Pegasus Oracle 2/13/2022

FIERCE PEGASUS OF FIRE: Pegasus, guardian and teacher of the soul, manifests the sacred blessing of spiritual fire to cleanse, protect and stimulate the soul’s divine potential. The creative power of the element of fire burns through negative energies and karmic attachments, animating the spiritual flames within the heart. When divinely ablaze, the heart is capable of love that heals oneself and others. This is the heart that knows how to forgive and let go, retaining pure love and goodwill toward all beings, no matter what may have transpired between you and them. Fire holds the genius of purification. It burns away that which is unhealthy or unhelpful, so there is energy available to foster new pathways and connections.

When sacred fire clears your soul, you may experience a loss – not necessarily an unwanted one. You are asked to let go of toxic situations that are impeding your growth so you may receive a blessing of passionate inspiration and a real-ization of your divine potential. Whether you consciously recognize it or not, your soul is ready for something profoundly new and alive. You have a deep yearning to express the wild love of your heart, yet your life may feel out of control, and you may worry about what is unfolding. Although you may tempor-arily find yourself in undesirable circumstances, you will be ultimately happy with the outcome and realize you are being given what truly ignites your spirit and brings joy to your deserving heart. Beautiful new opportunities are on your spiritual horizon.

Beloved Pegasus, I call upon enlightened wisdom to manifest the blessings of the fire element so that I may know fearlessness, unconditional trust in the Divine, inspiration, intuition and the fruition of my heart’s deepest desires, for the spiritual benefit of all beings.

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PEGASUS OF THE SUNFLOWER: Pegasus brings a joyful and special blessing of the divine masculine for your spiritual protection to ensure your sacred success. Here is empowerment to help you remember to always turn your attention to the light, where you will find strength and sanctuary. Whatever darkness has plagued you in the past shall not longer be able to touch your heart or mind. As you choose to place your attention on the spiritual light, you are also choosing to experience peace and love, and to dwell in the present moment.

When you pull your attention from that which is unworthy of your time and energy, you weaken the ability of such elements to enter your field, distract you from more important tasks, steal your joy or otherwise drain your vitality. You have a natural talent for connecting to the light. If you have been bravely shedding relationships that do not resonate with your soul and feel isolated as a result, be reassured that you will make new connections more aligned with your heart. If something is ending in your life, a new beginning is destined to unfold. A significant blessing will bring joy and healing to your soul. Place your focus on the light, and you will recognize the goodwill and grace that is protecting you.

Beloved Pegasus of the Sunflowers of Enlightened Wisdom, I shift my frequency to gratitude and, in doing so, become receptive to the generous grace and clear guidance that are coming to me now. With optimism in my heart, I am thankful for divine blessings that genuinely serve the spiritual benefit of all beings.

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WHITE PEGASUS OF THE SACRED WATERFALL: Release all that has been and be ready to be freed from attachments to the past. Otherwise, those attach- ments may restrict your present-moment choices and unduly limit your future fulfilment. You are being offered the spiritual gift of inner cleansing as an opportunity to clear body, mind and heart. To let go takes courage, as well as trust that what rightfully belongs in your world shall be preserved and what is divinely destined for your heart shall come to you. Releasing the fear of letting go may require you to heal painful experiences of feeling denied, deprived, thwarted or abandoned in this or other lifetimes. You can then trust all that flows into your life.

This healing will help you create positive expectations of being loved and of receiving generous blessings, especially in the areas of your life where you have felt the most challenged. To trust your path and accept what is divinely destined for you, one must become willing to let go and be moved when the time comes. No matter how much you have suffered or how stuck you may feel, great clearing and healing are possible for you now. This offering can wash away all that has been in a waterfall of white light. If you allow for it, you shall completely overcome your past and rightfully claim a fresh new beginning, sealed and protected by loving spiritual grace. This is your time.

Beloved spirit guardian Pegasus, thank you for helping me connect to the courage within that empowers me to let go and trust wholeheartedly in the goodness, generosity and grace that wishes to manifest for my complete happiness and the spiritual benefit of all beings.

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“I work for the Divine as a transformational writer. I take dictation from Spirit, providing information and knowledge for those who seek it. I enjoy this service immensely! It provides a sense of purpose to all that I have experienced in my life as well as beyond that within past lives. It is sacred, holy work and I am appreciative of all the wisdom that comes through from Spirit for the benefit of all beings.” Blessings to each of you!

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