physical reality by the original creator of your soul. You are here for a reason and that is to learn to live in love.

Our world needs love now more than any time in history. Our planet is going through massive physical and energetic changes now as we move from one age to the next age, the Golden Age. The current system is being dismantled, causing much chaos around the planet.

Remember, we all chose to be here at this time. We each have a part to play in the creation of the New Earth. We can choose to stay in the current timeline, the one that is going through much fear and destruction or we can move into the new timeline of love, peace and happiness.

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PERFORM ACTS OF FORGIVENESS: Forgiveness is a powerful and healing act of choice. In personal relationships, forgiving someone is something you do first for yourself. The longer you carry anger, resentment, revenge, hatred and any other low vibrational energy within you, the more it can cause you personal harm in the form of disease, lack of energy, loss of abundance and alienation from those who love you. Forgiving someone for any perceived act against you is required for you to heal.

Many times, the offending person has no idea that they hurt or otherwise harmed you in any way. You see, most people are more concerned with their own life than that of someone else. They have no idea that what they said or did caused you grief or emotional pain. They are oblivious to how you are feeling. Confronting them on the problem can bring a response of surprise from them.

Forgive your self to help you heal and recover from the problem. Forgive them to release them from your reaction.

JUDGEMENTAL RESPONSES: You are not wise enough to judge another for their actions. What they wear, how they act, what they do for work, how they believe about their creator, or anything else, is their choice. If you have ever been judged in your own life, you know how awful this feels. You do not have any insight as to why they act as they do. And your judgmental responses say more about you than it does about them.

This does not mean that you have to tolerate any unacceptable behavior from someone else. This includes physical violence, abusive language or anything else that makes you feel unsafe. You can exclude them from your life, you can speak to them about it from a place of self-love, saying you will no longer accept that behavior from them. If the behavior continues, either remove yourself from their presence or remove them from your life.

NEGATIVITY IN ANY FORM: This includes thoughts, actions, belief systems, disrespect of others, over-indulging in alcohol or hard drugs, working a job that creates self-loathing, self-criticism, controlling actions and anything else that causes you to exist in low-vibrational energy.

Negativity causes you to live in despair, sorrow, isolation, depression and anger. These emotions are dis-ease forming in your body. Cultivating higher feelings of peace, love, happiness, joy, bring your body into balance and health. To promote better feelings within yourself, do things that you enjoy, talk a walk, get some exercise in nature, spend time with good friends – people you like to be with who are supportive of you, basically anything that makes you feel good.

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MEDITATION/PRAYER: During meditation, the energy created is useful in raising the vibrational quality of our lives and that of others, too. Meditation does not have to be seated in one place. Walking in nature allows our minds to relax, focus on the moment and be open to information from our higher selves. We receive downloads of information, create balance in our bodies and lives, find peace in understanding and shape energy that can be sent out to the world for the benefit of all beings.

Prayer allows us to ask for assistance from our Creator, God/Goddess, Source or how ever we believe. We can ask for anything, from world peace to abundance for all and unconditional love to reign supreme. Angels can also be petitioned for aid with specific ones designated for just about anything we may request. (There is much information on angels online to be accessed.) Archangel Michael, the Protector of God, can be asked to keep us safe as we travel, surround our homes with protective energy and keep our loved ones safe also. Archangel Raphael is the Great Healer and can be petitioned for healing of all kinds, from disease to relationships as well as our world. Angels have unlimited power but because humans have free will, we must ask them for aid.

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We are beings of unlimited power even though our minds try to convince us otherwise. Do not give in to fear and the mind-control of others and governments. We did not come here to be controlled but to live lives of freedom, love and joy. Choose wisely and contribute to the well-being of our home, Mother Earth.


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