Rebirthing, A New You

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(Butterfly, as a symbol of rebirth)

Birth is not any easy process, but when you are born, your parents are there to take care of you, to teach you about life and to nurture you until you can fend for yourself. It is their responsibility to bring you to some form of maturity, to be in a position of being responsible for yourself. At least that is the hope for all children, although many parents fall short of this goal. Children don’t come with owner’s manuals and parents can only teach from a position of what they learned from their own parents.

When you decide to rebirth yourself, there is only you and you get to choose how you desire to be. It’s challenging, frightening and a soul journey no one can take but you. You have to unlearn almost all of everything your parents taught you and also what you have been forced to learn from the society you live in.

But there is hope. It doesn’t happen all at once. Piece by piece, lesson by lesson, you are guided as to what to discard and what to keep, what to receive and what to give back. The awakening of the new you is a process that is different for each one of us. You can’t rush the learning curve.

You can take all the time you need to integrate the new you. You get to explore different aspects of how you might want to become. You can change your mind and move into something new to try on, to see how something fits or not. It can seem like a chore, but the reality is that it is exciting. Your choices on your timeline, in your way, not influenced by others who are afraid of you decision to change.

Yes, it will make family and friends uncomfortable as you change. You simply cannot live under the fear that people won’t like the new you. The opinion of others will fade away as you grow into a wonderful person of your choosing, not theirs. No longer bowing to the dictates of family and society, you free yourself as you rebirth yourself into someone that you love.

As you take a stand and say, ‘no more will I bow to the dictates of others,’ you become more of who you truly are, a divine sovereign soul standing in your personal power, the true joy of living will envelop you. There is nothing to stand in your way except yourself.

Choose joy. Choose authenticity. Choose freedom. Choose love. Choose peace. Choose you.

You didn’t come here to be a carbon copy of another person, living the life they are too afraid to live. Your soul has a purpose and that is to experience the life you envision. If you don’t know what that purpose is, right now your purpose is to discover that by following your heart. Your soul desires what calls to you. Listen carefully and you will hear what you need to know, where to go and what to avoid. Trust yourself because if you can’t trust yourself, you will be forever lost and others will step into run (ruin) your life.

I believe in you. I know that you can discover who you really are and why you are here now.  It’s time for you face yourself for you are a wonderful being with so much potential. Take the first step towards you now. The universe has your back and has been waiting for you to choose you.

I love you for you are a child of the Divine. And your legacy is divinity as a soul on this earth.    

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