Magic of Unicorns Oracle 2/23/2022

COCOON OF WHITE LIGHT: Rest in perfect love. Understand Oneness.

At its highest 12th-dimensional frequency, Source love is pure white. It is carried by unicorns. When they connect with you, they bring it down to the vibrational level you are ready for, while reminding you that your essence is divine love. When this card chooses you, your guidance is to ask your unicorn to place you in a bubble of pure white light. White unicorn love is a pure and powerful healing force. It also soothes, smooths and strengthens your aura, ensuring that no lower energies can enter and giving you time and space to rest in peace.

Being held in perfect love can affect you at the deepest level, for as you rest in it, your consciousness recognizes that everything is love and that your ego sees situations or relationships through distorted lenses. The cocoon of white Source light dissolves any feelings you may have of separation and difference, enabling you to merge with the Oneness.

At a higher spiritual level, you are holding hands in amity and trust with every-one in the whole world. This is one of the most important lessons of your journey to enlightenment and ascension, so this card invites you to give yourself as long as you need to merge into love.

Rest in a cocoon of white light: Find time and space to be still. Close your eyes and breathe comfortably until you relax. Call your unicorn and see it in front of you. See it pouring light from its spiraling horn all around you. Sense it forming a protective bubble of white light. Your unicorn whispers that there is only love. Feel all that is not love ebbing away. Rest in the cocoon as it heals you to your core.

‘I rest in a cocoon of love.’

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

MAHATMA ENERGY: Build your light body. Accelerate your ascension.

In the Golden Era of Atlantis, many great beings contributed towards a special pool of light. It formed a high-frequency golden-white group consciousness known as the Mahatma energy. Unicorns added their light to it, as did the Buddha, the Christ, the 12 Rays and many others. The Mahatma energy accelerates your ascension 1,000-fold.

When this card chooses you, your unicorn is inviting you to call the Mahatma energy in through your 12 chakras to activate them to their highest potential. Ask it to flow through your energy systems to break up and clear old pattens that no longer serve your growth and to keep the glands that govern your health and spiritual wellbeing strong and active. Also send it to others to help their health and their ascension.

When the Mahatma energy flows through you, it forms a pool of high-frequency light in the earth below your feet. Your unicorn is asking you to offer it to Lady Gaia to help the planet to ascension.

Your guidance is to invoke your unicorn and ask it to hold you in the highest possible light. Then invoke the Mahatma energy to build your crystalline light body and prepare yourself for the new Golden Age.

Call in the Mahatma energy: Be aware of your unicorn holding the light for you. Invoke the Mahatma energy. Sense its golden-white light flowing down into your Stellar Gateway, your Soul Star and your causal chakras. Let it pour into your crown, your third eye, your throat, and your heart chakras, then your solar plexus, navel, sacral and base chakras. Let it stream down through your Earth Star Chakra, which is a silver ball beneath your feet, to form a great pool of light below you. Visualize it spreading out to all parts of the world. Now let the Mahatma energy spread over and through your entire energy fields, breaking up any old vibrations and building your crystalline light body. Know that it is accelerating your ascension.

‘The Mahatma energy flows through me.”

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

COSMIC PEARL: Expand your psychic gifts. Open the gate to the angelic realms.

Luminous, iridescent cosmic pearls glow with the Divine Feminine energies of caring, nurturing, beauty, creativity, peace, enlightenment and inner serenity. Archangel Joules, who is in charge of all the waters of the planet, is instrumental in the creation of these pearls. Water is the psychic element and it enables them to maintain a very high spiritual energy. They help you to attune to the currents of the universe and also enhance your psychic abilities.

Archangel Christiel, who oversees the causal chakra and the Moon, co-creates the cosmic pearls with Archangel Joules. He is the pure white Archangel of Peace, who guards the Stargate of Lyra, the unicorns’ entry point for this universe. When unicorns illuminate a cosmic pearl, they increase its effect ten-fold.

Your guidance today is to ask your unicorn to light up a cosmic pearl and place it in your third eye. Know that it is waking up your latent psychic gifts. Then ask that it expands to include your causal chakra, above and slightly behind your crown, for this contains your gateway to the angelic realms. Receiving this card suggests that these gates are opening wider for you now.

Tune into your wisdom. Then send a cosmic pearl to people and situations that need its gentle influence. Take a moment to see this blessed pearl light up and purify the waters of our planet.

Work with a cosmic pearl: If possible, drink a glass of water before making this connection. Imagine yourself sitting by a serene sea on a moonlit night. Archangel Joules place a magnificent cosmic pearl in your third eye. Sense it enhancing your psychic abilities. It expands until it surrounds your causal chakra. Archangel Christiel touches it with unicorn energy. Your causal chakra opens and becomes a portal to the angelic realms. Enter the seventh heaven and experience the love of the angels.

‘I am illuminated by a cosmic pearl.’

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

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