Dragon Oracle 2/29/2022

AIR AND WATER DRAGON: Helps you to connect to higher frequencies: Trust your intuition. Develop your psychic abilities. Be open to enlightenment. Express your inner song.

Fourth-dimensional blue and green air and water dragons pour light into our third eye to assist our psychic and spiritual development. They help to dissolve our veils of illusion and enable us to see from a higher perspective. At the same time, they bring us inspiration and higher aspirations. They remind us to trust our intuition even when logic demands another course of action.

Add air to water and you create bubbles and sparkling waters. Air and water dragons bring lightness and something special to our life. When they soar and shimmer round us, a sense of happiness and hope lights us within us. They enable us to connect with our inner song and start to express it.

Guidance: Call on your blue and green air and water dragon to enter your third eye to awaken and activate your higher fifth-dimensional abilities. This will bring you crystal clear clarity and new vision and awareness of life. Your third eye is a very sensitive psychic center and when it is fifth-dimensional, the air and water dragons clarify and protect it and enhance your ability to use it for the highest good. They then enable you to connect to Neptune, the planet of higher spirituality to open to new enlightened understanding.

This card calls on you to use your intuition as well as your spiritual knowledge and wisdom to see everything from an illumined perspective. Air and water dragons will then surround you and enable your life to flow. They will attune you so that your voice expresses the true notes of your soul.

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ARCHANGEL GABRIEL’S DRAGON: Brings purification: Self-discipline will speed ascension and bring joy. You can carry Archangel Gabriel’s diamond.

Fifth-dimensional diamond-white dragons serve Archangel Gabriel, the mighty pure white angel of clarity, joy and hope. When we are ready to connect more deeply to him, his dragons shine their crystal light into our energy fields and physical body, allowing deep cleansing and purification to take place. They light up our true essence and we become transparent to the spiritual world. This means that all the lower energies that have not been released from our auric field become visible. So, it is important to forgive, love and respect ourselves and others so that our aura become totally clear. Then the dragons will rejoice, for we are ready to walk the diamond ascension path. They will lead the way, clearing and energizing our sparkling new high-frequency journey, and bringing us clarity, hope and joy, so that Archangel Gabriel, with his diamond wings, can over-light us.

Guidance: Receiving this card implies you are expected to co-operate with Archangel Gabriel’s diamond-white dragons, using self-examination and self-discipline to accelerate your ascension. The dragons can then illuminate you internally with happiness, clarity and higher expectation. You will become a shining beacon and will automatically radiate light that shows others the way. You will have earned the right to be a walking master. You will carry in your fields the glorious light of Archangel Gabriel’s Cosmic Diamond, which is a life-transforming ascension tool. The diamond-white dragons will swirl and dance around you, ensuring that the glittering, shimmering Cosmic Diamond stays securely in place over your energy fields. It will protect your aura and fill you with joy, purity and bliss.

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ROYAL BLUE AND GOLD DRAGON: Strengthens you to stand in your power with wisdom: Awaken to your own majesty. Wear your cloak of power with pride.

Royal blue and gold are the colors of majesty, dignity and illumined achievement. Royal blue and gold dragons carry these qualities and prompt us to stand in our magnificence and true power.

These fifth-dimensional dragons come to us when they see royal blue and gold in our aura, indicating that we hold wisdom with power in perfect balance, which has been earned from our connections with the Golden Era of Atlantis. We may have been incarnate or in spirit at that time, but we were living or serving on a higher path. The dragons will swirl round us, reminding us of who we truly are and breathing light into our energy fields to reawaken our ancient gifts and talents so that we can utilize them once more in service. They will re-energize our cloak of power and wisdom so that we can wear it with pride.

Guidance: A royal blue and gold dragon is lighting up the gifts and talents you carry in your aura. It is breathing courage, support and dignity into you so that you can wear your cloak of power and wisdom with pride. Most important of all, it is awakening you to who you truly are. It is enabling you to radiate your special light.

This dragon is always with you. It holds your Sword of Truth so Archangel Michael can enable you to speak and act with truth and honor at all times. It roars at those who try to diminish you and befriends those who empower you. You have all the support you need to teach divine majesty by example.

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β€œI work for the Divine as a transformational writer. I take dictation from Spirit, providing information and knowledge for those who seek it. I enjoy this service immensely! It provides a sense of purpose to all that I have experienced in my life as well as beyond that within past lives. It is sacred, holy work and I am appreciative of all the wisdom that comes through from Spirit for the benefit of all beings.” Blessings to each of you!

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