Lightworker Oracle 3/2/2022

SIXTH RAY OF DEVOTION: This Sixth Ray of Devotion bestows the qualities of persistence, unwavering focus and intensity of feeling. it is a gift of the strength to move mountains with your will for what you love. When the Sixth Ray of Devotion appears, you are being given guidance that even if you do not seem to have much worldly power right now, the power of your beliefs can conquer obstacles. The Archangel Uriel helps you receive the blessing of the Sixth Ray, now.

You are receiving a blessing of the Sixth Ray of Devotion. It is serving your soul growth and will help you develop faith in your principle and trust in the power of your beliefs. You will be able to recognize and appreciate the extraordinary strength within you and realize that you have enough willpower to keep working towards your dream, overcoming any obstacle, until you are divinely successful.

The Sixth Ray reminds you of the power of love – which can conquer anything and everything! Love is an empowering, motivating force far stronger than fear. Love is the foundation of authentic spiritual devotion. Devotion to the Divine empowers us to bear burdens, overcome obstacles and manifest all manner of beautiful visions in a world that may at first assure us that our dream is not possible. The Sixth Ray blesses you with spiritual stubbornness and sacred rebellion against any odds.

For those working with this energy, the power of mind and emotions will come into focus. You may need to channel your emotional and mental power into worthy projects or practice balancing your intensity with lightness of heart and playfulness so you don’t become harsh or despairing if things appear not to be working out the way you believe they should. Then your faith can remind you love always finds a way.

When Archangel Uriel connects with you, a tremendous power – the power of earth – is brought to your aid, Uriel brings healing energy and an ability to cause real effect in the physical world with your mental and emotional power. Remember, you are here to shine your light. Others can choose to use your light to see by until they are ready to discover their own inner light – or not. It is not anything you need to worry about. Simply live your truth, trust in your heartfelt beliefs and devote yourself to love.

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KARMIC CLEARING: You are fast outgrowing a level of consciousness to which are attached particular wounds, issues and struggles. As you outgrow that conscious-ness, these issues will release their grip on you. You are receiving divine notice that karmic clearing is taking place, through a combination of your own efforts and spiritual grace from the heart of the Divine. It is time for old wounds to be released once and for all.

Karma is not punishment. Karma is essentially our soul’s lesson plan for this lifetime, carried over from past lifetimes. It is the way we grow and develop as a soul, sometimes through challenges and sometime through blessings.

Our ‘positive karma’ is seen in the skills and talents we have mastered over many lifetimes. Also, when opportunities flow easily and healing happens swiftly, there is a sense of positive karma, an easy grace that effortlessly takes place in your life. This is what happens when we are clear enough of our own past to have little resistance between us and the natural flow of life.

More challenging karma is revealed in the lessons we are still learning. These usually appear in the guise of painful circumstances or reactions that repeat themselves in our lives. The stronger the soul, the more challenging the lesson it is willing to master in this lifetime. As with any education, the higher level of training, the more demanding the work. When you are working through big challenges, it is often a sign that you are on an advanced spiritual path. Must you always struggle in your life as an advanced soul? Of course not! As you master your lessons, you will find you develop an ability to live your life more peacefully. However, it would be incorrect to interpret a struggle as a sign that you are not progressing spiritually.

Sometimes the more painful a struggle has been, the more difficult it can be to release that pain and associated memories or scars. The spiritual worlds know that you are in need of divine intervention to help clear a pattern that was once painfully lodged in your body, mind and soul. Enough of the struggle. Divine love now offers healing and freedom.

We clear karma by learning to trust and relax, by choosing not to punish ourselves with shame, guilt, fear or unworthiness, by continuing to balance our efforts with a surrender to divine grace. We take responsibility for our own healing – doing all that we can – and trusting that the Universe will lovingly and effectively handle everything else so that we can progress and succeed.

If you have been struggling with a long-term issue, this oracle card comes as a particular sign that the Universe wants to step in and assist you.

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THE PINK ROSE OF LADY NADA: You are in the midst of a heart healing – a healing of the fears and anxieties that have held you back from enjoying your full magnificence. Lady Nada is here with all her gentle power, washing you in soft pink light. All anger, fear, sadness, bitterness, disappointment and hurt are soothed and loved into peace. She brings you a sign of your future blossoming into deeper love.

The Pink Rose of Lady Nada is a spiritual gift from higher guidance. It brings love, healing, strength and compassion to your heart. You may be burnt out, or feeling anger, fear, depression, chronic fatigue or compromised wellness. Perhaps your heart is so tired that you struggle with ‘compassion fatigue’, finding it difficult to care, even though your nature is one of deep compassion and kindness. Or perhaps you have put your heart and soul into something or someone, and feel your efforts have been cast aside or taken for granted. Perhaps you are processing a great loss. Whatever the reason, Lady Nada has come to comfort your soul. Your pain will pass and your suffering will be alleviated, sooner and more gently than you might expect.

The Pink Rose of Lady Nada unfolds as an energetic gift, gently pulsing with love and beauty, within your heart chakra. It brings you comfort, gentle emanations of divine love and reassurance that you are so wonderful just as you are. Lady Nada is saying, ‘How much I like you, dearest child of light. How deeply I love you. I send love and acceptance to you not so that you may come to love and like yourself with all the compassion, kindness and unconditionality I feel for you.’

If there is anything or anyone you need to forgive, this gift from Lady Nada will empower you to do so. Your ability to forgive won’t make you a doormat for others. If will free you to leave the past behind. So let other people’s choices be about their learning (rather than your value) and choose to love yourself now.

If you are at a troublesome point in your life, remember that, despite the thorns, the rose has an exquisite perfume. It is a powerful and wise soul that chooses a path that has truly challenging moments. But out of those challenges, great empowerment can be developed. Do not despair if you seem far from the light. You are simply traveling through darkness for a time. Your inner light is strong enough to see by, even in darkest times. Still, that time will end soon, and you shall realize exactly how much you have grown through the experience. You will find your way into peace and happiness. Trust in your own light within, and the loving kindness of Lady Nada’s blessing now. It is enough to lift you into the light of love and peace.

Come back to that love, to the pink rose unfolding in your heart, whenever you feel lost. Some challenges are meant to help you grow in your ability to love without condition, to surrender to the Divine – even when things don’t seem to make sense. You undergo such challenges because you are capable, powerful and wise. The Universe loves you so much. It is guiding you into your most powerful destiny every day. Release guilt and fear. Know that you are love – always have been, always will be.

Guidance is sharing with you now that, whatever your struggles may be, they will soon reveal themselves to be nothing more than steps along your path to the sweetest blossoming of your soul. Be patient. Rest with this rose light in your heart, dear soul, for healing energy is flowing into you, now. Trust your heart to overcome any pain. It will indeed heal, open up and love even more powerfully than before. Such is the courage of your heart.

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