Beyond Lemuria Oracle 2/16/2022

AETHER: The Seamless Unspeakable: Zero-point field, the void, black canvas, threshold, anything is possible, time to choose what you want to bring into your life, endless possibilities, limitlessness, paradox.

This illuminated space of no distraction and pure potential is beyond the threshold. It is the silent, meditative moment out of time: the centered and present place beyond the hustle of the mind and outside world. It is where all dreams are birthed and it is the light we may fear to be darkness when, just for one moment, everything ceases to exist. This is the place between worlds, the womb before we incarnate, and from here, we can choose where we go. The land has been tilled in readiness for the flowers we wish to seed, outdated doors have been closed and in the space between the breaths, we open the new ones.

What may have been perceived as the endless, black, nothingness is actually the illuminated eternal – the core that all our fears may be peeled back to. When we step through the darkness, we realize it is only a short distance away from the white void at the center of creation and Heaven. Herein lies the feeling that we may have been striving our whole life to meet and yet simultaneously, subconsciously, running from. In this place of graceful surrender, we may know we are held and allow ourselves the spaciousness to drop deeper into the experience of our existence.

Aether: too elusive and mysterious to define, a knowing without words, the spaces in between, life-force energy.

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HEALING: Energy re-balance, energetic awareness, healing yourself and others, exploring healing modalities, Reiki, the chakra system, your unique and innate ability to heal, color vibration, soul sovereignty, auras and the meridian system, aligning to the highest good and optimal health.

The Lemurians were well-versed in the practice of the healing arts. They were naturally intuitive and accustomed to navigating energetic-based realities. We all have natural healing abilities that are advanced when we deepen our energetic awareness. When we perceive the world beyond our more well-known senses, we start to receive information and wisdom that is different from that which stems from intellect. By tapping into life-force consciousness, and using this abounding energy alongside focused intention, we find that anything is possible.

You may already practice a form of natural healing, but find you sometimes feel quite drained. If this is the case, ensure the energy you are overflowing comes from an infinite stream of abundant universal energy. Rather than using your own resources, you may want to imagine the brightest, most love-imbued luminescent light, flowing down from the heavens or the center of the Universe. And, alongside any healing intentions, include the statement, “For the greatest good.”

Many healing modalities work with high vibrational energies. It can be wonderful to explore these in conjunction with your current practices. If you haven’t done healing work before but feel called to do so now, follow this instinct. Being able to offer healing to loved ones or yourself is a gift. Exploring the art of energetic healing will significantly increase your psychic sensitivity.

Extend the margins of your awareness. Revisit the situation in question from a broader perspective or higher vibration with a focus on healing. This will help you decipher what is real, possible ways forward, and whether an issue is really a problem at all. This card can also signify the universal push that inspires you to explore your healing abilities, in whatever way that looks to you.

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STAR SEER: Listen to your intuition, trust the holistic journey, dreams finding their way into being, the bigger picture, a more aligned outcome than expected, clarity of the greater truth.

Have you ever headed toward a specific destination, but instead of it being where you ended up, the journey was a catalyst for getting you where you were meant to go? Have you ever felt the universe was conspiring against you, and nothing came together in a way that was as planned, but then everything came together in a way that was so perfect? The card is about the journey not going as planned, but the outcome being better than you thought possible.

When we set our dreams and intentions, internal or external shifts may need to occur before we start to see results. Outdated doors may need to close. Ideas that are holding you back may need to transform.

Life’s winding roads may make it seem as though you are off the path, despite how right your decisions may feel. Trust and know that your higher self may have bigger plans for you. There might be some adventures on the way – or not. The road you take depends on how ready you are and the distance between your current life and the one you are dreaming into being.

This card depicts intuition as a goddess. She is lifting you out of the clouds of confusion and mind noise and showing you the clear way forward. She is your higher self and can see your great potential. Trust your instincts and have faith in your dream. You are already on your way.

Keep believing in yourself. Trust in your dreams enough to let the serendipities unfold. Let go enough to allow space for unexpected opportunities. Even when the route is not as direct as you imagined, listen to your intuition, and know you have got this!

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“I work for the Divine as a transformational writer. I take dictation from Spirit, providing information and knowledge for those who seek it. I enjoy this service immensely! It provides a sense of purpose to all that I have experienced in my life as well as beyond that within past lives. It is sacred, holy work and I am appreciative of all the wisdom that comes through from Spirit for the benefit of all beings.” Blessings to each of you!

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