Earth Warriors Oracle 2/27/2022

KUNTUR YACHAK: Blessings from the Sun of Hana Pacha: Condor swiftly brings the will of Great Spirit to earth, through the gift of powerful medicine. Despite great odds, even in the face of what may appear to be an inevitable defeat, extraordinary triumph is at hand. This is the prophecy of resurrection, of the rising up of what was thought to be lost. It shall happen with unexpected and surprising swiftness. Your divine destiny is now held in the guiding hand of a great spiritual master.

Condors are born with their eyes open, but do not have vocal chords to speak. You have always seen clearly – trust in this, even if you struggle to find the words to express all that you see. Condors reveal emotion through changes in their skin color. This is a reminder to trust what your body is telling you. Your bodily intuition is a form of wisdom. You have a spiritual connection to the cosmic Christ Consciousness, the universal Sacred Heart seeking to awaken itself in humanity. Your divine life purpose involves assuming the role of leader, guide, healer, and Earth Warrior for love on this planet, in your own unique was. An inviolable spiritual protection surrounds you.

Condor is the medicine of the shaman or yachack, the Andean healer, or ‘ one who knows’. In the Andean shamanic worldview, Condor rules the superior spiritual world, the first plane of pure spiritual beings, known as Hana Pacha. the sun of Hana Pacha is the shamanic Christ. In human form, this being is known as Yeshua or Jesus. In the language of spirit medicine, it is Condor.

The oracle of Kuntur Yachak brings a message straight from the universal Christ Consciousness, beating as the living sacred heart of Great Spirit. It is an offer of absolute protection that is strong enough to sustain your purity, integrity and effectiveness as you navigate the challenges inherent in the earthly world of Puma, known as Kay Pacha, and much needed protection over the unconscious world of Snake, known as Uhku Pacha. This protection ensures that your passionate purpose is not distorted or derailed by unconscious forces. As you accept this blessing, you shall know only protection, empowerment and grace as you manifest the spirit medicine of Condor, helping to bring hope, conscious and creative collaboration, dynamic sacred activism and miraculous restoration to the earth through her evolving human family.

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PANTHERA: The Precious and Rare: Our faith and optimism are not meant to make us complacent, but, rather, to encourage us to believe that our action in the world will have a positive and real effect. There are situations where your voice, your courage and your fearless determination are needed. You will make a difference. Cast helplessness or despair aside and find the fighter within. Fight for that which needs defending with all of your heart. Do not yield.

You have the strength to handle any challenge, even the ones that intimidate you. You may feel that you are alone in the fight sometimes, but there are forces of good in Spirit and upon the earth that are fighting with you, supporting you, believing in you, assisting you and championing your success. It may not always feel like it, but you are not in this alone. There is help at hand to uncover the hidden piece of information which will allow the truth and justice to prevail.

Do not give up on yourself or the Divine. You are not over-reacting or making things seem more important than they are in truth. When, in the face of possible loss, something deep in our soul recoils in horror, it is a sign that something is not right. It is not a sign that we are too attached or not trusting enough in the Divine to figure everything out. It is a sign that we must fight to safeguard what would otherwise perish.

We are not here to be passive consumers of whatever the dominant main-stream consciousness tries to enact in the world. We are here to be the embodiment of loving consciousness – to be the fearless, determined enactors of wisdom. We are here to educate, inform, to rebel and refuse, to speak up, to make waves and honor the light in such a way that we protect and preserve what has real value in this world. The body, the earth and her creatures are not illusions. Saying that they are not real is not spiritual wisdom. That is an unholy deception perpetuated by the forces that don’t want sacred activism derailing their devastating behaviors that place profit above all.

Treasuring what is sacred, original and worth preserving in human culture is part of our task as those who are aware enough to recognize it. There will be many who want to stop you, and yet Black Jaguar, a rare variant of the panther species of South America, brings the medicine of fearlessness and a willingness to act, the ability to discover hidden knowledge and unravel secrets. The Black Jaguar is rare and endangered, a unique treasure upon this earth. Their presence in our consciousness reflects a conversation taking place between our soul and the Divine Mother. She knows how to heal any ills within her realm. All we need do is follow the urgings of our heart with confidence, and all that we need to know will be imparted, so that her beautiful will can be brought to bear.

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ELHAZ: Divine Might Foretold: You know what is correct. You understand that any gain which comes from denying your values and compromising yourself creates a loss of soul. There are times when it may seem as though people who act without integrity are obtaining benefit without negative repercussions. Life can seem unfair if you limit yourself to a strictly human perspective. Yet nothing escapes the attention of the spiritual worlds. Restorative action and balancing fairness is always in action at a higher level, according to divine timing and wisdom. Stay true to your integrity, put your faith in divine justice, and you will win in a way that brings benefit to many.

Don’t let yourself down with behavior or attitudes that are unworthy of you. You have divinity within you and a right to be in the world with dignity, grace and integrity. Whether in a small matter of apparent insignificance to anyone other than yourself, or in big matters where you feel your soul, and perhaps the souls of others, are on the line, integrity will be your saving grace. You can be kind of heart, but also firm as you refuse to allow anyone or anything to convince you that lowering your standards of acceptable behavior is warranted. Be in right relationship with yourself and the Divine. Justice will be always done, whether you see it happening or not. Put your faith in the good and true, and you will successfully continue on your path. Others are relying on you to be true to yourself, more than you may realize. You are strong enough to live with honor.

In a position of spiritual influence, you will sometimes end up standing apart from others who may demonstrate less inner strength. By refusing to compromise what you know to be true, you will be able to uplift those who are ready beyond ego limitations of greed, laziness and boredom. You can bring about a new understanding that one’s standard of living is about more than personal ownership of possessions. Rather, it is about the inner state of our being and how we choose to live the life that we have been given. Your influence is not about encouraging others to make the same choices that you have made for yourself, but about learning to one their own integrity to make their own wise decisions. In this way, you become a spiritual protector and guardian of those in your communities, helping each individual to grow according to their own soul journey.

Elk wisdom will, at some stage, bring us into a testing period during which we will feel challenged. We may question – or be questioned – as to whether we are being realistic or if we should just adopt the same lower-frequency approach as most others seem to do. In your heart, however, you know that the moment you do this, you would lose yourself. As we pass through this initiation of Elk wisdom, we will get to a place where, without any loss of passion for the healing outcome we desire, we realize that if we are willing to sell our soul to obtain results, then we have lost, not won. At this level of internal spiritual integrity, the Divine can rely upon you to be a faithful helper in this world for a loving higher purpose. You are trustworthy, a true devotee to wisdom. And so the appearance of Elhaz foretells a successful and visible soul mission for you this lifetime.

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“I work for the Divine as a transformational writer. I take dictation from Spirit, providing information and knowledge for those who seek it. I enjoy this service immensely! It provides a sense of purpose to all that I have experienced in my life as well as beyond that within past lives. It is sacred, holy work and I am appreciative of all the wisdom that comes through from Spirit for the benefit of all beings.” Blessings to each of you!

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