Foxfire Kitsune Oracle 2/19/2022

BRINGER OF CHANGE: You are not as they expected you to be, are you, dear one? They thought you would be one who was more like themselves, who would be a part of the predesigned patterns and the wave after wave of people who keep the world traveling in the same direction. But you, friend, were different. It was not intentional, nor was it a reaction – it simply that something new was born into the world when you were brought forth. So now you are releasing the special light and qualities that only you can bring to this planet. And you will find that there are others like you. Beautiful souls who seem at times to not belong and who are sometimes rejected.

But this card comes to tell you that part of your creation, and part of your soul’s journey, in not to come here to be part of what already existed. It was to come here to change what already was. And now you are at the moment where you will show who you are, all of it, without shame or fear. You will no longer fear rejection or scorn or even the fear of disappointing those you love. You, all of you, are here to give to the world something that is needed, to offer it medicine, so that we all, human and animal, winged ones, all beings, are released into the freedom to be who they came here to be. You are flying free, now, and in turn, you will free others. So, bring to us your unique vision and energies and experiences, and teach us how to become who we are all meant to be.

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WATCH AND LISTEN CAREFULLY: There is a possibility that you need to be cautious and careful at the moment – for what looks like a good situation, a friendly person, or an offering too good to refuse is disguised. There is no need to fear but take your time and do not make commitments until you have investigated all that you can and received good advice from a trusted source. Kitsune, in the main, can be trusted, and this particular Kitsune is coming to you to advise you to take care, hold back, and think before you act. “Think” does not mean to worry or fret, but to rely upon wisdom, rather than what you would like to be true. Do not be naive, do not act rashly and foolishly, and examine carefully what is before you. You may find that you will be very glad that you hesitated and took stock, rather than simply going with what you wish.

This is going to be challenging, for many of us are overcoming our own mistrust of the possibility, but in order to be a whole being we must, we must acknowledge that not all that takes place is in our best interest. And in this situation, there is a possibility that there is a person who is acting in a way that will only benefit them, without taking into consideration your needs. So be wary, think carefully, act wisely, and seek out advice that can be of assistance before coming to a decision.

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TEA CEREMONY: It is time for you now, Seeker, to quietly contemplate the inner and outer life. Just as this Kitsune is taking part in a moment to revere the tea and dress carefully for the occasion, to savor the flavor and the aroma, to note the texture of the cup and to hear the water being poured into the cup, you too must now still the mind and bring yourself to an awareness of all that is about you, right in this moment, and all that lies within you. For all around you are signs of the world that will not endure – the things we feel are so important. Look upon one or two of them now and contemplate that they will not be here always. Thus, the worry and the stress we force ourselves to endure in the service of the temporary and the impermanence is unnecessary.

Give yourself this time out of time, a sacred moment, a transformation of awareness, and see what is about you. Note it. Now, turn your attention within, quietly, without criticism or praise, and observe who you are in this moment, and what you have become. Breathe quietly, and you will find a moment’s peace amidst all the whirl of the world, and you will feel yourself stepping outside of the frenzy, and into a space where there is soul, where there is beauty, where there is timelessness.

From this moment, take some time to simplify some of your own life practices. Give away several possessions which are no longer used, worked with, or connected with. Make some space in your life for quiet contemplation. Reduce the drama that so many find compelling, and turn your heart and hands to the creation of harmony – a practice that can offer you so much peace. And of course, you may wish to slowly, with great consciousness, drink a healing tea, all the while aware of its heat, its scent, its taste, and the colors and sounds all about you. Welcome back to your own five senses, the great gifts of the Spirit. Never see them again as less – for when they are appreciated and worked with, they are gateways to moments of sublime beauty, even enlightenment.

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“I work for the Divine as a transformational writer. I take dictation from Spirit, providing information and knowledge for those who seek it. I enjoy this service immensely! It provides a sense of purpose to all that I have experienced in my life as well as beyond that within past lives. It is sacred, holy work and I am appreciative of all the wisdom that comes through from Spirit for the benefit of all beings.” Blessings to each of you!

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